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Who to Choose?

It's been 90 years since Edward left her in the forest. The werewolves weren't there to help her and Victoria changed her. Now Bella has her own coven. She is engaged to Ian. When her and her family move back to Forks, what will happen when Bella meets a family that she long wished to forget?

I don't believe I'm that good of a writer but some of my reviewers believe otherwise.

1. Chapter 1

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It’s been 90 years since that life changing day in the forest where Edward left me. But I’ve put that behind me now; at least I hope I have. I’m now a vampire if you haven’t figured out already by the 90 years part. I now have two brothers, three sisters, and an amazing fiancé. I’m the leader of our coven because I changed everyone, except one. I love Ian (my fiancé) as much as I possibly can. My two brothers Derek and Logan are what held me together all those years before I found Ian. My two sisters, Alex and Alicia are twins. Alex is married to Logan and Alicia is married to Derek. Lastly there is my other sister, Victoria, who changed me, AND tried to kill me.


I was walking into my house after my shift at Newton’s Outfitters when I ran into the shock of my life. I didn’t expect it because the pack was supposedly looking out for me. By the way, did I mention that my best friend, Jacob Black, was a werewolf? But standing there in my kitchen was Victoria. I really wasn’t that afraid to die though. After all these months having the pain of the ripping hole in my chest from everything that reminded me of Edward and his family I really actually wanted death. I just wanted to get away from this life.

“Well well well, what do we have here?” Victoria questioned with a smirk.

I looked at her expressionless for the death that I knew was coming. “Go ahead and kill me, I have nothing left to live for. Edward is gone. He’s gone...” A tear rolled down my cheek.

Victoria looked at me with shock written on her face. “Y-you mean he left you?!?!” She screamed.

I looked at her stunned, wondering what caused the sudden outburst. “Y-yes. Why is it so surprising? I’m just a filthy human.”

Strangely Victoria looked at me sympathetically. Victoria?!?! Looking sorry for me!

“I know that you want to become a vampire, Bella. If you really want it I can still give it to you. I know you think that me of all people wouldn’t do this for you...but...I know how you feel. I lost James. I’ve now realized he never really loved me as much as I loved him. It hurts terribly. Bella, we can help each other. We can be there for each other. We need to live on and show them that we can still stand strong without them. Show them what WE are! Together we can do that.”

I looked up at Victoria shocked at what just came out of her mouth. But strangely, I trusted her. Probably because she was the first person I’ve met that actually knows what I am going through. Not just trying to be empathetic and saying ‘it’s okay I know how you feel.’ But they can’t, because they DON’T! I’m not even sure Victoria knew how much pain and suffering I had gone through these past months, but she was the closest I had.

She looked down at me with a questioning look, wondering what I was thinking. I nodded. I slowly tilted my head to the side to expose my pale neck to her extremely sharp teeth. Waiting for them to cut into my soft flesh and for the fire to begin.

Not seconds later did I feel her bite into my skin, and the fire begins to consume my body. As if I was being grilled inside out. And so came those three torturous days.


Victoria was my best girlfriend out of all of my sisters. Probably because she knew everything about me. The only one who also knew everything about my human life was Logan. I changed him first and he was my best guy friend. I told him everything. I know it should have probably been my fiancé Ian that I told everything to, but I didn’t. I didn't want him to know of my terrifying human years that I had.

I changed Logan when he was hit head on by a drunk driver in Minnesota, where he lived. I didn’t change the drunk driver because I didn’t feel he deserved to live after almost killing someone else that way. Logan and me had a special bond that I just couldn’t explain.

I next changed Alex and Alicia where they were caught in a drive-by shooting in their neighborhood.

I then changed Derek. I believe Derek may have had a chance to live but with having to live with being totally paralyzed after rock climbing and falling. I was actually felt kind of sorry for Logan being the only guy in a house of 4 girls, so I changed Derek for that reason also.

Lastly, I changed Ian. I saved him from a plane crash. There were thousands of people aboard the plane that I could have saved instead of him. But I felt a strange pull that told me that I must save him. When he woke up in our house after his tremendously painful three days, we looked into each others eyes and I somehow knew that I was meant for Ian. And everything Edward dropped from my mind.

That was 20 years ago. Now were moving to the dark, damp, and dreary home of Forks, Washington. Logan and Victoria, being the only ones who knew of my past here wondered why I chose here. I told them.

“I’m in love with Ian now. I also know that this is the best place for vampires like us. It has perfect weather and a VERY nice wild life. I’ll be fine.” I tried to comfort them.

But after a while I started to think about Edward, which I hadn’t done in a while. I wondered if I truly loved Ian as much as I thought. I was dreading going to school tomorrow after that thought. To many memories of him and his family that I haven’t had in years, flooded into my mind.