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50 Things I Hate About You

Based On The Poem from 10 Things I hate about you, not the Miley Cyrus song. A poem, wrote from Bella's point of view, during new moon, whilst Edward left. Is slightly connected to my current fanfic Insomnia, but this doesn't have to have been read to understand the poem. I hope you enjoy!

Okay, so I was having a little bit of writers block with my current main fic Insomnia, so I decided to read a little poetry. I clicking few a couple & found the infamous one from one of my favourite films “10 Things I hate About You”. It suddenly gave me an idea. This is a little poem from Bellas POV, of Edward after he had left her in New Moon. It’s sort of linked to Insomnia but you don’t have to read it, to understand the poem. I hope you like it. This is my first poem here on fan , so I’m a little worried. Poetry was never my strongest subject. Reviews would be extremely nice people & I really do appreciate getting them. Enjoy!

1. 50 Things I Hate About You

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Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, that belongs entirely to , nor do I own 10 Things I hate about you or the poem, that belongs to touchstone pictures. But I enternally grateful to them both, for creating these.

50 Things I hate About You

I hate the way you just left me,

And that bronze shade in your hair,

I hate your fast silver car,

I hate your topaz stare,

I hate your eternal beauty,

And your exquisite crooked smile,

I hate your stupendous piano skills,

And the way you put your music in file,

I hate that you’re the lion

And how I’m the lamb,

I hate the way you’re so god-damn clever

And ace ever single exam,

I hate how you chose me

And not those other girls,

I hate how you’re family just took to me,

As If I was part of their world,

I hate the way you’re so fast,

Life seems like a blur,

I hate the way you could have any vampire,

But it’s a human you prefer,

I hate the way you need to save me,

Time & Time again,

I hate it when your close to me,

You can heal my pain,

I hate it that you said you loved me,

But it wasn’t really so,

I hate the way I still love you,

And now suffer in your woe,

I hate the way how you’ll never grow old,

I hate how you can’t die,

I hate the way you were so stubborn,

And you wouldn't give changing me a try,

I hate your chivalrous charm,

I hate your magnificent laugh,

I hate the way I feel about you,

And that you won’t even know the half,

I hate your designer clothing,

And your big Victorian house,

I hate when you sneaked into my room at night,

And you were as quiet as a mouse,

I hate how your so protective,

And how you can’t read my mind,

I hate you so much I simply can’t sleep,

Because you were always by my side,

I hate the way you’re always right,

I hate it when you lie,

I hate it when you make me laugh

Even worse when you make me cry,

I hate it that you’re no longer around

And that the fact that you’ve left me feeling so small,

But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you,

Not Even close…

Not Even a little bit…

Not even at all.