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"I saw him. I couldn’t stop staring. His light brown hair, burgundy eyes, it was if he was an angel sent down from heaven." One day could change you for a life time and beyond. Bella knows that, and so does Victoria. One summer day when she was human, Victoria was out in the town when she sees someone that will change her forever, literally.


2. Surperior

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I was utterly confused to what James was. The last thing I could remember was his teeth in my neck and then the pain slowly creeping and spreading down my whole body. I sat there in discomfort for a few minutes before the fire started. It wasn’t like a burn on your skin when you get too close to the fire place, but more like you were burning inside out. I wasn’t on fire, my insides were. I collapsed on the ground, James standing over me, a smile on his face. I clutched at the grass, tearing it out of the ground. I cringed, my stomach feeling like it’s acid was burning right through it. I groaned and then screamed as my throat seemed to catch fire, too. That was the first time I screamed in about a year. I was never in that much pain. Nothing held as much pain as that. That I wasn’t as strong as I thought. My throat seemed to want to punish me for my scream and sent another wave of pain through my neck. I wanted to clutch my throat, but my arms were also consumed with the fire. Warm tears ran down my face, only making me feel icky and disgusting. The sweat coming off me constantly didn’t help that either. My back would arch in pain and I would tear at anything around me. Anything to feel a hundredth of the pain I was feeling. And even that was more then the normal human could handle. I clutched my head, wondering what I did to deserve to torture I was going through. Was it James? Did he bring this on me? Even if he did I was sure that it was a for a good reason. Why else would he bite me…sending pain into me? What did I get myself into?

James was by me constantly. He would sit next to me, watching me intently, waiting for something. Waiting for me to burn to a crisp? I wanted more then anything to know why I was in pain. I could deal with the pain later. I just wanted to know why. What did James do to me? I had to find out.

I didn’t know how long it took. I saw the sun rise and set about six times. Maybe seven. I didn’t really keep count. Something told me that I didn’t need to. But around maybe the third or fourth day the pain started to recede. Whenever it would fade, it would suddenly come back as if in vengeance for soothing it. That continued on for at least an hour or so before the pain was almost gone. There was a slight discomfort…then nothing. I waited for the steady beat of my heart. But there was none. I opened my closed eyes and looked around. I blinked a couple of times. I could see every single detail on every single thing. There was a small ant in the dirt about ten feet away. I could hear anything, everything. I felt superior. I knew that I was superior. Something connected then. James must of done this to me. He made me this…super human. I looked around the clearing for him. To my regret he wasn’t there.

I stood up, faster then I ever thought possible. I smiled to myself. I ran to the edge of the field. I was there in less then a second. I smiled wider. I walked over to a tree branch and tugged on it. It broke like a twig in my hand. I flashed a set of sharp teeth which I ran my tongue over. I laughed, a beautiful sound which I was shocked came from me. I looked around the meadow again. No one was there. I walked back over to the place I was laying in for days. I sat down quickly, waiting for James to come back. I sighed and placed my chin in a hand. And I just sat there, waiting.

I sat there until nightfall. My hopes were almost diminished. I stood up, preparing to leave the clearing when I heard a rustling sound across the clearing from me. A deer nervously walked from out of the forest. My throat was burning and something told me that the deer’s blood would quench it. It’s blood smelled fantastic. I crouched down, waiting to strike, but then I heard another rustle behind me. Then a scent, more powerful then the deer, hit me like a train. I whipped my head around, seeing the source of it. James walked into the meadow with a girl hanging off him. He looked at me lovingly and a growl escaped me. The deer was nothing in comparison to the human. It smelled like dirt compared to the most fragrant rose. I didn’t hesitate in leaping from my crouching stance and onto the unsuspecting human. I sliced open her neck and let the fluid drain into my mouth. When it was done, I stood up relieved of my thirst. I then remembered James who was standing next to me. I expected him to look at me in disgust, but he didn’t. He was looking at me proudly. I walked over to me and pulled me in close.

“You are even more wonderful as a vampire,” he whispered. Vampire? I was a vampire? I shrugged. It was a whole lot better then being a human. I smiled and pressed my lips to his. I knew from that moment on that I loved him. He turned me into a superior being and I would always love him for that. And by the way he kissed me back, I knew that he loved me, too.

We ran from the clearing, both excited and fresh from feeding. The wind in my face and the wildness of my hair seemed to set me free. I loved everything about being a vampire. It was cloudy that day, so James promised me that he would find a sunny place for me. I was curious to how my skin would react. James told me that I would sparkle. I didn’t believe him. I had to see if for myself.

James led me miles away from the small town I grew up in. There was a small patch of sun that leaked through the clouds. Smiling in anticipation, I walked into the rays. My skin absorbed every ounce of heat radiated from the sun. It made me smile in pleasure. I looked down at my arm, it was sparkling. I was a ‘living’ disco ball. A very happy disco ball, too. After an hour or so of just sitting in the sun, James started to get impatient. I felt the familiar fire at the back of my throat. I was thirsty and James could tell.

We ran back to town, both of us smiling. We wanted to have some fun with our food first. We split up unwillingly and went to carry out our plan.

I walked up to a small lady with some children. I looked around in fake nervousness and fright,

“I saw a demon!” I said ‘scared’. “Tell everyone you know! Tell everyone to assemble in the church!” I said urgently. Her eyes widened and she nodded quickly. She ran to person nearby and whispered to him the news. I laughed as I ran away quicker then anyone could see. The thrill of the moment was high in me and I wanted more. But James ordered me strictly. ‘No killing yet’ he said. I rolled my eyes. He’s such a dramatic. That’s one reason why I loved him so much.

A little while later James and I met up a little ways behind the church. We heard a thunderous amount of noise come from the small building, almost more then we hoped. James smiled and nodded. I ran towards the church doors and squeezed inside the over packed building. I shrieked as loudly as I could. Everyone turned their attention to me.

“Send a sacrifice until they are satisfied!” I said in my most persuasive voice. Everyone turned to me, amazed. They seemed to be mesmerized. Perfect…I thought. I hid a smile that wanted to make it’s self known. I looked around wildly. I grabbed the first person near me. “You, save your village!” I said before shoving her out the door. I took a few more people that way and then went myself. I made a dramatic farewell gesture before I disappeared from sight. The small group of people I gathered were huddled in a group. I joined them and led them to a dark area near the forest. Howling and snarling noises filled the air. The people around me started to scream and shriek in fright. I tried to go along with them, but it was so hard. This was just so much fun.

James then appeared next to me. I was in back to so no one saw us.

“Ready?” he asked. I nodded. We then made all our efforts worthwhile. I heard the church go quiet as their screams filled the air. James and I dumped the bodies on the church door step before we got out of there. We both were filled with fresh blood and we were energized to the limit. As we ran into the forest, I felt a brief and unwanted pang of guilt. But that was gone within the second. I was superior. They are my food. Why should I feel pity for them?