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If the Devil had a heart

This is a poem from Edward's POV and it shows what si going on inside his head, and his frustration with the life he is doomed to.


1. Chapter 1

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If the devil had a heart,
I wouldn't be a murderous monster.
If the devil had a heart,
Everyday of my life wouldn't be such an act.

I wouldn't feel the need,
To run from my feelings.
I wouldn;t be afraid,
To listen to my heart.

I could breathe, I could blink.
I could love her like she deserves.
I could hold her, and not need to drink.
I could make her the woman she longs to be.

If i could feeel warm, feel hot,
Not just cold and stoney,
If i could blush like my beautiful Bella and not,
Stand like an untouchable, unreachable rock.

If only the devil had a heart.