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Tasha wants to play conkers.
Emmett wants to win.
Dodger wants to read.
Tolley wants more orange highlights. I want to say bye to Delia. Dedicated to Delia, cos I miss her now shes deaded... :(


1. Bye Delia! Miss oo!

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“That one Edward! I want that one!” Looney pointed high into the tree, where a round acorn swung in the light breeze, waiting to be picked.

“Of course dear.” Eddie proceeded to climb effortlessly up the tree.

“I’m telling you Tasha… This isn’t going to work.” Dodger, deciding to join us today instead of being down at the reservation, sat on a tree stump, head in a book.

“I don’t care Dodge! I WANNA PLAY CONKERS!!”

Yup. We were substituting with acorns, since conker season was far off. Jasper hopped down from a near by tree, arms full off acorns and walked over to Tolley, who was currently sitting next to Dodger, absent mindedly playing with her hair and muttering about getting more orange streaks.

I looked around the people scattered in the glade we were currently in. Even Lex was here… Which meant Emmett must be around somewhere. I counted on my fingers…

Tolley and Jasper.

Looney and Eddie.

Lexhen and Emmett.



And me.

Nine people. Good number. Looney suddenly squealed and dropped her newly acquired acorn to the floor.

“There was a… a… MAGGOT in my acorn!” She stomped on it. Repeatedly.

I laughed and looked in the trees for a good sized acorn. Not so huge it would smash easily, and not too small it would crumble.

I spotted a beautiful candidate.

About 10ft high up.


Hmmmmmmmm… The tree looked climbable…

‘Ask a vampire to get it for you…’ A sensible voice echoed in my head.

“Oh like who. Eddie?” I chuckled.

‘Emmett. You get on well with Emmett the best.’

“Yes, but Emmett wants to win too much.”


“Don’t even go there voice.” It then dawned on me I was arguing with myself. Maybe I need counselling… Well… I know I need counselling.

Who wouldn’t after playing football on the Wii with Lexhen for two days!?

If only Alice was here. But nooooooooooo. She had to take Rosalie shoooooooping. Again. She definitely has a problem.

“Catkin?” Tolley was calling me. I looked around and found I had walked into another clearing and didn’t know where I was. Looks like I still walked when I day dreamed.

“Catkin! Were about to leave…” Emmett popped his head round a tree.

“Sure! Just coming!” Even though I was empty handed… I grabbed an acorn from the nearest tree and bolted after the group.


“Right. Whose first?” Tasha swung her acorn round her head.

“Mememememe!!” Looney bounced over to the table and sat opposite Tash. Esme had come over to serve as referee. Which was probably just as well…

“Ready girls? Heads or tails to determine first shot. Helen dear?” She looked calmly at Looney.

“Um… Heads?” Looney shrugged.

“Yay! Tails!” Tasha squeaked and watched as Esme expertly flicked the coin in the air and caught it again.

“Tails!” Esme called and Tasha, not one to wait around, smashed her acorn into Looney’s. Which didn’t break.

Muttering under her breath, Tasha took aim again. Another clean shot. But Looney’s acorn was holding up well.

This carried on for another five minutes until Tasha eventually missed, having inflicted a large crack to her acorn.

“Oh screw it!” Tasha pulled her acorn off it’s string and threw it out the nearest window. “I’m getting coffee!” She stormed to the kitchen, leaving Looney a little bewildered.

“So… Do I win?”

Nearly everyone in the room shrugged. I stepped forwards.

“Looks like it. My go?” I sat in Tasha’s chair and pulled my acorn from my coat pocket. I flicked the black coat hood over my head and waited for Esme’s coin toss.

I lost. Which meant Looney got to beat the hell outta my little acorn. Which after about three strikes gave up and crumbled.

“Damnit!” I swept my leftover acorn bits off the table and the floor before Tolley made a scene.

“Yay! I win again! Whose next mortals?” Looney’s grin stretched across her face.

“Mine dear.” Eddie took the seat. I had an idea. But I needed Tasha…

Running into the kitchen, I almost crashed into Tash who was just leaving.


“Yes Catkin?”

“You like annoying Edward right?”

“I LOVE annoying Eddiekins!”

“Well I think he’s gonna beat Looney, but I think if we sing loud obnoxious, distracting things in our heads, Looney could beat him!”

“Oh good one! Let’s rope Tolley in to!”

A bit of discussing later, and I was belting out the French national anthem. In my head.

Allons enfants de la patrie,
Le jour de gloire est arrivé!
Contre nous de la tyrannie
L'étendard sanglant est levé! (bis)
Entendez-vous dans les campagnes,
Mugir ces féroces soldats?
Ils viennent jusque dans nos bras
Égorger nos fils, nos compagnes!

The only French I had bothered to learn. Poor Eddie. With Tolley singing Auld Lang Syne and Tasha something about elephants, Eddie had no chance.

“Edward! You missed! My go!” Looney smacked Eddie’s acorn and cracked it cleanly down the middle.

“Whooooooooo!! I’m on a roll!” Eddie shot Tash, Tolley and me a deathly look, but said nothing. Thankfully.


“Next!” Looney sang, still in her original sitting place. Lex, Dodger and Jasper had failed to break her acorn, and Emmett had squashed his accidentally.

“That leaves me.” Tolley sat down and won the coin toss.

“Ready Loon?” Tolley was grinning.

Looney nodded, her face concentrated. Tolley flicked her acorn, missed, and slammed it on the table.

“Oh bugger. I meant to do that.”

Looney laughed and took her go. Where she also missed.

This continued for about five minutes. Until Looney eventually hit Tolley’s acorn which, after hitting the table so many times, simply slid off the string and landed in a pulpy mess on the table top.

“YES!! ACORN CHAMPION!!” Looney got up and ran round the table in victory. Eddie grabbed her on her second lab and hugged her. While glaring over her shoulder at a certain three people who collapsed with laughter.


I slowly closed the back door and tiptoed to the bottom of the garden. I shivered from being just in my pyjamas, and at the thought of what Tolley would do if she found me out of bed at midnight.

I found a soft spot of grass in the far corner and grabbed the spoon I had taken from the kitchen. I dug a good sized hole and put in Looney’s winning acorn.

I covered it with dirt and patted it down with the spoon.

“Catkin!” I jumped about three feet in the air, my heart hammering.

“Tasha? What are you doing!?”

“That’s what I was gonna ask!” She whispered. “What are you doing?”

“Planting Looney’s acorn. What does it look like?”

“I dunno!” She shrugged. “It’s dark! Why are you planting the acorn?”

“It’s my tribute!”

“To what?”

I struggled. “Uhh… Delia… Life… Living in general?”

“Ohh…” She trailed off.

“You wanna help?”

“Help?” She raised an eyebrow. “Aren’t you done?”

I nodded. “But I’m gonna need help when it’s growing! But we keep it as a surprise for the others. Yes?”

“OK! Cool! I got a pet tree!” She beamed, just visible in the darkness. “Now come on before we freeze or Tolley wakes up!”

“Preferably the first!” I chuckled, as we linked arms and ran towards the house.

I paused at the door and looked at the sky.

“Bye Delia! Miss oo!”

And with that I closed the back door and clambered up the stairs to bed.