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Hard to Handle (Bella's POV)

BannerFans.com" alt="Bella & Edward" title="Hard to Handle (Bella's POV)" width="106" height="30">this is bella's story on 'the 'hard to handle'' series..how will she seduce Edward into being more intimate?will she get past her shyness?read and find out!

i was wondering how come bella was not 'that' self concious on her wedding night!and this story came along..enjoy

2. Mmm!!

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I looked down at myself in the bathroom mirror. Could I go through with this? We were not doing anything wrong…but I was feeling self conscious. This will have to do, I thought. Edward was waiting for me outside the door. I hurriedly put the fluffy pink robe over my black bikini and stepped out.

“hey, ready to go?” he asked.

I smiled and nodded.

We were all spending a few days before the wedding at Carlisle’s private beach house in Sequim bay. Carlisle could not come because of his work and Esme had stayed with him. Two more weeks and I would officially be Mrs Isabella Cullen. I smiled at that thought.

“Are you sure you don’t want to join the others at the beach?” I asked.

We were alone for now since the others had gone to swim. I could not go since it was freezing outside and I felt bad because Edward had stayed with me.

“No Bella, I want to be with you.” he replied with my favourite crooked smile. I smiled back. “Anyway we will have as much fun in the hot tub.” he added.

Yeah the hot tub… I squirmed inwardly. Edward would be seeing me in my swimwear… very revealing swimwear thanks to Alice!

He took my hand as we made our way towards the area enclosing a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and hot tub. I knew they did not even used those stuff as to why they had bought a house with so many unused facilities was beyond reasoning.

Edward had already put the electrical heater to work so I could already see vapour escaping from the water surface…it was too tempting in this cold weather.

“You first” I said rather childishly.

Edward chuckled but took off his own black silk robe (did I mention he was HOT!) and revealed black boxer shorts underneath(as I said…HOT!). He climbed into the hot tub swiftly and waited for me. I walked to the very edge of the tub before making any move to disrobe. Slowly I pealed off the garment and let it fall to the floor. I heard Edward’s swift intake of breath. The warm air was contributing to an awful blush spread. I stepped in and felt good instantly.

I went to sit next to Edward and waited… for what? I did not know. I sent him a furtive glance. He smiled and bent his lips towards my neck. Oh my! The sensation of his cold lips over my hot skin was too good. I grabbed him and pushed myself at him. He smiled against my neck then lifted me up to straddle his hips. I kissed him thoroughly enjoying the sweet taste of venom in his mouth. I felt his cool hands roam over my back and took advantage by doing my own exploration. My own hands were everywhere over his chest. I was dead and in heaven for all I knew. Unconsciously my hands drifted further downwards. Suddenly I found myself seated and Edward was at the farthest end of the tub. What had just happened?

“what’s wrong Edward?” good thing he had good hearing, even I could not make out my words. He just stared down at the water before lifting himself to sit on the tub’s edge.

I swam the small distance and looked up at him.

“Edward talk to me, what is the problem” I asked in a panicked voice.

“You are staring at the problem Bella…” he chuckled. Ouf! At least he was not angry. I was staring at the problem, what did that mean. I looked him over more closely. Oh my! I was in fact staring at what seemed to be an erection! A vampire erection at that!

“ I am sorry Bella,” I heard him say.

Well I was not sorry!

“I am not sorry Edward, it’s a normal reaction and a sane one considering the fact that we are going to get married” where did I get the courage to say such a thing… True I was pleased as punch that he was showing a little more reaction over our kissing…

“No! I do not want you to think I’ve been harbouring impure thoughts about you!” Impure thoughts…what was wrong with him. He was too perfect that was it! Time for a little more courage.

“Well Edward that’s too bad..” I gulped. “because I have been harbouring serious impure thoughts about you myself!” I finished.

He looked down at me then climbed out of the tub. What was wrong now. I climbed out after him and as expected…slipped on the floor.

Edward put me upright before handing me the fluffy robe. I put it back on in silence. Was he mad this time?

“Are you angry?” I asked in a small voice.

He sighed and cupped my face in his hands.

