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Goodbye Too Soon

Edward, Bella, and Alice face the Volturi in Italy but didn't expect the lesson that is given to Edward. What will he decide if he faces losing her again? Edward: Vampire
AU: New Moon


1. Chapter 1

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Goodbye to Soon

I don’t even pretend to have the honor of owning any of these characters. No matter how much I’d love to keep um. I’m just borrowing them for a short time and promise to pick um up, dust um off and with a kiss on the cheek return them safely home.

AN: This is my first attempt at a Twilight story. I’m new to this so please send reviews and share your thoughts with me.

This is my idea of a different initial encounter with the Volturi, if getting away had been a little more difficult for Bella and thusly Edward.


“Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive—the ris to be alive and express what we truly ar.” Don Ruiz.


Chapter 1

Bella had stepped into a room that took her back several hundred years. Its cold stone walls feeling so damp she was sure she could reach out and touch the dripping water, but looking she could see they were actually dry. The cold seemed to seep into her bones only chilling her, in her wet clothes, even more and made her shudder. The hand holding hers closed a little tighter. She wanted him to hold her close but he had already pushed her at a small distance from him, minimal touching, knowing that his skin would only lower her body temperature more.

But he was here. He was alive and she had saved him. That was more than she could have ever hoped for looking back and remembering that horrid memory when Alice told her what he planned to do. He thought she had died and he had horribly decided to die too. But she had reached him in time only to now find them back in danger. It was more than danger, they were right in the pit of hell standing and waiting for judgment.

The room was scarcely furnished, a couple of heavy wooden tables, chairs lined along the walls, some iron poled lamps lit with a fire that she wished she could wrap herself around for even a hint of warmth. There were figures all around them. Vampires. Even now that word seemed almost foreign to her, strange on her tongue. It shouldn’t be. She had given herself, everything she was and would ever be, to him when she had met him. Then he left. She wouldn’t go there again no, she couldn’t. It was just too painful to keep pulsing it through her brain like some willed upon form of self punishment.

For right now he was beside her, holding her hand. Then she felt him stiffen as a door began to open. Her heart beat quickened as the change in Edward’s stance, the narrowing of his eyes spoke to her of the danger that was coming.

Of course danger was coming. That was the story of her life wasn’t it? How silly of her to think that she could swoop in, save her love then simply swoop back home. Being here seemed inevitable for whatever reason.

She watched as three cloaked figures seemed to come into the room without ever touching the ground, movements that were as smooth as glass and as unnerving as her worst dreams.

She felt Edwards hand let go of hers, move to her belly and gently but firmly nudge her to be ever so slightly behind him. She had to struggle to suppress the insane laughter that wanted to come out of her. Alice had told her enough about the Volturi to know that if they wanted to kill her, then nothing that she, Alice and, much to her sadness, even Edward could do would save her.

The figures stopped and turned to them. The room was large and round and they were not quite in the center, the robed figures against the farthest wall, watching them. Suddenly the one in the middle reached up and lowered his hood, flashing them a wide smile.

“Edward! Alice!” He reached his hands out, palms up towards them. “It’s so wonderful that you came to see us.”

Edward remained motionless. She wasn’t even sure if he was breathing at this point, afraid to check, afraid to take her eyes off the smiling vampire in front of her. He was entirely too happy and it was more unnerving that the waiting game they played before.

“Aro.” Edward simply said.

“And this must be Bella. Why Bella you are more beautiful that Edward even described you to me.”

Bella also stood motionless but she had to remember to suck in the next breath before she would pass out. She had to stay alert and conscious for this if she, or they, had any chance of getting out of here alive. Edward looked back to her and his eyes were dark, coal black, and the tension in his face was his most foreboding.

“Ah,” Aro began. “It seems that Edward is reluctant to introduce us my dear Bella but he has already shared so much about you so it seems that this is just a formality.” He moved forward closer to her and she watched a tight smile come across Alice’s face. What was she thinking about? Bella could only guess but would never ask, not here where even the slightest whisper could be loudly heard.

He reached out to take her hand, “Loveliest Bella, my name is Aro and I welcome you to my home.”

