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What if Carlisle's history was different? What if Carlisle had had a twin sister, and he didn't know that she was still alive? And how will this affect Edward and Bella's relationship? But, most importantly, Forks' Hospital better make room because another Dr. Cullen is coming to town. *Time setting: In between Twilight and New Moon.* Stephanie Meyer owns all things Twilight in this story!

I would like to thank Katlynn_Hale for encouraging me to post a fan fic. But I hope that you all like my fan fic, so PLEASE REVIEW!

5. Chapter 5- Bad Memories

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I opened my mouth to comment when suddenly Alice gasped from my side along with Edward and I had only one guess of what had now just happened, Alice had a vision.

I watched as they both turned slowly to stare at me incredulously, which of course caused everyone else to look at me the same way trusting that Alice and Edward probably discovered something not so fabulous about me. I gulped, great what on earth was I going to do now.

“Look, I don’t have a clue what you just saw about me and if I hurt somebody, I would like to personally apologize beforehand to whatever problems it may cause you all…?” I stated though it was more like a question. Alice set a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

“Well, you didn’t necessarily hurt someone…” Alice said, trailing off uncertainly. I felt my eyebrows shoot skyward.

“What do you mean necessarily?” I asked my voice becoming unnecessarily high. I looked toward Edward hoping he could give me some sort of real explanation.

“Do you know the Denali clan?” Edward asked me. A brief part of my mind was trying to remember some sort of importance that corresponded with that name. My questioning eyes lead Edward to a more in depth question.

"Tanya, Kate, Irina, Eleazar and Carmen?” Edward specified.

Oh. My. God. Did he just say……..

“Kate?” I asked, my jaw clenching in anger.

“Yes…, how do you know her?” Carlisle said chipping into the conversation, obviously curious. I sucked in a deep sharp breath of air trying to get a grip.

“Well…its kind of hard to explain but…,”I have no idea how exactly I plan to explain this to them without them thinking that I am a complete monster. I could practically feel the tenseness and impatience emanating from the others.

“But WHAT??” Edward asked in agitation.

“It was a long time ago, really…” my mind itself was going back in time to 1898 on a dark night in a murky alleyway, filled with screams of terror and laughing. I remember watching as the sadistic vampire beat the little girl over and over with his bloody fists while she remained helpless and screaming against the cold brick wall. I remember the rage that consumed me in a mere second. I remember springing forward and pinning that sick inhuman monster to the ground and punching him and ripping off one of his arms. I remember him throwing me across the alley. I remember him…, crushing her skull against the pavement with a vile and repulsive crunch. Then, I remember losing all control and ripping him slowly to pieces wanting to make him feel all the pain he caused that innocent little girl…, then I burned every miserable piece of him. I remember walking over to the little girl’s still figure and softly brushing her eyelids closed.

I remember turning and seeing her, Kate, I remember her pinning me against the wall and screaming in my face about how I killed her brother. And it made me sick to my core that someone could love the monster I just saw torture a child. Then all I remember is escaping running as far away as possible trying to prevent myself from killing another vampire, sadistic or not.

I looked up at Edward as he surprisingly, gave me an understanding smile. I felt my eyes widen.

“You don’t think I’m a monster for killing another being?” I asked him incredulously. Edward opened to explain but not before Emmett could butt in.

“Who exactly did you kill, Katherine?” he asked his impatience seeping into his tone.

“Well, I saw this vampire…,” I then turned to look at Bella and decided it best to edit my story.

“I saw this vampire hurting this child and taking a little too much joy in it so I killed him and I later found that this vampire happened to be Kate’s sister,” I said sneering her name through my clenched teeth, “ I ran off before I ended up killing her to in my state of rage.”

“I’m guessing there is a little more to this story?” Jasper asked, I glared at the wall and nodded stiffly.

“I figured it would be a little too gory for,uh, Bella,” I admitted sheepishly and Bella just sighed.

“What was with that look you gave me?” I asked Edward, blatantly curious. In response, Edward wrapped one arm protectively around Bella’s waist.

“Oh,” I murmured, realizing that it probably had to do with a similar situation involving Bella and that Edward understood what I was going through in that situation.

“Carlisle, so what exactly are we going to do?” Rosalie asked slightly worried, pretending Bella didn’t exist. Strange.

“What do you mean?” I asked, looking from Rosalie to Carlisle. Carlisle raked a hand through his hair and sighed.

“Well, Tanya and her family are coming to visit tomorrow,” Carlisle admitted. One thought alone entered my mine. Oh, swell.