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Physical Therapy

After Bella's terrible accident, she's left with major, lasting injuries. As a result, Edward wants her to see a Physical Therapist. What new disasters will Bella get herself into this time?Physical Therapy Banner

This is gonna be several chapters long, so please keep checking back for updates. I might be slow though, so sorry in advance!

4. Chapter 4

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Bella’s POV It had been three weeks since my first visit to Dr. Watson. Edward was driving me back home after my latest visit. All in all, things were going very well. Physical therapy wasn’t the hellish experience that I had thought it would be. Dr. Watson was very gentle and never pushed me further than I could go with getting my leg to function again. I could bend my knee to a 90 degree angle again, which was amazing, according to Edward and Carlisle. I was even able to hobble around on crutches now. Supposedly this speed of recovery is unheard of, and Dr. Watson was stumped by it. I like to think my body is used to bouncing back from injuries by now. Alice was going to be ecstatic to see me today. She wanted to go over the newest maze she had devised for me to walk down the aisle. Without my chair, she didn’t need to worry about the traditional walkway, which I was hoping to retain. There was no reason to make it more complicated, at least not in my mind. But now that I had crutches, she was worried about whether I would be able to manage stairs. Edward wasn’t happy about her risking my life over the stairs, but he could threaten to rip her head off all he wanted. Alice would not be deterred from making my wedding into her dream. Edward pulled the Mercedes smoothly into my driveway. I knew that not having his own car was an annoyance to him. He had yet to go buy a new one, claiming he didn’t think he would be able to avoid having Rosalie tag along. Cars were the thing that could both agree on, but he was worried that she would try to drag him to get a BMW like she had the last time he got a new car. Apparently, it had resulted in Rosalie tossing him through a window in the dealership when he claimed that Volvo’s were superior. I don’t think that they had done any shopping together after that. Always the gentleman, Edward helped me to slowly make my way into the house. Of course, I refused to let him carry me over the front steps, which earned me a muttered disapproval from my love. He refused to think that I could do anything on my own. Except get further than halfway up the stairs to my room. Then I needed somebody to help me. And since Edward made a point of always being around nowadays, he tended to be the someone who ended up helping me. This was beginning to get onto Charlie’s nerves. I had actually expected the opposite. In my head, Charlie should have been happy that I was engaged to such a loving and caring man. And besides, I had been told, by Carlisle when Edward was out of the house, that they had bonded some over my possibly dying body. But the opposite seemed to be happening. Every day Charlie seemed to become surlier and would refuse to address Edward directly, almost like he had done when Edward had first come home from Volterra with me. Edward assured me that he was just being difficult and would thaw out eventually. I wasn’t so sure. I eventually made my way to my kitchen table, where Edward already had a lunch waiting for me. Yes, things were definitely much better than I had thought they would be.