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The Secret Diary of Dream On-with Extra Sparkles

Edward’s version Of Dream On… And we get to see how much he tells his diary…

Thanks to Charmingal for the story, whom we love oh, so much! Her amazing talents (and my obvious boredom) have led me to start this ^^ Hope you all enjoy it! (I hate Edward’s POV, hence its in diary form)

1. I ~ Day One in maddville.

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Dear Diary-

No, I’m not starting like that. How about…

Dear Journal,

Okay, Alice, as long as all of our household have known her, has just topped even her record of being the most annoying vampire. Ever.

We recently only moved to forks (the dreariest and wettest place by the way) seeing as she thought, ‘we all needed a change in direction’ from Canada. After numerous ‘If it’s about the directions Edward’s clock swings, we don’t need to go’ jokes, made my Emmett, she’d finally just about let on a hint that ‘we needed to get to forks for something super-ultra-mega-awesome'. But no, that wasn’t cryptic enough for us.

We were all called to an ‘emergency meeting’. Well, spare Aro and Tegan, who try to stay out of Emmett’s range of oh-not-funny jokes. I don’t blame them.

Still, one happy Cullen family right? Until a few years ago that was. When the first Twilight book was published. How on earth Ms Meyer knew all about us was unbelievable, but she had gotten…some things wrong.

For example; Jasper and Alice? Not a chance. Although there had been one time when Alice had thought it funny to record Jazz having his morning shower. That’s when they learnt about his need for ‘army action figures’. In this case; the submarine editions. Which I told him I wouldn’t tell anyone about. But I can trust you Diar- Journal. It’s not like people are going to read this.

Then Emmett and Rose, who were not avid sex addicts, although I’m always worried as to why Emmett puts his controller on to vibrate anyway, but they are distinctly not in love either.

Carlisle, the father figure and Esme our mother, not a couple either. And myself? My only love was my music. That and the peace and quiet a lone field could bring to mind. No buzzing of thoughts to listen too.

Oh and the sparkling rocks type of thing. No, we were just rocks. Plain boring vegetarian rocks. Vegetarian up to a point, I mean, I did walk out on the family before hand when things were too rocky for me. As Ms Meyer said.

I was changed in 1918 as the books suggest, by Carlisle Cullen, who happens to be a great-great relative of Jasper. Who can not help but rub it in that he’s older than me. But I digress.

Aro, the head of our Coven was head-over-heels in love with Tegan, a shape-shifting human. Human. Yes.

Anyway, back to the mission of Miss-shopperholic and her visions.

“What are we here for Alice?” Emmett was whining again, having left his game paused upstairs. Apparently Ratchet had lost clank again. The new Play Station 3 had managed to stay clean and unscratched, despite his adore for the technology. Jasper’s thought mirrored my own

Why he needed another piece of technology that he would only break was beyond me, but that’s Emmett for you…

I tried to ignore the rest of his mind, pin-pointing in on Alice’s mind, seeing the flash of colour I needed. It was only a glimpse, but I saw four girls at…school perhaps? Yes; there was the corridor leading to the cafeteria.

“Alice had a vision” I smiled at they’re incompetence. There was a reason I liked telepathy.

No you don’t say Edward? Did you figure that out all by yourself?

And a reason I didn’t.

I snarled at Jasper, who had temporarily forgotten I was a mind reader. Idiotic, older, Civil War action figure loving-

“Jasper! Pay attention!” Carlisle reprimanded, seeming to be the only one who’d been listening to Alice. I didn’t need to anyway. All the information was that there were four humans coming to town. As to why, I didn’t know, and didn’t care to find out. If it was to find out they were twi-hards, after a look at the great-and-wonderful-Cullen’s, one of which was bound to try and…against my own best intentions try and convince me of the fact that they were My Bella. I scoffed and looked at my piano. I did not wish to know a Bella, love a Bella, purchase a Bella, or just (and I quote) screw-me-now-and-I’ll-be-your-Bella Bella.

But seeing as fan-girls (A term I’ve only recently been acquired to)Didn’t give up, Alice said we should move straight to where they’re most likely to be. Did that vampire not think? Surely the girls would come straight here to find us first? I’d been lucky enough to avoid most book clubs around the area, with only a few outbursts of ‘Edward-freaking-Cullen’. Wow…I almost gagged then. Emmett, being so…non-subtle had the worst of it-swamped in them at one point. Looked like he’d been swimming in twilight-itus-dot-com. And Carlisle too. Aro just got the whole ‘Dude are you Michael Jackson’s stunt double?’.

I caught the fact that Emmett was still thinking about that shiny toy, when Alice brought us down to earth. By smacking us around the heads.

Jasper cursed.

I scowled.

Emmett, taking the mature route as he always does, threw her out the window. Needless to say, there was then a screaming match, and an excited Alice saying ‘wow-let’s do that again’.

Esme kept me separated from the rest of the family from then on. Who knew glass replacing could be any more boring than when Rosalie thinks we need to know about every brand of clothing. Seriously? Still, it was nice to be alone for a while. But I couldn’t help but feel I was missing something (no, Emmett had not taken my wallet again) (and no Jasper hadn’t stolen all my underwear either!)

I wondered what these girls had to do with anything. Alice wouldn’t let me in anymore on the secret, and for the rest of the afternoon High School Musical became the movie of the night. She had a giant ‘thing’ for Troy. Apparently she finds he sings like an angel. And half of the girls under ten agreed with her.

So now, I’m sitting here, writing all this down. The clock says its midnight, but does time matter when your like a vampire? Still; repetitive school again tomorrow, and Alice seems to be more excited by the second.

And like the person she knows I am, like the other males she told in the house, I’m just so damn curious about those girls!

Anyway Diar-Journal, now it’s just me and the sounds of The Beatles drowning out Rose and Alice, who seem to think that because we can’t sleep, we should be reduced to the torture of karaoke. I swear if Britney says ‘hit me baby one more time’ I will snap!

Lots of Love, Edward

P.S. Never touch Emmett’s controllers for any of his consoles ever again!