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Hard to Handle (Bella's POV)

BannerFans.com" alt="Bella & Edward" title="Hard to Handle (Bella's POV)" width="106" height="30">this is bella's story on 'the 'hard to handle'' series..how will she seduce Edward into being more intimate?will she get past her shyness?read and find out!

i was wondering how come bella was not 'that' self concious on her wedding night!and this story came along..enjoy

1. sneak peek

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I looked up from across the bed at Edward and moaned. It felt so good. His hands were simply working its magic over my skin and soon I was purring like a kitten.

“Mmm Edward… you are definitely the perfect boyfriend.” I groaned.

“Fiancé. I am the perfect fiancé” he chuckled.

Hard to forget since it was because of the dreaded wedding that I was in this position in the first place. I closed my eyes concentrating on the pleasure his hands were giving me…

“Alice should not have put you through so much pain. I’ll go and talk to her…”

“No Edward there is no need. Its better to suffer now than during the wedding.”

I threw a resenting look towards the awful high heeled shoes Alice had practically forced me to break one month before the wedding. I was grateful right now that Edward was massaging my sore feet with his cold hands.(author moment: what had you been thinking? lol). I looked at Edward under my eyelids. Should I ask him now? We were alone for once.

Since we had announced our plans we had only nights left to spend just together. During the days Alice would drag me around for fittings or to ask me what I wanted. My obvious lack of enthusiasm had not dissipated hers.

“Edward,” I began hesitantly. Edward instantly shifted his gaze from my awful feet to my face.

“Yes Bella?”

This was not going to be easy. What I was about to ask him could make or break my self esteem. I prepared myself for rejection.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Anything” he replied earnestly. Typical of Edward to be so dramatic. I laughed at that thought then sobered rapidly when I replayed what I was about to ask in my head.

“You might get mad at me.”

He frowned and instantly I found him against me on the bed. He gently took my face in his hands and secured my gaze with his.

“What is it Bella? You know you can tell me everything.”

I cleared my throat and gathered as much confidence as I could.

“Edward you remember saying that you were afraid to lose control on our wedding night.”

He nodded, “ I also said that we would try

“Yes I know,” I felt a blush spread while Edward continued to watch me intently. “well I was wondering if we went step by step..” I took a deep breath and plunged. “..if we were more intimate…”

“Bella we spend our nights together…”

Why was he making this so difficult?

“Edward you know that at the start of our relationship you were afraid to hurt me if we kissed.” I stopped and he just nodded.

Was I being too subtle? His normally too fast mind seemed to have stopped functioning.

“Well by getting used to my scent… you overcame that problem…” he again just nodded.

“Well we could try to overcome this problem by getting used to the technicalities…” I looked him up in the eyes but they seemed blank.

“Bella what are you trying to say…?” he seemed to think I had a brain dysfunction.

Maybe actions spoke louder than words…

I pressed my hands against his chest and undid the first button of his shirt.

“Bella? You’ve changed your mind?”. I laughed. Even if I had changed my mind I knew he would not readily oblige me. Since the last trip to the meadow he had not talked about us making love before the wedding. I had assumed he had tried to seduce me in the meadow as a last means to prevent me from being forced into the wedding.

“I’m not trying to seduce you Edward, I’m going through the technicalities.” I took another deep breath. “I’ve never seen you shirtless well except in the meadow...but that was different. It will be less of a shock if we know what to expect on our wedding night.” I could see that he was thinking through my words. He seemed to be debating them in his head. Then, in one swift movement he was shirtless.

In the meadow I had only seen the front of his chest naked. Now his skin was smooth all over. I could not drop my gaze from his body. I felt hot all over just by seeing him.

“Satisfied?” he chuckled. He was about to put his shirt back on.

“Wait!” I was embarrassed by the urgency in my voice. His brows furrowed but he tossed his shirt aside.

I placed my hands once again on him. I grazed his smooth chest and marvelled at the tingling sensation on my fingers. I had touched him before while we kissed. But now I could touch and watch him.

I heard his swift intake of breath as my hands went over his body. His eyes were changing colour, becoming coal black like when he was thirsty.

“If you want to know Edward I think it will be more likely that I will be the one not being to keep control.” I said and he laughed. I heard his growl before I felt pinned to the bed.

Edward captured my mouth in his and I felt ecstatic as my hands roamed freely over his back. His tongue played with mine then abruptly he pulled back. I shuddered with dread while he took deep breath. I felt sure he was going to reprimand me. I turned my gaze to his face and saw determination come over his beautiful features.

He knelt on the bed and faced me. I sat up wondering what he was thinking. He leaned towards me unsure. Then he grabbed the hem of my oversized sweater.

“May I?” it was my turn to just nod.

He gently pulled the garment over my head. I was wearing a simple white cotton bra underneath. He looked at me hungrily and I felt a flush spread over my body. I was shy and excited at the same time. He pulled me towards him and I felt like a bubble of joy ready to explode. For the first time I could feel my skin in contact with his and nothing else counted. He bent his face towards my neck and inhaled deeply…savouring the bouquet. I smiled at that thought. Then I felt his lips move over my pulse. I threw myself on him. He laughed as I landed on top of him. I knew he was controlling himself but I wanted him to be less cautious. So I bent my face and kissed his chest. I licked behind his ear and felt him stiffen.

“Bella!” he warned.

“hey Bella, Edward the new car-oh sorry” I heard Emmett’s laugh behind the now closed door.

Oh mortification! I was sure Emmett would be making jokes about what he had seen for eternity!

Edward frowned as he gently pushed me aside.

“I’m sorry.” His frown deepened

“Why would you be sorry? I should have heard Emmett as he was coming near.”

I sighed.

“well it’s okay… we were not doing anything wrong.” he smiled.

“He’s waiting for us…” he added.

I let out a breath and reached for my sweater. Damn Emmett, he knew when to choose his moments!