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Who to Choose?

It's been 90 years since Edward left her in the forest. The werewolves weren't there to help her and Victoria changed her. Now Bella has her own coven. She is engaged to Ian. When her and her family move back to Forks, what will happen when Bella meets a family that she long wished to forget?

I don't believe I'm that good of a writer but some of my reviewers believe otherwise.

7. Chapter 7

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Bella’s Pov:

That’s when we all walked outside onto the Cullen’s porch to see Victoria and Edward circling each other. They were growling and snapping at each other trying to get at one another's throats. Emmett and Jasper started to make their way over there to help Edward out but Carlisle stopped them.

“This is his fight,” he stated. They both backed up and stood next to their wives.

Logan was about to go up and defend Victoria when I stopped him with my shield. “What the hell, Bella? You’re just going to let them kill each other?” Logan questioned with a distressed look on his face. Logan looked to Victoria as an older sister and really loved her.

“No, Logan, this is my doing. Not yours.” I said. The Cullens just looked at me funny.

I put up a shield around Victoria and dragged her back a couple feet. She was glaring daggers at me. Edward was still trying to get to Victoria, so I threw up some fire in front of him blocking his path. The only thing that could severely hurt a vampire was being burned. Edward turned to look at me.

“Bella! What’s going on? Do you remember who this is? She tried to kill you?!?!” Edward screamed at me.

“Yes Edward I know who this is! And if you shut your face and let me explain all will be well.” I turned to look at Victoria. “Right?” She glared but nodded. She didn’t understand why I didn’t already kill Edward, probably. I lowered my shield and the fire so I could speak to them.

“Now, Edward. The Cullens. This is Victoria, my other sister.” They all just looked at me stunned. “She did try to kill me after you guys left also. But we...talked,” I looked down at the ground. I didn’t really want to tell them exactly what me and Victoria talked about, and why she let me live. “We agreed for her to change me. We’ve been together ever since.” I looked at Victoria and smiled. I was thankful for all that she had done for me. She looked at me and smiled, like an older sister. I ran up to her and gave her a hug. She knew why I was doing this.

“I love ya, Bella. Thank you,” she said softly. But I was sure that the Cullens and my family still heard it. I knew why she was thankful also. We helped each other get through our lost loves.

The Cullens just looked at us like we were aliens. My family just looked at us like normal because they were used to this kind of thing between Victoria and me. Victoria helped me and got rid of that ripping hole in my heart that made me feel like I couldn’t breathe. Just like someone else...

“You guys,” I was looking at the Cullens. “Do you know what ever happened to Jacob Black down in La Push?” They looked at each other wearily.

“Uh, Bella. I don’t think you should go to La Push. It’s um...not...safe.” Carlisle stated warily. I forgot that they didn’t know I knew about werewolves. I believe I can have a little fun with this.

“Well, I don’t care. I’m a vampire for peets sake! I’ll be fine.” I turned around to head off in that direction. But then I felt a cold hand restraining me. I turned to see Edward staring at me.

“Bella! There are other things out there that you don’t know about that can hurt us-” Edward screamed but I cut him off. I jerked out of his grasp.

“Get your hands off of me, Edward!” I screamed with a little bit of anguish, but mostly anger. “Don’t ever touch me!” I looked in his eyes and all I could see was hurt. I looked to Ian and noticed he was trying to decide if he should intervene. He knew I could handle myself but he wasn’t always for sure.

“Bella...” Edward whispered with a hint of despair.

Ian stormed towards us. The rest of the two families were still just standing there looking at us with shock, hurt, disbelief, and confusion. Except for Victoria and Logan who looked at me with understanding and sympathy. But there was a little more anger coming from Victoria.

Ian stopped in front of me. “Bella, how do you know these people? Especially, how do you know this Edward guy?” He looked at me, waiting for an answer. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy.

“Ian, when I was human, I lived in this town and I met a coven of vampires...I fell in love with one.” I stated. “I fell in love with him, and he left me after his brother almost killed me.” I saw Jasper cringe and look down with sadness in his eyes. But Ian didn’t notice. “But he saved me! He wasn’t dangerous!” I said with anger. “I loved him with all of my being. But Ian you must know that, your my fiancé. I love you, and only you!” He was still staring at me with a hard look on his face. “I fell in love...with Edward.” I said sadly.

He looked at me with disbelief, hurt, and... anger. “That’s the reason you wanted to come here wasn’t it? You just wanted to find him again.” He stuck his finger out and pointed at Edward before. I’d never seen this side of Ian before. “I can’t believe you. I thought you loved me? How could you?” He looked at me sadly. I grabbed him.

“Ian, I do love you!” I screamed.

“I need some time to think,” he said before jerking out of my grasp lightly and running into the forest. I sank to my knees and began to sob.