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Sway Sway Baby

Isabella Isn't you average girl For her it's not about make up, mini skirts, and guys. Her passions aren't common for teenage girls. Skate boarding Baseball Converse and Skinny Jeans All Human First FanFic


1. Chapter 1

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Going back to Forks was going to be a good change—hopefully. I am going to miss Renee and Phoenix. But in truth I did miss Charlie. After spending every summer here in Forks up until I was thirteen. I got tired of the sunless city. But after feeling like a burden for Phil and Renee, I decided they should have time together.

Before I came I asked Charlie if Forks High School (Forks High School the school I am going to attend at Forks.) has a girls’ baseball team. He told me that they didn’t but he would get the papers for me to tryout for the boys’ team. I have always loved baseball. It was the main reason I looked forward to my visits with Charlie. His love for baseball had grown on me. Baseball made Forks bearable.

My flight was landing in Port Angeles. Charlie— or Chief Swan is coming out to pick me up from the airport. He will most likely be taking his cruiser, of course. Then only thing I hated more than Forks’ weather has to be my dad driving me around in that ‘thing.’ Thankfully Renee gave me enough money for my new clothes and a new car.

I walked out into the terminal. Of course Charlie was there waiting for me. He walked over to meet up with me. Charlie wasn’t the person to show emotions. However today Charlie showed relief and joy at the sight of me. He hugged with one arm.

Hey Bells, how are you?” He said as we walked out of the airport.

“Good.” I said flatly. I hesitated to continue. “ Dad I think you know what I’m going to talk to you about. Do you?” I asked in an anxious voice.

“Yes ,I think I do. The baseball tryouts are Wednesday. All of the necessary papers have been filled out. The only thing you need to do I show up for the tryouts.” He reassured me. “But I haven’t talked to Coach Clapp myself.” He said sadly. We were already in the car before I replied to him.

“Thanks dad. Well it’s twelve in the afternoon. I only think it will take me a couple of hours to get settled. So what else is on the agenda today?” I asked curiously.

“Actually, I was going to ask you if you wanted to go eat at the Cullen’s house. The Hales are also going tonight. Are you okay for tonight?” he asked anxiously.

“Sure I would love to meet anyone. It will be nice to kn0w some people when I go to school tomorrow.” I said ending that subject.

We pulled up to the two-story house. It was a rather beautiful one. The houses on either side were both two-stories. They were each beautiful, too. We got out of the car to get my luggage. I didn’t pack much because I knew that I needed to do some shopping anyways.

In my room there wasn’t much. Charlie told me he didn’t know what to do with it. He said even if he did, he wouldn’t have known what I wanted. In a way I felt cared for. I usually took care of Renee.

I finally got unpacked and settled. I looked over my room. My room wasn’t bear, but I need to go shopping soon. I decided since I have a couple of hours might as well make use of it. I grabbed my clothes for tonight’s dinner and went to the bathroom. I toke my shower and got dressed.