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Who to Choose?

It's been 90 years since Edward left her in the forest. The werewolves weren't there to help her and Victoria changed her. Now Bella has her own coven. She is engaged to Ian. When her and her family move back to Forks, what will happen when Bella meets a family that she long wished to forget?

I don't believe I'm that good of a writer but some of my reviewers believe otherwise.

9. Chapter 9

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Jacob POV:

I was running patrol early in the afternoon. We smelt some more vampires in the area. We weren’t going to bother them unless they came over the border. The Cullens came back a couple of weeks ago and they didn’t say anything about friends visiting, but we were keeping our eye out. I was the Alpha now. Sam decided he was too old for this kind of stuff and he wanted to settle down with Emily finally. I wasn’t really thrilled but it was my job and I accepted.

I loved just running through the forest with nothing in your mind. None of the pack was wolf and it was JUST YOU and your thoughts and not anybody else listening. Just like that stupid bloodsucker Edward. I was ready to kill him when I saw him after all those years after killing my Bella. But, he explained. I didn’t really like admitting it, but it was kind of like what I did. When I found out I was a werewolf, I tried to stay away from Bella to keep her safe. That’s what Edward did, and I couldn’t really blame him for that. We weren’t really friends but we weren’t enemies.

That’s when I smelled a vampire. But it was strange; it didn’t burn my nose. But I could tell that it was too sweet smelling for a human. So I went to check just in case. When I walked out from behind the trees I saw someone I never thought I would see again. It was she, it was Bella. But she was a vampire. But it was strange. Usually I’m repulsed by vampires, but Bella just smelled a little sweeter than normal. I didn’t have my natural instinct to kill her. That’s when she spoke.

“Jake?” She whispered. I was amazed that she could tell it was I. I mean she only saw me in werewolf form once or twice. I’ve also heard that your human memories do fade. But I didn’t care. I ran back into the forest to transform.

I came back out. Looked her up and down and whispered, “Bella?”

“Jake!” Bella screamed as she rushed toward me. She jumped at me and landed in my arms. I didn’t care that she was a vampire. She was still, and always will be, my best friend.

“Oh Bella! I...I mean...what are you doing here?” I asked hurriedly. I still had her in a hug and I was stroking her hair.

“Oh! I’ve missed you Jake!” She yelled. I moved her away from me so I could look at her. She was as beautiful as ever. She has long brown wavy hair like always. I must also say that she had a package to. The vampire transformation helped her in the ladies department. But I just kept looking at her eyes. They were the same golden color as the Cullens. The Cullens! Did she know about them? Was she with them?

“Bella? What are you doing here?” I asked. I just needed to know if she was back with Edward. He was an okay guy. I understood him now. But I still didn’t want her with him.

“Oh! Well...I was transformed, as you can see. I have a new vampire coven.” She said. But that didn’t mean she wasn’t with the Cullens.

“Bella...I just have to know...the Cullens...” I trailed off. Hoping she understood what I meant.

“Oh..” She looked at me sadly. “Yeah. I’ve seen them again. But I’m not in their coven. I am the leader of my own now.” She smiled.

“Really! That’s amazing Bells!” She smiled when I called her Bells. I liked that. She was even more beautiful when she smiled.

“They are amazing...I’ve missed you Jake.” She said. Looking up into my eyes sheepishly.

“Bells...You don’t smell like a vampire. I mean, of course you don’t smell like a human...but you don’t repulse me. You just smell like you wearing sweet smelling perfume or somethin.” She looked up at me shocked. She sniffed the air.

“Oh My God Jake! You don’t smell bad either! You just smell like the woods and forest. Like you used to smell to me. But stronger.” She said. Looking up at me, like I was a rare shooting star flying across the sky. I just smiled at her.

“I want to meet this ‘family’ of yours.” I said. I wanted to learn everything about her new life. This is what I was always scared of. Her becoming a vampire and not being herself, and becoming a monster, like me. But she wasn’t. She was the same Bella.

“Well, sure I guess so. But, you know they haven’t ever met a werewolf so they might be a little freaked out.” She smiled. I missed her so much.

“Oh man! I forgot to ask! Do you have any powers? Like some of the Cullens?” I was anxious to hear this.

“Oh yeah! I’m very unique. I have more than one power. I can control Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. I also have a mental and physical shield.” That was...WHOA!

“WOW!” I exclaimed. She put up a finger to silence me.

“I have one more power...” She smiled. I cut her off.

“Are you serious? What is it?!?!” I yelled. Like a little kid on Christmas Eve.

“I was a bout to tell you before you cut me off.” She sighed. “I have a power that not even my coven knows. No one knows. But...you’re my best friend Jake. You always have been...” She looked like she would cry if she could. I could cry. “I can read minds. I can also send my own thoughts, and others thoughts, to you also.” I just stared at her with my mouth hanging open. “I never really liked to think about it cause it hurt too much...but I’m better now. I can switch mine on and off. Which Edward can’t. I can say his name now...Like I said I’m better now...I have a family, and a fiancé...” DID SHE JUST SAY FIANCÉ?!?!

“DID YOU JUST SAY FIANCÉ?!?!” I exclaimed. She took a step back. Startled by my outburst.

“Yes Jake. At least I think I still do...I don’t know right now.” I looked down at her and saw how sad she was. I pulled her up in my arms and hugged her. I missed that felling of her in my arms. I missed the garage, our beach, bonfires together. I missed us. I just realized something. That took me to having to her being in my arms again. I was still in love with Isabella Marie Swan.