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Full Moon

Nessie leaves to go to a boarding school in England and leaves Jacob behind so she can have some space. But what happens when she realizes that she loves him? *Rated teen just in case!* **Thank you MRSBellaCullenBlack for this beautiful banner! You totally rock!** Jacob and Renesmee


17. Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

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So eventually after I forgave Jake, Aunt Alice decided that the next morning,bright and early, we had to finish shopping. We still had quite a few months, even if I didn't have a normal pregnancy. Grandpa Carlisle said at the rate the twins are growing, it should only take two, three months at the most. So I didn't understand why we had to finish shopping two months ahead of time. You never know with Aunt Alice. Sometimes I swear vampires can be on crack, and my example is Aunt Alice. Or if you can drink too many energy drinks. Who knows who the example is? If you guessed Aunt Alice, you are correct!

So after Jake and I finish carrying all my maternity clothes over to our house(which took quite a few minutes,) we were finally able to start getting ready for bed. I put on my soft, comfy pajamas and went to brush my teeth. It had only been earlier this morning I had found out I was pregnant. Only this morning that I found out my life would change forever, but in a wonderful way. I thought I had everything with Jake. Sure, we wanted kids, but not so early in our marriage. But now, I'm so happy it's now rather than later. I'll get two babies who I'll be able to teach and love.

After I finished my pondering over my life, I went into one of the baby rooms. There was already a rocking chair in there, and I walked over and sat down in it. I started thinking about how it will be after the babies are born. In a few months, I will be sitting in this chair with my three angels with me. Two in my arms, one right next to me looking adoringly at the two babies that are our flesh and blood. I felt my eyes start to close, and I drifted off to sleep thinking of how my babies would look. I vaguely remember Jake picking me up and carrying me to bed.

The next morning, I woke up next to Jake. I heard the doorbell ring, and I looked at the clock on the bedside table. Five am it read. So Aunt Alice wasn't kidding about bright and early. I tried to wake up Jake by gently nudging him, but that wouldn't work. I started kissing his face, and he still wouldn't wake up. So I pushed him off the bed. As he hit the floor, he looked shocked. Probably as shocked as I was that I was able to push my husband, a fairly strong guy, off the bed. I got up, kneeled next to him, barely kissed his lips, and whispered,"You wouldn't wake up. Time to go shopping."

I went to let Aunt Alice in and told her it might take an hour to get ready. She looked irritated. Some of us need to sleep, and probably shouldn't be woken up at five am. But of course she wouldn't know that, with her being awake 24/7. I think I should make a sleep pill just for vampires, and Aunt Alice can be my lab rat!

When Jake and I were finally ready, she got really perky. What has shopping done to my poor Aunt? And once again, we sped off towards the mall. Shoot me now, I beg of you!

When we got to the mall, I was starved. I am eating for three after all. So we went to the food court first, and I got a pretzel, a Gatorade, and an ice cream. Pretzel for baby number one, Gatorade for baby number two, and ice cream for me.

After I finally finished(well more like Aunt Alice stole everything from me and said I was finished,) we walked into Baby Gap. Aunt Alice helped us choose out clothes. She liked the more,"Look at me, I'm rich," whereas I liked the ones where my babies would actually be comfortable. We compromised and bought both kinds. Since Aunt Alice couldn't see into the future and determine what gender the babies were, we bought plenty of clothes for both genders.

After we finished, we walked into a store that sold decorating supplies. Since there were three rooms, we decided one would be where the cribs were, and the other two where each baby will sleep later on. Since I had a motherly instinct there was one of each, we bought a zoo design for the babies' room, a butterfly design for the girl's room, and a sports design for the boy. After we were finally done after six hours, we decided we should probably get home so we could start decorating.

After about two hours, the babies' room was done. Aunt Alice had painted an elephant on the wall, and everything looked perfect. A few hours later, and we had finished all of the rooms. I felt closer to my babies, even if it would still be a few months. Aunt Alice left, and Jake and I went to our room. Jake sat down on the bed and pulled me over to him. I started to kiss him until he pulled away. He laid me down on the bed and then laid down next to me.

"What should we name our little rascals?" he asked as he started kissing my tummy. I could get used to this.

"Well, if I am correct, which I usually am, we have to come up with a name for a boy and a girl," I simply said.

"Answer the question," he laughed.

"Well, for the girl I was thinking Tiffini Kate Rose," I suggested. I had been looking online for names, and Tiffini meant manifestation of God and Kate meant pure. All perfect meanings for a perfect girl.

"And do you mind if I say the boy's?" Jake asked. I agreed, waiting to hear what he came up with.

"How about Damen Alexander?" Wow, I thought he would suggest Billy Bob or something else really weird, but that was a good name! I nodded my head enthusiastically. I stifled a yawn, but Jake noticed.

"Go to bed. We won't be interrupted in the morning by Alice. Hallelujah, because I couldn't stand two major shopping trips!" Jake put his head on my stomach, murmuring things to the babies. I felt the battle between sleep and keeping myself awake. There was soon a winner. I heard Jake's voice in the back of my head as he bonded with out children. And with that, I closed my eyes, enveloped by waves of happiness.