Bella reached out despite the near grip of Edwards hand on her stomach, “It’s very nice to meet you.” She said with her best attempt to keep her voice level.

He laughed at her composure, “Edward was right. You are very brave.”

She wasn’t sure how to take that but a shiver ran down her back as his cold fingers entwined around hers. It wasn’t a feeling like touching Edward, it was harsh, too hard and she winced but fought to not make a noise. But Edward was watching her like a hawk and he caught the subtle change in her brow, the catch in her breath.

“Aro, you’re hurting her.” His voice was calm as he kept his eyes on her. He worked to remain controlled but Alice knew better and brought up a radiant smile.

“Isn’t she delightful?”

It was enough to catch his attention and his fingers moved away from her, “Yes Alice. Almost as delightful as you my dear but she’s very…” His overwhelming happiness got quiet as he worked to find the correct words. “She’s very unique.”

Alice was the one this time that froze as her eyes tried to stay focused on the path in front of her and not the path flashing through her mind at a dizzying speed.

Bella tried to keep up with the flash of glances between Edward and Alice, the incredibly subtle changes in their features that would tell her what the outcome of this nightmare would be. But as fast as it happened it was gone again, Edward was stone faced as he spoke to the cloaked figure.

“Aro, Carlisle is waiting for us so if we may, we would like to get started home.”

Aro smiled at him and nodded his head and he moved back to join the others.

Bella wanted to smile. Was it going to be that easy? Surely not. This was a place of her nightmares and nothing good ever came from a place like this. Edwards hand went back to hers but he didn’t look at her. He was looking at Alice. When she found that beautiful pixie face she suddenly felt colder than any water soaked clothes, cold night air, or the icy fingers that held her now.

They came all this way, raced across the planet, stole a car and actually by some miracle got here in time to save him only for it to end here? And end for whom? Would they all forfeit their lives? Now Edward’s eyes met hers and they spoke of…regret? Sorrow?

Oh God.

They spoke of loss. He saw himself losing her but with that faster than lightening speed he possessed that look changed, to one of determination. It was that look that almost scared her more. If she was destined to die here then so be it but she didn’t, no she couldn’t, let them sacrifice themselves for her. Looking over to Alice she realized that those dark eyes of hers were seeing the future change as Bella’s own mind changed. Again, the quick exchanges between them as Bella tried to keep up.

“No,” Edward growled very low to her instantly conveying that he would never allow her to put herself in harm’s way, no matter what the reason.

But she couldn’t talk about it here. There was no time for discussion and they all knew it.

Aro moved back to the other two figures who then whispered in that lightening fast speed that only seemed like a flutter to Bella. Alice shot a look to Edward as he hissed quietly beside them. What was going on? Bella hated being the only one in the dark here, the only one that didn’t know what their future held…what her future held.

Aro turned back to them now and flashed that wide grin that sent only dread through her bones. He was entirely too happy over all this.

“Edward, we invite you and Alice to join us. You’re talents would be very…useful to our little company.”

He bristled but held his frozen form, “That is very generous of you Aro, but I would like to decline.” His words were separated, deliberate.

The figure now looked to Alice, “Such a shame, Alice my love?”

She grinned back to him, “You are very gracious Aro but I also must decline. Carlisle would be very saddened if I didn’t return home.”

Those references were subtle but spoke immense volumes to Bella. They were first of all telling Aro no with kindness and cautiousness but also telling him that Carlisle was waiting. Aro, for whatever he thought of them, respected Carlisle and would not push them into servitude.

He shook his head, “Again, such a shame.” But picked his head up again and smile, “Of course you may both leave but my brother here feels that a reminder should be sent out.”

Bella froze. Here it comes.

“Reminder?” Edward asked through clamped down teeth.

“Caicus here is disturbed by your intense relationship with a human. You admit it is very unheard of.”

Edward calculated his response even though he knew their decision had already been made, long before they even entered the room. “It is unusual but not unheard of. We have broken no laws.”

Caicus moved forward now, “You have broken one of the most sacred of our laws!”

Again, Edward struggled to maintain his control, “She has told no one.”

Bella watched the third one move again towards Aro and whisper before he spoke, “Marcus is also concerned by the bond that you have formed with this particular human. He is concerned that you do not understand how fragile it is?”

