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Tears of Blood

Bella never turned to Jacob for comfort and support; instead Bella tries out for the singing role in Jessica’s band. DISCLAIMER: Stephenie Meyer owns the characters; I just gave them something else to do.

This is my first story I have posted and I NEED feedback! This chapter is just to get the story started! It will get better in the other chapters!

4. Zombie

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I got home and lay down on my bed and cried until I heard Charlie’s cruiser pull up. I quickly ran to the bathroom and splashed cool water on my face and tried to get rid of any evidence that I had been crying.


“Yeah, dad. Up here.”

“You okay?” He asked as I was coming down the stairs.

“Yeah, Why?”

“Mike called and told me you ran out of the store crying today, though he didn’t tell me why.”

“Dad, I don’t really want to talk about it right now.”

“Bells, I’m worried about you. I thought that you were over him. What happened?”

“Dad! I will never get over him, OKAY?! Just stop…stop. I can’t take this anymore.” How could he even think that? I ran back to my room waiting for the tears to come but I was all dried out.

Why don’t parents ever get it? When you don’t want to talk about something they need to give you space. I would think that my Charlie would understand. When Renee left him, you would think he would have felt the same way I do. But it seems like he doesn’t understand at all.

I woke up around eleven on Sunday to the phone ringing.


“Bella? This is Mike.”

“Oh, hi Mike, what’s up?”

“Um… you didn’t show up for work so I was just making sure you were okay.”

“Oh, Sorry I over slept. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Sorry.”

“No, Bella you shouldn’t. That guy is here again.”

“Oh, thanks. But are you sure? I could work in the back or something.”

“If you want to then you can but I don’t think is such a good idea.”

“Thanks, I’ll just see you at band practice tonight.”

“That is at my house by the way. Don’t forget a list of songs. We will sing the songs that are on the best list at our next concert.”

“Oh yeah, when is that again?”

“Whenever we know the songs well and are ready to play them.”

“Okay. U, do you think Eric will be good enough to play?”

“He has actually been doing really well. I’m really surprised how hard he has been working and practicing. He is really determined to get it right.”

“Okay, just wondering. Thanks Mike.”

“No Problem Bells.” After we hung up I got up and took a quick shower and got dressed. I had to get started on that list or I wouldn’t get it finished in time. I booted up the slow computer and opened up a new Word document and made my list of eleven songs I knew well.

After this I went down and poured can soup into a bowl and while that cooked I called Charlie.

“Hey dad, just wanted to let you know I was up.”

“Ok, Bells. Hey, about last night-“

“Dad, it’s okay.”

“No Bells it-“

“Dad! I don’t want to talk about it.”

“K. Well I’m going to be working late tonight so don’t worry about making me dinner.”

“K. Well, I’ll talk to you later.”

“Bye.” I hate it when he does that. He always remains guilty and doesn’t let it go. Whatever. I pulled my soup out of the microwave burning myself in the process.


Band practice was okay. I was the only one that brought a good list of songs so we went with my songs. Jessica was really happy with my choice of songs because they would be good at the concert. Some were slower and some were faster, which I guess was good according to Jessica.

Mike was right Eric has really improved on the keyboard. He has worked really hard and sounds really good. Along with my list of songs I brought sheets of music with the notes needed for the instruments for each song. Mike and Jessica were very surprised at how much work I had done but I had to keep myself busy.

By the end of practice we had played and perfected 4 of the songs. So we estimated that in about 2 weeks we would be ready to hold our concert. Jessica said we could hold it at her parents’ café and that her parents would really appreciate it.

I had to wait till Charlie was home till I could lose myself in my tears so while I waited I had made flyers saying when and where our concert was. I knew that Jessica would really like it and the boys wouldn’t really care. I had also practiced my singing trying to perfect it in any and every possible. Charlie didn’t get home till around 10 and was super exhausted and went straight to bed. I went to bed soon after.

I woke up the next morning screaming, as usual. Charlie had gotten used to it and stopped making sure I was alright and that nobody was sneaking into the house or something. And I was glad. I looked over at the alarm clock on my nightstand and it read 4:46. I got up and make the coffee. I used to hate coffee but I had learned to like it ever since I was having weird hours of sleep every night due to my nightmares.

School was uneventful. Jessica was very happy with the flyers I had made but didn’t want me to start posting them until we were 100% sure when the concert was going to be. Lunch was awkward, as usual. I sat with Jessica, Mike, Tyler, Angela, Ben, and Eric but there was like an invisible line on the table. We sat on one side of the table while Lauren and a few others, whom I didn’t their names, sat on the other side.

Lauren was always shooting dagger with her eyes at me for ‘stealing’ Tyler. I never understood why she hated me until Jessica told me it was because Tyler liked me, and not her. Even though I didn’t like him she insisted on hating me.

Usually I just blew off what she had said about me or to me but other times it would involve him in her conversations.

“I don’t know why Bella just decided she could just snap out of her trance like that and think everyone would be her friend again.” I heard her say as she walked with Mike and a few other girls to her class after lunch. “I mean who knows, she could go back into that trance any time. It was like she was a living zombie or the walking dead.”

“Bella is my friend so don’t talk about her like that Lauren; you have no reason to hate her. She doesn’t even like Tyler so I don’t know why you are mad at her. Get over yourself!” Mike had always been a good friend and I smiled to myself as I heard him blow up at her. I was glad someone had told her the truth.