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Kissing The War Goodbye: Edward's Side

1918. Edward Mason is seventeen and has enlisted in the army to fight in the Great War. When he meets Bella, the girl who dresses like a man in order to Rebel for her beliefs, he quickly falls in love. But, she will have nothing of it-- until its too late. One of two stories to be updated every other day.

Alright. Here is how this is going to be. Welcome to the new story that will be updated every second day. Yes, that’s right. I have no idea if it will be all in journal entries as of yet, but I have written the next chapter for this PART and it is in Journal entries as well. Yes I said part. The thing is, that this is Part One of the story. There is going to be a Part Two posted tomorrow, and then continually updated every other day. All in all, every day there will be a chapter. This part from Edward’s POV, the other from Bella’s. It’s the same story-- but different perspectives, and because they are two completely different people there will be completely different events happening. For Bella, we will see the events and life of her and why she chooses her lifestyle. You will understand more as you read this. (Think of Midnight Sun and Twilight being Parts.. That is how this story is set up) Each chapter will have at least two entries, and if they are shorter, then of course there will be more to even it out. This chapter is rather short because it is meant to be a sort of prologue and I also was really excited to get this chapter posted up to get some honest feedback! That’s your job! I will tell you more as the story progresses. Make sure to add me to your author alerts so that you will know where to go to read my Bella story tomorrow, which will be posted up as a completely individual story. You will also understand why later on. Enjoy!

1. Chapter 1

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Chicago, Illinois

Journal Entry Number One.

June 27th, 1918

I was surprised to find myself exhausted when I arrived home this afternoon. My bones were tense, and my muscles were screaming at me. All this recent physical exertion has taken its toll on me. I would never stop though; I need this more than anything. I have to build up my strength if I even want the slightest chance to be accepted into the American Army. I could be a soldier! I love the sound of that. To be able to protect someone, or even the entire country. I can’t wait until Saturday when it will be my chance to appear in front of the highest ranking soldiers and prove myself to them.

The enlistment office has set up a tent downtown trying to recruit as many men as possible. Overseas, there is an even larger demand than ever before for more soldiers. We’re losing them fast. And I want to take part in the battle. My mother thinks I am out of my mind by doing this, that I’m not even eighteen years old. But, she knows, even because of my age -- If I do not fight with all my being to leave this country, people will think less of our family. Besides, it’s not like I will be turned down. Joshua said that the army is letting anyone sign up, even if they know for sure they are under eighteen. This is how badly they need soldiers. I’ve been seventeen a week, and I know this is enough to classify me as a man worthy enough to fight for his lady country.

Now I have been running through the parks like a madman trying to get my gangly body into shape for the past six months or so. I have wanted this that long!

The government suspects a huge battle to come-- the one Wilson believes will end the war. He said “Once lead this people into war and they will forget there ever was such a thing as tolerance”. And I will go into this war a free man, and exit it an even strong soldier.

Journal Entry Number Two: Dear God in Heaven let me have one more glance!

June 28th, 1918 noon

I did not go straight to sleep last night like I had planned, instead I crept out of our townhouse while my parents slept, ready to take on the night. It just did not end as I had planned either.

Joshua and I snuck into the local pub for a drink. Of course we were caught and forced to leave. If I was a soldier they would have let us in for sure, but for now I can deal with the injustice of the world. So, for the rest of the night we walked the streets wrecking havoc like any good seventeen year old man would do. Until we came upon a small rally going on out near the bridge. There had to be a good four dozen people crowded around, and Joshua and I had a hard time pushing our way to the front. We laughed as a broad man trued to push back ahead, but instead was pressed to the far back of the crowd. I realized we were out front of one of the old mills, now it was used to make care packages for the soldiers over seas. We watched as a bunch of anti-war believers threw rocks through the windows, and bottles full of gin with a lit rag inside followed. I knew we should leave, for we might get in trouble as well, but instead I watched while the building went up in flames. A few night workers flew out the door and into the night, yelling the worse profanity they could think of at the men. One of the boys turned around and yelled something back that I didn’t make out. What I did make out was that this boy with the hat and breeches was no boy at all. He had hips, a waist, and no Adam’s apple. This was a girl. I knew it, but no one else seemed to notice, or if they did, they didn’t care. She was laughing, and then her head turned and she made eye contact with me. The darkest and most unsettling brown eyes I had ever seen in my life. She barely gave me a second glance, focusing on me for a split second before turning back around to throw something else at the mill. Joshua grabbed my arm and tugged. “Come on, the policemen are coming.” He said. My instinct for survival took over, and Joshua and I ran from the crowd into the darkened street behind us. We were just in time, being passed by the police as they approached. Luckily, they did not take us as criminals, because they did not stop us.

Mother and Father were not awake when I arrived home, so I made it safely to my bed. While I tried with all my might to go to sleep, I could not. All I could think of was brown eyes, breeches, and rosy cheeks until exhaustion turned those thoughts into dreams.

Now I sit at my desk waiting for the telegraph that will announce that I am needed at the court house. It can’t be much longer now. Ah, there’s the door knocking. I will speak again soon. Until then,

Edward Mason