Bella somehow felt that she was the ‘it’ he referred to.

“I am very aware of how breakable she is,” Edward said although it seemed like his jaw never unclenched.

But Aro was no longer going to be distracted from his goal. “My brothers and I think that maybe a demonstration would be in order.” He smiled, “Only to serve as a reminder, of course. Your harm to her, however unintentional, could bring unnecessary attention to our kind.” He glanced to the small figure that hovered near him.

“Jane, my dear.”

Edward let go of Bella’s hand instantly and moved in front of her. In that rapid fraction of a second Bella jumped back to see Edward leap in front of her then crash to the ground, writhing in agony. No noise escaped from him but his tormented face twisted with the excruciating pain that seemed to be shooting through his body. She moved to grab him but found Alice holding her around her waist, pinning her arms.

“He will be alright Bella. Don’t move.”

It was as much a warning as it was a comfort. But how could this not kill him? Her eyes traced back to the little figure in the cloak. She was small in frame and her face was young but old at the same time, hair of honey and those red eyes that were shared amongst everyone around her. She was doing this to him, those fire eyes focused on the one that held her heart, as he fought against some unimaginable source of pain that forced his body to twist and contract.

Then as fast as it started, it stopped. She wanted to run to him but he leapt to his feet and was by her side. He was so close she could feel the cool radiate from him, so close that she wanted to reach out and wrap her arms around him. She stole a quick glance to Alice who released her grip so that he could put his arm around her frail waist, pulling her close to him. Closer than they had been since entering the room and a closeness that she craved so desperately.

A smile almost crossed her lips until she understood that everyone was looking at her, even Aro carried a look of astonishment as he looked between Jane and her.

“Yes, unique,” he smiled again.

Bella saw the look of frustration on Jane’s face as she seemed to struggle. Was she trying to send the pain to her? Was her mind also numb to this new assault or would it hit her any second?

“I think this calls for a different approach. Her mind is strong but it’s her body that is fragile,” Aro stated.

“Aro. Carlisle would not want her harmed.” Edward’s icy words shook Bella. Harm? There was more harm to come?

“Even Carlisle could not contest this lesson Edward. The council deems it…necessary.” He moved to place his hand on Jane, ever so gently on her shoulder. “Relax my love.”

The small figure moved over to the side of him, slightly hidden by his flowing cloak. Bella now felt Edwards hand grasp her wrist and pull her again behind him, farther this time.

“Do you challenge the council Edward?” Caicus asked harshly.

“There is no reason to test her when it will only prove what we already know,” Alice said lightly, trying to elevate the darkening mood of the room.

“Ah, but there is my dear Alice. This is a lesson that Edward has not yet learned, not fully.”

Bella watched Edward start to open his mouth to speak but nothing came out, no other movements were seen. His nearly bone shattering grasp on her wrist fixed and unmoving. Alice was the same, frozen not in place but almost in time.

Alec moved towards her and she wanted to run but Edward was holding her fixed. With a single look from the small male figure Edward’s hand flexed just enough to allow her wrist to be free as she pulled it close to her and rubbed it. Then just as fast it was fixed in place again.

“Again my dear Bella. You seem immune to Jane and Alec, including myself. That is an unexpected discovery.” He watched her glance back to the still forms of Edward and Alice. “Don’t worry they are unharmed, simply incapacitated for a while so that our test can progress, uninterrupted. Come.”

His eyes, his voice and his outreached hand were stronger than her weak will. She felt compelled, despite her fear for her very life, to go to him. So this is how it works, she thought.

“Your mind is stronger than anything I’ve seen in quite a while Bella, I am quite impressed. But we must demonstrate to our Edward, and I suspect dear Alice, the downside to bonding with a human. You are quite lovely and obviously gifted.” He ran his icy fingers along her cheek. “I’m actually very sorry that this must be done.”

Bella found herself in the middle of the round, cold, hard room as she waited for her fate to crash down on her. She stole a look behind her to the frozen figures of Edward and Alice now seeing that some part of them has been released. She wished that Aro would have left them frozen because now, as she turned to face her destiny the horrified looks of Edward and Alice bore into her back.