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A new beginning

the Cullens' lives after the Voltury have left them.. will Bella be able to be a Vampire while pretending to be human? will Jacob cope with being an Alpha and remaining by Nessie's side? the lives of our beloved vampires are changing..and the dullness of everyday life..seems to have left them..how will they deal?

disclaimer: i do not own any of stephenie meyer's characters! well i was wondering how different from our lives could those of our favorite vampires be...i hope you like my side of the story..enjoy!

1. prologue &chap1:college life

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I looked into Edward’s eyes trying to read what he was ‘hearing’.

“ Bella love...are you sure about this ? If not, we can go back..”

I felt uncertain at those words. Maybe he was right. Maybe I could go on living as before, without having to care about anything besides our family. But it was not right for me to escape my responsibilities, so I gathered as much confidence as I could and replied:

“ Yes I am sure Edward … I need to do this… I need to be sure!”

“ Okay, but remember we’re in this together!”

And together we faced our new environment. University at Dartmouth! Full of humans likely to make me constantly thirsty for their blood.

ª ª ª ª ª ª ª ª ª ª ª ª

The day seemed more promising than expected.

It was really my first year at University so I was not likely to get bored while Edward on the other hand had done more than his share of college life. But I was happy to be going with him. For my first time at college I had decided to study arts, literature and languages.

We were precisely headed towards our French class. Edward kept looking at me, obviously expecting that at any moment I would try to rip out a few throats. I smiled at him reassuringly. Not that it was my first time out among humans. In fact we all knew that I was dealing quite well with being a new born . However it was the first time that I was surrounded by so many humans at the same and in closed rooms.

To help me, Edward had set out to distract me whenever he could… constantly holding my hand, touching me, kissing me and I had to admit I really liked that…

French began and we were having an introduction on the French background. After a few minutes I felt the burning in my throat increase in intensity and sent a desperate look towards Edward. He took my hand under the table and began talking to me in French, he knew that would somehow ease the tension.

“ Ma Cherie sa va?” He wanted to know if I was alright. I caught my breath to ease the smell and thought ‘yes’ in my head and shifted my shield so he could read my mind. With time it was becoming more and more easier to make Edward read my mind. He felt reassured and continued to whisper sweet nothings to distract me.

Finally class was over and we had a lunch break before our history class began.

Edward led me to a bench where we sat holding hands. Anyone watching us would probably see a young couple in love holding hands. That would be an understatement. The dept of feelings between Edward and I was simply too difficult for the human mind to acknowledge. Even when I had been a human I had thought that I could not love Edward more but becoming a vampire had intensified that feeling.

I heard Edward hiss under his breath.

“ What is it?” I asked.

“ There’s a happy group willing to introduce themselves and a girl wants you to apply for some sort of sorority..”

I wondered at that but did not have time to ask him more questions before a group of seven young adults came towards us. There was three girls and four boys. A petulant brunette seemed to lead the group and the two other girls, a small blonde and another brunette with curly hair, kept giggling behind. The boys looked all alike, with a weird hairdo of hair sticking in all directions, earrings in each ear and baggy clothes. I resisted the urge to laugh, they seemed hardly threatening to me.

“ Hi, I’m Brooke, I was in your French class” the leading girl said with a huge smile, for Edward. One of the guys coughed behind her. She then set out to introduce the others. They seemed nice enough and sensing that Edward was in no mood to be polite, I decided to introduce us myself.

“ Hello, I’m Bella and this is Edward -”

“ her husband.” Edward cut in while throwing a murderous look towards two of the boys. One moved back immediately while the other just stared back. Well seemed like he had no sense of self-preservation. The other two girls looked at each other uncomfortably.

“ Oh you’re married…how nice…” Brooke said with obvious displeasure.

“ Yes indeed.” Edward replied curtly.

“ Well anyway, we would love for you Bella to be a member of alpha beta pie our sorority.” I felt uncomfortable at that. What could I say ‘gee I’m flattered but I’m afraid I might lose control during a meeting and drink your blood’ I guess that would sound rude…

“I’ll think about it but I don’t think I will have the time-”. Edward cut in again.

“ Yes because Bella and I need to look after our daughter. Nessie is too young to be left without her parents for too long.” That stopped them all dead. Even the guy who had starred at Edward looked uncomfortable. Brook shot us a horrified look and made a few lame excuses and went away while the others followed.

I heard Edward chuckle.

“ You should not have done that”

“Why?” he asked. “You have no idea what dirty thoughts went through most of their minds. And that girl was just thrilled by our looks and the popularity we could bring them.”

“Yes but you could have stuck with your scowling role while I just showed mild interest! Now not only are we the freaky Cullens but we are the freaky Cullens who have a baby!”

Edward continued to laugh at that idea. Just then Alice and Jasper came our way.

“Hey Bella, so how is the first day going?” I saw that she was restraining from laughing and Jasper had a mischievous look. Obviously Alice had seen the whole scene unfolding.

“Great Alice as you know Edward and I are now considered as unconscious people who got married because I fell pregnant.”

Edward and Jasper laughed out loud which made many people stare at us and Alice smiled sympathetically. Good thing Emmett and Rose would not attend college with us this year. I knew Emmett would find the situation even more hilarious.

“Aw Bella, you don’t care what humans think do you?” Alice asked.

I grunted at that.

“Okay what about something to cheer you up?”

I saw Edward give Alice a warning look.

“What? Was it a surprise?” Alice asked innocently.

Edward snarled while I cringed. I was not much excited about surprises.

“Well I don’t really know where you’re taking her since you always change your mind… and I do need to do the fittings for her dress anyway so I would have to tell her at some point.”

I had no idea what was going on, Edward just stared ahead in a defeated way which could only occur around Alice. Alice focused on me while Jasper seemed to be concentrating on easing Edward’s tension.

“Okay Bella,” she said, “guess what?”

“Oh Alice not twenty questions again, we all know you are the expert.”

She laughed.

“Well in two months you and grumpy-Ed will be celebrating your second anniversary and I am designing the most fantastic dress for you” she said enthusiastically.

Oh yes! That I knew already and I had been looking forward to having Edward all to myself . But I had not known that Edward had been planning something. So… a dress… well that did not give me a clue about what Edward had been planning since all the Cullens tended to look like runway models wherever they went. Anyway I was glad that Edward had been thinking about it as much as I did.

I looked and him. He caught my gaze and smiled. I felt warm all over…

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