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Life's problems and problems with life.

I'm sure every girl can sympathise with a girl who is in a frantic thrash of confusion of a boy. But can they really sympathise with Bella? Are her probelsm just too big a burnden to share or to solve?


1. Chapter 1

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A typical teen, her worries petite,
Exams, parents and *gasp* a spot?!
And as for the boys, they’re no small feat,
But for me Bella Swan, they’re a crumb off my block.

My handsome prince charming,
The thorn in my side,
For we shouldn’t be parted,
But oh how I long to hide.

My wounds are open, the blood is flowing.
But blood, is exactly my problem with life.
My love for a vampire, yet the blood in my veins,
Is cutting him up like a knife.

The scent burns up his nose,
It scalds down his throat,
All I want is his poison,
With no antidote.

It would end all his misery,
The pain and despair,
I cause him to hold me,
With his face in my hair.

It’s one of life’s problems,
My problem is life.
Only I have no-one to confide in,
Lonely and merciless, my life’s a long strife