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"I saw him. I couldn’t stop staring. His light brown hair, burgundy eyes, it was if he was an angel sent down from heaven." One day could change you for a life time and beyond. Bella knows that, and so does Victoria. One summer day when she was human, Victoria was out in the town when she sees someone that will change her forever, literally.


1. Chapter 1

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I saw him. I couldn’t stop staring. His light brown hair, burgundy eyes, it was if he was an angel sent down from heaven. I silently thanked God for my good fortune of seeing such a man in my life time. Sixty or seventy years is what I expected to live. And to see…him, it’s just amazing. My eyes ran own his body. There was not one part of his body I could see that wasn’t covered in muscle. Even his nose was muscular. Really, it was. I knew then that I was head over heels for this stranger. That wasn’t my nature at the time, but something about him just sprang out at me saying ‘I am the one for you’. Hopefully he was thinking the same thing. I hoped he was with all my heart. He didn’t see me yet, so I had sometime to mentally prepare myself for the encounter. I straitened up and tried in vain to smooth out my skirt. It of course was wrinkled for life so I gave up on that and ran my fingers through my orange hair. I loved my hair, it was the thing that set me apart from everyone else. Or I hoped it did. I cleared my throat and started to walk forward. The man was staring at something slightly to his right, so I decided to walk over there and maybe sit down on a bench. My heart was beating probably too hard to ensure good health so I tried deep breathing to calm my self down. I cleared my throat again and closed my eyes. Darkness, it relaxed me. No one could see me, I was safe. I was safe until I opened my eyes again and saw the man staring at me intently. I tried to look uninterested, and I think that I succeeded in that. I made eye contact with him for a few seconds before looking away to eye a funny colored carriage. It looked blue. Why would someone want a blue carriage? I quickly looked back at the man who was still staring at me. I pretended to inspect my finger nails before I stood up and looked at the sky. I sighed and started to head in the direct the man was. I walked past him with hardly a glance. My heart fell when he made no move to stop me. I frowned and sighed again.

“Hello,” I heard a voice say behind me. It was the most beautiful, perfect voice I ever heard. I whipped around to see the man smiling at me. I could literally feel my heart thumping against my rib cage. The man smiled as if he heard it, too. His smiled was even more gorgeous then he was. My mouth dropped open, but I closed it quickly enough. But I think he still saw it because he smiled even wider. He stepped forward, closing much of the space between us.

“How do you do?” I asked as calmly as possible. I brushed a stray lock of hair out of my face. My hair always did that. My hair was wild. Just like me. But this man seemed to tame me. My hair seemed to counter that as a sudden wind gust sent my hair flying in all directions. He watched as I tried to push it all back down.

“I’m James,” he said. It almost sounded like he was purring. Interesting…I always liked cats.

“I’m Victoria,” I said straitening up. If this man had any interest in me, he would had done something a little while ago. I looked down the road and back to James’s face. He was staring at me still. I rolled my eyes. He had no idea how to reel in a woman. The effect that he had on me seemed to fade as more time passed. I sighed and started to walk away. “Nice to meet you,” I said before I turned away from him. I frowned when he made no move to stop me. I looked at the sky again. It was late. A little too late for my liking. I knew that I could defend myself against any human, but there were rumors going around the town. People had been finding dead bodies in the forest. The minister said that there were demons or vampires in the town. I rolled my eyes but walked faster when I heard a bush rustle behind me. Could I beat a man in a fight? Yes. A demon with sharp claws and teeth?…probably not. And I really didn’t want to find out. The bush behind me rustled again. I was starting to get scared. I heard a small growl and wanted to run as fast as I could away. But I was in a skirt. A very long one, too. How could I run away in a skirt? Only men got to wear trousers. I was jealous.

A crunch of gravel behind me made me twirl around to face my fate. I crouched down, preparing myself for a fight. But to my surprise, James was standing behind me. I straitened up.

“Oh,” I said a little disappointed. I was expecting a demon or a vampire. And I just got an incredibly handsome man. Wait, what was I saying? Just? My heart leapt when ever I was around him! How was he ‘just’?

“Hello, again,” he said stepping forward. He had an eerie presence to him now that he was away from all the people. I liked it. I stepped forward also, a smiled playing on my lips.

“What brings you to this part of the town?” I asked half teasingly, half curious. I was headed towards the poor part of town. He by all means defiantly didn’t look poor.

“You,” he answered. The sound made my heart stop for a second. He did want me! I grinned largely.

“Oh really?” I asked stepping forward. There was barely a foot between us. But then the crunch of gravel was heard and the steady sound of a horse running echoed through the forest. With out hesitation, James grabbed me and threw me into the bushes with him. He waited for the sound to disappear before moving again. I laughed, wild with the moment. James looked at me in surprise. He then smiled again. He offered his hand and I took it. We stood up together. He then pulled me out of the bush and looked around.

“Want to see something?” he asked suddenly. I nodded, ready to follow him anywhere. He smiled and started to pull me along. He then started to run. He ran fast! And it looked like he was holding back, too. He ran into the forest with me, my fears vanishing. I somehow knew that nothing would hurt me when I was with James.

After what seemed like forever, we stopped in a beautiful clearing. I looked around amazed. There were flowers all around it and a dead tree covered in vines and moss. The place looked surreal.

“It’s beautiful,” I said quietly.

“It is,” James said. I looked over at him and saw that he was looking at me. I smiled coyly. He then grabbed my arm and brought me in close. I smiled seductively and he pressed his lips to mine. I felt my heart beat wild. I pulled myself closer to him and wrapped my arm around him. He then pulled away slightly and placed his mouth on my neck. So he was a romantic. But then he did something that I would never forget. He sunk his teeth into my neck like it was butter. I heard him whisper, “I love you,” before I was consumed with pain.