“No Bella I’m not angry. It’s just” he paused. “it’s just that seeing you and talking to you about sex brings me to the brink of control and I’m afraid I might lose it at any moment.’’ I sighed with relief.

I wanted to help him overcome this but I did not know how. Then I got an idea!

“Edward come with me to our bedroom I’ve got to tell you something,” I said using my best imploring voice. He hesitated but walked along.

We had our own bedroom at the beach house and I felt great about being able to sleep together without being afraid that Charlie would catch us.

“Lie down.” I said as we entered the big well furnished room. He opened his mouth to talk but I did not give him the chance. I pressed my lips swiftly against his.

“Just lie down please.” He groaned but went to lie in the middle of the king sized bed anyway. I followed behind and straddled him. I clamped my hand over his mouth before he opened it again.

“Listen to me okay?”. He nodded. I removed my hand

“Edward I’m afraid we are not going to get anywhere on our wedding night if you continue to be so afraid. I think that’s the case because you have never gone through normal adolescent phase and I am willing to change that.” wow I had actually said that on a very clinical tone, even though my face was beetroot red!

“What do you mean by normal adolescent phase?” I cringed at his words. Why did I propose that? I did not even know how to do this type of things.

“Well you know…stuff...adolescents…do…instead of… sex” mortification.

His eyes widened comically on understanding what I meant.

“No Bella I don’t want you to do that!” he practically screamed.

I felt the beginning of tears well in my eyes. His eyes changed colour instantly and he sat up. He hugged me and rubbed my back. Great he was acting like I was a baby now!

“Bella what I meant is that you don’t have to do that. I wont subject my physical reactions on you.” he said. I took a deep breath and pulled back.

“But I want to do that. Edward we know each other since less than two years. You are my first boyfriend and we are going to get married. Its now or never to do those stupid adolescent stuff…I’m more than willing because I love you and I want you and I don’t want to miss out on anything.”

He looked at me and I saw his eyes go back to black. His breathing quickened and I felt his arousal under my thigh. He laid back once again on the bed and I sighed with relief.

I took off my robe and bent down to kiss his lips hungrily. This was for my pleasure too. I circled his lips with my tongue and took in his sweet breath in my mouth. It was so good being the one to kiss. I could explore beyond Edward’s self imposed limits. I took advantage as he opened his lips to breathe and pushed my tongue through his mouth. He played along with my lips for exquisite seconds before I pulled back to breathe. I then trailed along his jaw with my tongue. I was hot all over while he was so cool. I felt wetness creep over my bikini bottom. Subconsciously I heard Edward inhale deeply. His hands were clutched tightly in the bed sheets. I grazed his skin with my hands. My lips continued to place hot kisses over his chest and moved downwards. I wanted to explore everything about him. I moved to his belly button. His velvet skin was driving me wild. My panties were drenched at this point. I moved further south but encountered his boxers. I tugged them down but Edward was pinned to bed. I looked up from my explorations. His face was distorted with pleasure and pain. His eyes even more darker.

“Edward…could you lift you hips.” I asked with a husky voice. I heard him growl but he did as I asked and I pushed his shorts away. Oh My! Talk about a vampire erection! I just stared for a few seconds. Then as if they had their own will my hands touched him their. I heard a second growl, more fierce this time. Then my face moved forward and I was kissing him. I tentatively trailed his shaft with my tongue and heard another growl. Taking that as an encouragement I pushed him in my mouth. I could not take him fully in so I placed my hands at his base.

Then instinct took over and I only heard the rapid pounding of my heart, Edward’s growls and the bed sheets tearing up. He seemed to be convulsing under me and just as he was about to obtain release he shifted. He pulled me up and I found myself kissing him. Then I felt a sticky substance on right thigh. Edward pulled back and growled once more before sinking down exhausted.

“Thank you Bella, you are the most strange, exciting girl I have ever met! And I love you” he bent to kiss me once more.

“Can I return the favour?” he asked.

I thought about that. I had been thinking about pleasing him and had not expected him to do the same.

“No that’s a pleasure I’m keeping for our wedding night.”