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Physical Therapy

After Bella's terrible accident, she's left with major, lasting injuries. As a result, Edward wants her to see a Physical Therapist. What new disasters will Bella get herself into this time?Physical Therapy Banner

This is gonna be several chapters long, so please keep checking back for updates. I might be slow though, so sorry in advance!

3. Chapter 3

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Bella’s POV

I started hyperventilating. This would not be good. Not good at all. Edward should have just wheeled me out of the place and took me somewhere else. At a later date. I might have even allowed Carlisle to be my doctor. It would be embarrassing, yeah, but better. Edward would be there.

“Edward, can’t we just, you know, go home then? It’s not a big deal, let’s just not bother…”
“Bella, love, you’ll be fine. And we’re here now so you may as well stay. I promise you’ll be ok, but you need to breath. And fill out some paper work since I, apparently, am allowed to do nothing for you.” He began muttering something under his breath again. I wondered how much I missed when he did this?

I took the paperwork I needed from my obviously enraged fiancé and began to fill it out. It wasn’t too terrible, just the usual questionnaire that all doctor’s visits required. It didn’t take me long enough to fill out, so I was stuck with nothing but horribly vivid images of what I was in for filling my mind. I’d never been to physical therapy before, and, unfortunately for me, my imagination was better than I had previously thought it had been. Just my luck. Edward put his arm around my shoulders and began rubbing circles on my arm. He must have heard my heart attempting to pound it’s way out of my chest. Just as soon as I started to calm down, though, a nurse stepped through a side door.

“Miss Isabella Swan?”

Edward’s POV

“Miss Isabella Swan?”

I could feel Bella stiffen under my arm. She really needed to calm down. She would end up having a stroke or a heart attack before we were married if she carried on like this. I stood up to push Bella back to the exam room, but the look on the nurses face stopped me. I had rarely seen a human give any one such a dirty look.

“I can take her from here. You may go.” Her words were unnecessarily harsh, as were her thoughts. They really did not want anyone involved here. This mildly concerned me, but what could I do? I could hardly force them to let me go back with Bella, especially after my father called in the favors he had in order to get Bella an appointment with this doctor.

I watched as the nurse took Bella back. She tried to smile back at me, probably to calm me down, but it merely came off as a grimace. I think I smiled back to reassure her, but I honestly am not sure. Watching her disappear through the doors made reality finally hit me. She was here to make sure she would walk again. And even this might not be enough to get her out of that damned chair permanently. And it was all my fault.

I sank into a chair and waited in agony to see the love of my life again.

Bella’s POV

Edward looked about as miserable as I felt. Even his smile looked utterly exhausted. I could tell he felt badly for not being able to hold my hand through this. Hopefully this wouldn’t bring on a round of him thinking I would be better off with a human. This thought worried me more than my impending doom. The last time he felt like that he had left. There was no way I’d live through that again. Suddenly, I didn’t care that I was here. All that mattered was getting through this as quickly as possible so I could make sure that Edward wasn’t going to bolt on me as soon as I was halfway able to hobble around the house again.

The though of him leaving me again, even if he thought it was only for my own good, again, brought on a round of silent tears. The nurse must have noticed, because she sighed in a way that made me feel as though she was looking down on me. Apparently, she thought I was scared of the doctor, and that must have been unacceptable. God, these people in this office were terrible. I thought this place was supposed to be good. I was seriously wondering about Carlisle’s judgment of other doctors. This nurse wasn’t even how most nurses are. She took my vitals and left with not one word to me. It was so strange. But maybe that was a good thing. If I wasn’t comfortable here, maybe Edward wouldn’t make me come back. Or, if he wouldn’t drop the subject completely, maybe he would settle for finding me another doctor. One with normal staff. That would be a huge improvement.

I jumped in my chair when the doctor came in. I hadn’t expected him to be in so fast. He was short and very skinny. He looked like the kind of person who had been the science nerd who everyone made fun of in high school. He had a kindly face, which surprised me. I had expected someone who looked hardened to me, especially after how cold the nurse had been.

“Hello, Miss Swan. I’m Dr. Watson.” He offered me his hand, which I took shyly. I still didn’t trust him, even if he seemed alright. “I know you must be nervous, most patient I have are, especially after the amount of trauma they have had in order for them to get here. But I promise you, you really don’t have anything to worry about, at least not for today. Right now we’re just going to go over your condition, what you can expect, things like that. Does that sound ok to you?”

I nodded my head in agreement, and wondered how this man, who seemed nice enough, could deal with the iciness of everyone else he worked with. Maybe he just didn’t notice. I mean, he has to deal with people for longer than receptionists and nurses. Maybe that distracted him. My file he was reading through seemed thick enough, and with more people like me I could see how he would miss everyone else’s attitudes. I paid closer attention to what Dr. Watson was doing. It appeared that he was looking very hard for something. I guess my folder was filled with more then I had thought. All of those ER visits must have really added up over the years. He finally found what he was looking for, and pulled out several x-rays from the folder, placing them on a backlit portion of the wall.

“Alright Miss Swan,”

“Bella. Please call me Bella. “

“Bella then. These are the x-rays of your leg from the hospital in Phoenix. Unfortunately, the leg that you injured this time is the same one, as I’m sure you have noticed. This one,” he pointed to the next one in the line up, “is you leg right after the accident, before they got you into surgery to it. You can see how most of the bone appears to be shattered in some places.” This picture startled me. I hadn’t seen the first x-ray they had taken. When I was first in the hospital, the doctors had put a temporary cast on my leg to keep it straight until after I had stabilized and took me into another surgery to reset my leg. I hadn’t realized that it was anything nearly as bad as this. I don’t think the doctor noticed I was freaking out internally, because he carried on with his little speech. “The next x-ray shows us your leg after your surgery to re-align it. Here are the plates and screws that are in your leg holding it together,” he pointed out the plates and screws that I already knew about, “Now, you don’t have any back injuries, amazingly, so recovering use of your leg could be much worse. But, judging by the amount of problems that you have had with this leg, I would say that your recovery will be long, and probably painful.” He said this last bit as though he pitied me. At least he wasn’t going to lie to me and tell me it would be easy and painless.

As he continued to talk on and on about what I would be stuck doing in physical therapy, I found myself thinking that maybe this wouldn’t be so terrible after all, just like Edward had said.