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What if Carlisle's history was different? What if Carlisle had had a twin sister, and he didn't know that she was still alive? And how will this affect Edward and Bella's relationship? But, most importantly, Forks' Hospital better make room because another Dr. Cullen is coming to town. *Time setting: In between Twilight and New Moon.* Stephanie Meyer owns all things Twilight in this story!

I would like to thank Katlynn_Hale for encouraging me to post a fan fic. But I hope that you all like my fan fic, so PLEASE REVIEW!

8. Chapter 8-Explanations

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“He became obsessed with me,” I admit, tucking my knees into my chest. As I hear Jasper and Emmett both yell, “WHAT?!?!”

“What exactly do you mean he became obsessed with you?” Jasper asks incredulously.

And right now I definitely wish I hadn’t told them to begin with. I rest my chin on my knees and stare down into the little creek underneath the rock I’m perched on.

“Well, the first couple months started out great,” I sigh, “I was beginning to wonder if he was the one for me, you know?”

“Then what happened?” Emmett asks, turning towards me, giving me his full attention.

“He started following me, he insisted on being with me every second of the day. He would sit outside the woods by the hospital I was working at and watch me all day and listen to my conversations all day. He would always ask me what I was thinking about incessantly until I finally told him. It was like I had NO privacy what so ever anymore.”

“Did you talk to him about it?” Jasper asks me.

“I tried. It would just make him really angry and it would get worse and sometimes he would even…,” I pause, and quickly move on. “I tried to get away but he would stop me each time.”

“Sometimes he would even what…?” Emmett growled.

“It doesn’t matter,” I hiss, glaring at the steady stream of water beneath me.

“Yes, it does,” Jasper says his voice tense.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I hiss, jumping off the rock. “I have to go,” I say without turning to face them. Then I took off into the forest full-speed to head back to Carlisle’s house. As soon as I reached the porch, Alice was already there holding the door open for me.

“Thanks,” I muttered. Alice hopped alongside me.

“No problem, we were just packing up for when we go visit the Denali’s tomorrow,” Alice explains motioning towards the pile of luggage. “And this time Edward is actually coming with us- after I finally convinced him that Bella would be absolutely safe and happy with you- and I had a vision that showed that you and Bella are going to hangout at your house and watch movies.”

“Why do you need all of that luggage if you’re only going to be there for a day?” I ask shocked, taking in the five large suitcases. Alice just laughs.

“I like to be prepared, and Emmett likes to have a little TOO much fun with the grizzly bears up in Denali,” she tells me, leading me to the coffee table where there are a stack of DVD’s waiting for me.

“I know you haven’t watched many movies so I found the ones that I saw that you and Bella would like,” Alice says.

“Ah, thank you,” I say. Then I see the bag off to the side. “What’s that for?”

“Oh, that’s the precise amount of money you’ll use when you and Bella go shopping since apparently she’d rather go shopping with you since your fashion styles are very similar. Which, trust me, we WILL work on as soon as I get back,” Alice cautions me sternly.

“Great to know,” I sigh, with a smile.

“Where’s -?” I start to ask.

“Third floor, second door on the right,” Alice chirps in. I blink in surprise. Alice just points to her head and I sigh.

“That’s going to take some getting used to,” I mumble, making my way up the massive staircase. I follow Alice’s directions, but stop when I reach the top step my eyes catching on a very old wooden cross, hanging up by the end of the hallway, then I gasp in shock when I realize it’s the very same one that used to hang over the pulpit where our father use to preach. Interesting. As soon as I step outside the door Carlisle invites me in. I open the door and walk in taking in all the books on the shelves behind his large mahogany desk.

“I just wanted to say goodbye before you take off to Denali,” I say, when Carlisle looks up from the paperwork on his desk.

“Thank you,” Carlisle replies, before getting up and motioning to the wall behind me. I turn around and gaze upon the dozens of paintings of different sizes.

“My life story in paint and pastels,” Carlisle says.

“They’re amazing,” I say taking in all of the pieces and different settings of each. “You’ll have to explain them all to me when you get back,” I say after my inspections.

“Of course,” Carlisle tells me. Then, he reaches for something on his desk and hands me a piece of stationary with a list of numbers. “Should you ever need to contact one of us,” Carlisle explains.

After exchanging our goodbyes, I head back downstairs and grab the stuff Alice set out for me and head home for the night.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day. And I knew that if I screwed it up Edward would be after me forever.