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Tears of Blood

Bella never turned to Jacob for comfort and support; instead Bella tries out for the singing role in Jessica’s band. DISCLAIMER: Stephenie Meyer owns the characters; I just gave them something else to do.

This is my first story I have posted and I NEED feedback! This chapter is just to get the story started! It will get better in the other chapters!

1. Move On

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The knock at the door startled me. “Come in.” I was packing up my bag for school when Charlie came in.

“I’m sending you home.” he said

“What? This is my home.” I couldn't believe what he was aying

“I’m sending you back to live with Renée.”

“What? What did I do?”

I couldn’t think of anything that I could have done wrong. I never missed school, my grades were perfect. I always cooked dinner and I never missed curfew.

“You didn’t do anything. You never do anything. All you do is mope around here.” he said

“I do not mope.”

“Oh yeah, ‘cause that would actually be doing something. You’re…lifeless.”

I have never seen Charlie like this. He has never been this upset with me before. This accusation was like ripping the hole in my heart even bigger.

“I’m sorry.”

“I don’t want an apology. Bella, you’re not the first person to go through this kind of thing. I think that maybe Renée could help you.”

“I know. But please-“ I couldn't finish before I was interupted by Charlie.

“I waited; I hoped you would get better. But…”

“Dad, I’m fine. I’ll go out tonight. Maybe go see a movie or something.”

“I don’t want to see you try harder. It hurts to watch.”

I let these words sink in for a minute. They don’t make any sense. I looked down at the table thinking really hard.

“I don’t understand. You’re mad at me for not going out and then you say you don’t want me to go out.”

“I just want you to be happy. I just don’t want you to be miserable. I think if you go to live with your mom, away from Forks, you might-“

I couldn’t take it. What he was saying was impossible to imagine. Leave Forks? I can’t. Even though his memory is everywhere I just couldn’t leave Forks.

I couldn't let him finish, so I interupted him. “No. I’m not leaving. I’m in the middle of the school year.”

“You’re smart-you won’t fall behind.”

“No dad. No. I will NOT leave.”

I stared at him in disbelief. I thought he wanted me here with him. And now he doesn’t even want me. Am I that horrible?

“Bella, we both know what is going on here. It’s been four months, no calls, no letters, and no contact. You can’t keep waiting for him. It doesn’t make anything better.” I had to grip my chest to be able to breathe, talking about how he left was only making the hole grow bigger.

I could feel the tears coming. I blinked trying to hold them back. “I have to go to school.”

I put my bag in the cab and got in. I couldn’t hold the tears back anymore. They came flooding down my cheeks. In my hurry to get away from Charlie I ended up being one of the first ones to school.

I opened up my Calculus book and started to review the lesson we would be going over today. This helped me to stop thinking about Charlie’s accusations. They stung. I’m really not waiting around for him but I still couldn’t just leave. I still love him and I can’t leave. The tears were still coming and no matter how hard I tried to keep them back they would end up winning. There was still 10 minutes till class and I thought I should go inside to try to get me face back in order before school starts.

I looked horrible. My eyes were all red and puffy. You could diffidently tell that I had been crying. I splashed cold water on my face and headed back to the hall. The halls were as crowded as ever. The first bell rang indicating that school has started. My next class was Calculus where I sat next to Jessica.

I haven’t talked to Jessica in months, since he left and she hasn’t talked to me. When he left people tried to comfort me but after a while they gave up on trying.

As I walked in Mr. Varner gave me a mean look as I went and sat in my seat. I was late and he had already started the lesson. Class was easy, especially since I reviewed it previously. Mr. Varner dismissed the class five minutes early as he smiled like he was proud of himself for doing something good.

“Jess?” My voice sounded blank as if I wasn’t totally there but there at the same time.

“What? You’re talking to me?” I have never heard her like this before, as if she was upset. I wouldn’t blame her though. I haven’t talked to her or anyone for months.

“Yeah. I was wondering do you want to catch a movie or something tonight?”

“Why? Why now?”

“I just haven’t gotten out of the house lately and I need some girl time.”

“Oh, well I can’t tonight. The band is having try outs for the lead singer.”

“You have a band?”

“Yeah, we just started it about a month ago and our singer has bad grades and his mom took him out of the band so now we need a singer.”

“What time are they?”

“4:15 after school at my house.”

“Do mind if I swing by?”

“You sing?”

“I haven’t for a long time and I think it could maybe be good.” It was true, I used to sing but I haven't sung in a long time. The last time I sung was before I had moved to Forks, I was in the school choir in Pheonix because there weren't any other good electives for fine arts to choose from and that don't involve moving around too much. My teacher thought I was really good and had me do a solo for the spring program.

“Cool. That would be fun. What do you want to sing?”

That was a hard question. It has been a while since I have sung and I haven’t listened to music for such a long time I don’t know that many songs. “Ummm… any suggestions?”

“Do you know Kelly Clarkson or Jordan Sparks?”

“Yeah they sound familiar.”

“Look at some of their songs online and try one. If you want after school you can come over and we can work on it together until the tryouts.”

“That sounds awesome. Thanks so much Jess. See you at lunch.”

The rest of my classes went by fast. My thoughts were on what Charlie talked about. I was so glad that I had something to do today. I know Charlie will be asking about my social activities and if I don’t have anything he might send me to live with Renée.

I could tell the big difference this has made in my life, I had friends again and I was included. I belonged. This could help me move on…hopefully.