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I'll Never Let You Go

Both Bella and Edward have lived happily together for years. Or so they thought. Now everything seems different. Bella seems distant And Edward begins to doubt if what he did was the best for Bella, for both. Maybe this wasn't what Bella really wanted after all... And maybe Edward staying with Bella wasn't the right choice... ~~*~~ This is the story of what could have happened if Edward never left Bella. ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ Photobucket ~NM-AU~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ [banner made by -->ME<-- ] ***--> CHAPTER SEVEN is being validated <--*** [Something Terrible is about to happen...] Read to find out what... ***Story status: hiatus.**[10/09]

Photobucket ^^Original Banner^^ DISCLAIMER: Non of these are my characters...SM not mines [sadly]... This is my own little twist to New Moon hope you all like it!!! ^_^

6. Chapter Six

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Chapter Six

When Charlie asked me what if things wouldn’t have worked out between Edward and I. I had no idea how to answer that one.

I couldn’t let Charlie know that I sometimes wondered that. That what if becoming a vampire, Edward would no longer want me.

I was afraid that he was only attracted to my blood and once it was all gone he wont want me with him anymore.

“I would have made it through. It was my choice and I knew what might have happened if I did.” I answered, knowing it was all a lie.

Who was I kidding. I knew that if that ever happens I would be devastated. I wouldn’t want to continue leaving without Edward. Edward is my love, my soul, my heart and my life now. I tried to calm down. I didn’t want to make this time with Charlie a disaster I just wanted him to be happy right now. And most of all I was terrified that what we once had would soon end.

“Look dad,” I said in a more calmed voice, “Edward is downstairs. Along with Alice and Jasper. I told them to wait for me there. Dad plea--” Not letting me finish he stood up from the bed and shouted,

“What?! What is HE doing here? In MY house?!”

“Dad,” I tried to calm him down but no matter how hard I tried he was on his way out the room.

“Bella you better tell him to run!” he warned.

“Charlie,” I uttered, trying to calm him down.

“No Bells. I don’t want to see him near me, or you, or my home!” He ran out the door and down the stairs. I followed right behind him.


Charlie ran down the stairs and said, “You! Get the out of my house now!” pointing at me.

“Dad, please stop this.” Bella pleaded.

“I don’t want to see you here.” He shouted, still looking at me with his eyes filled with hatred.

“If you...” she was struggling to say it but she continued, “If you don’t want him here then I guess you don’t want me here.”

‘Look at what he has done to my Bells. He even put her against her own father.’

“Sir--” I started.

“You could do as you like. You left before and was gone for years it won’t make a difference if you leave and don’t come back again.” I knew he didn’t mean what he had just said. ‘Why did I say that? Now I’m never going to see her again.’

Bella brushed past Charlie and walked towards the door. “Lets go Edward. Bye Dad.” She huffed.

“Bells,” Charlie uttered after her but she was already outside waiting for me next to the Volvo. I turned back to look at Charlie and tried to apologize without saying a word.

I walked and unlock the doors of the Volvo. Bella didn’t wait for me to get the door for her and slammed the door behind her. I walked to the driver seat and before I can turn the engine on I turned to face Bella who had her arms wrapped around her chest and looked annoyed.


“Edward please just drive us home.” She whispered not looking at me. I nodded and turned the engine on and drove home.

Upon our arrival we saw that the rest of the family was waiting for us. Wondering what happened. ‘How did everything go?’ Carlisle asked. I looked at him and that gave him all the information he needed. Everyone was gone in a blink of an eye for the exception of Alice.

Alice gave her a hug reassuring her that everything was going to be alright before she left with Jasper to their room.

We walked to our room. Bella sat on the white love seat and I joined her. She rested her head on my chest and sighed. I wrapped my arms tighter around her in response. We stayed like this until she finally spoke.

“I don’t understand why is he so damn stubborn.” Now I know where she got that from.

“Bella you know he doesn’t mean anything he said. In fact he regretted what he said to you back there.”

“I know,” She sigh, “I just...I just hoped he would have reacted differently.”

“I wouldn’t blame him love. He had all the rights to detest me. After all I was the reason why his daughter left her family. It was because of me that his daughter didn’t think before she decided to run away.” and in a murmur I added, “And because of me, you have been miserable.”

Bella stood up and stared at me before she spoke, “Edward, I am not miserable and neither will I ever be, as long as you are here by my side.”


“No, Edward. I don’t want you to keep blaming yourself for something that is not your fault,”

She stood up and I looked at her quizzically. I saw a sparkle in her eyes that I have not seen in a long time. It was the one that only appeared when she was immensely happy or had a plan.

She handed me her hand and I took it without hesitating. I stood up and saw her walking towards the window. I crooked an eyebrow and looked at her somewhat puzzled. What was this women trying to do?

“What are we going to do?” I hated not knowing what she was thinking. However it worked to her advantage every time she wanted to surprise me.

“You’ll see” She answered with a huge grin on her face. I smile back but was still perplexed. We both hopped out the window, landing on the grass gracefully. “Ha! I always wanted to do that.” She said to herself not counting on me overhearing her.

“Really?” I asked her. She playfully scowled on me when she heard me chuckling.

“OK, Edward Cullen, lets see how funny it would be when I, Bella Cullen defeat you in a race.” She challenged.

“Alright, Mrs.Cullen, it’s--” Before I could finish my sentence she was already two miles away. I shook my head and ran until I caught up with her.

After a few minutes of running through the woods I realized where she was headed and decided to take a little short-cut and beat her there.