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What if Carlisle's history was different? What if Carlisle had had a twin sister, and he didn't know that she was still alive? And how will this affect Edward and Bella's relationship? But, most importantly, Forks' Hospital better make room because another Dr. Cullen is coming to town. *Time setting: In between Twilight and New Moon.* Stephanie Meyer owns all things Twilight in this story!

I would like to thank Katlynn_Hale for encouraging me to post a fan fic. But I hope that you all like my fan fic, so PLEASE REVIEW!

2. Chapter 2-Disbelief

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“Carlisle?” I breathed.

“Yes?” Carlisle asked, very obviously confused to exactly what was going on. I shut the door behind me and walked the rest of the way in.

“So, you’re the new doctor here?” he asked, I assumed to get some answers as to what was going on. I smiled.

“Yes, I’m Dr. Cullen, it’s a pleasure to meet you Dr. Cullen,” I said wondering if he even understood my sentence. I held out my hand and he shook it briefly.

“Your last name is Cullen?” Carlisle asked in utter disbelief, his eyebrows raising towards his hairline.

I nodded, hoping that he would be able to make the connection.

“My name is Katherine Cullen,” I stated slowly. I could almost see the wheels turning in his head, it would have been comical at any other time. When he realized exactly who I was I watched as his mouth fell open slightly.

“But… you’re a vampire, are you sure? Kate?” he asked still completely shocked. I was totally sure, as sure as I could be. It took all of my strength not to run across the room and give him the biggest hug ever.

“Yes, I’m sure,” I said positively, “I have the power to see people’s pasts and when I saw yours it was exactly like mine and I know that this must be extremely weird and that you are probably impossibly confused but you have to believe me.” I said speaking quickly waiting for it to finally sink in with him. I still don’t think that it had completely set in with him yet.

“Katherine?” he asked softer this time.

“Yes,” I said. Then I continued right on with, “ Do you mind if I look at the rest of your past to see if it makes sense?” I asked, it didn’t feel right to just do it against his will those were his memories and he should have the choice besides I wanted to make sure it wasn’t some trick, I could barely believe it myself, still.

“I don’t mean to be rude, but, I myself, after all of these years have an incredibly hard time believing all this. It’s just so hard to accept when I’ve thought you were dead all these years and that I was the only one that survived. So would you mind if we took this to my house and continued there?” Carlisle asked being unnecessarily polite, and one hundred percent in disbelief. It was somewhat comical, it was almost like he was in shock (a common problem with fragile and mundane humans).

“No, that would be fine, do others live with you?” I asked. I would like to be prepared, I’m not a big fan of surprises and I have already had a big enough one today so far.

“Yes, and to tell you the truth Alice told me that I would meet another one of our kind today at the hospital, but I had no idea…” he trailed off, running a hand through his golden-blond hair that was so impeccably similar to mine.

“You have to work,” I stated, reminding him that he still had a mundane job. Carlisle smiled gently and started to get up.

“Oh, I think that they’ll let me go home,” he murmured smugly, before grabbing his bag and coat and moving to walk out of his office. I followed him and shut the door to his office behind me. While he told the nurse that he would be leaving and signed me out, I grabbed my things as well and followed him into the drizzle outside.

I raced down the roads of Forks behind him in his black Mercedes. Carlisle turned unexpectedly down a dirt road that wound through the forest.

He came to a gradual stop in front of a huge white house that was well-proportioned and rectangular. There was a very classical porch in front that led to the door, I got out of my car and walked behind him into the house.

My mind was racing, so much was happening today it was kind of overwhelming for me.

Sitting in a grand front room were five other vampires. There were three females and two males.

Out of the girls there was a softer more rounded one with soft caramel colored hair that curled past her shoulders, one was shorter and more pixie-like with spiky black hair and the last one was very beautiful with more prominent curves and blond hair that gently waved to her waist.

One of the guys was quite tall and very protective looking with blonde hair and the other one was a little shorter and extremely muscular with dark brown hair.

Carlisle had opened his mouth to make introductions when suddenly I was being pinned against the wall by a completely different vampire, growls erupting from his chest while he glared balefully at me.

“EDWARD!!!” I heard several voices yell in agitation.