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Full Moon

Nessie leaves to go to a boarding school in England and leaves Jacob behind so she can have some space. But what happens when she realizes that she loves him? *Rated teen just in case!* **Thank you MRSBellaCullenBlack for this beautiful banner! You totally rock!** Jacob and Renesmee


18. Stupid Banana Split

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A month had gone by since I had found out I was pregnant. I was huge, but Jake still thought I was cuter than Rachel Ray. He says his love grows everyday because he has the perfect wife and his children on the way.

Grandpa said only a few more weeks, or days, until the babies would come. Grandpa kept changing the due date back and forth, so it was never really sure. Most people would be scared and nervous, whereas I was counting down the days. Tiffini and Damen better get here soon, or else I won't be able to handle the wait anymore.

Everyone loved the names Damen and Tiffini. They asked if Tiffini's middle name was inspired by Aunt Kate. I never thought of that! No wonder I loved the named Kate so much; we do see them once a year.

After multiple(more like a hundred) shopping trips with Aunt Alice, we had enough clothes to give to all the babies in Forks, Port Angeles, and Seattle. Now all we needed were the babies to come since everything was all ready.
One afternoon, Jake and I were sitting on the couch in the living room, flipping through channels on the TV. Everyone,except Emmett and Rosalie,were also in the living room with us. I suddenly got a craving for something yummy.
"Jake, can you get me something to eat? Please?" I said with the sweetest tone.
"Sure," Jake said, standing up, "What would ya like?"
"Um...how about a...banana split. Yep. That sounds super good right now."
"Okay, one banana split comin up!" Jake said, then walked into the kitchen. I heard some rummaging around and some lids opening and closing. About three minutes later, he walked back into the living room with a big bowl and a spoon. He handed it to me with a loving smile.
"Thank you," I looked down at my split and my smile faded.
"Is there something wrong with the banana split, Nessie-bear?" Jake asked me, his voice concerned.
"No, there’s nothing wrong....Except that there are pineapples in my split," I said, irritated.
"But the last few times we had splits you said you like having pineapples on your splits."
"Well I don’t like them anymore."
"How am I supposed to know if you don’t like them anymore? You never told me this!"
"We’re married! You should know these kind of things about me! What kind of husband are you?!" I practically shouted at Jake.
"Renesmee, you can’t blame Jacob on not knowing your likes and dislikes lately," Grandpa Carlisle cut in. Probably to make sure I didn't kill Jake or anything, "You’re having many different mood swings and cravings right now because of your pregnancy, so it’s hard to tell your likes and dislikes."
"But still! He should have asked me if I wanted pineapples or not," I stood up and set the split down on the couch, "Since I’m having mood swings and cravings, he should know that I might not like what I liked before."
"Nessie, you’re-"
"No! I don’t want to hear it, Jake!" I shouted, cutting Jake off mid-sentence.
"Renesmee! Calm down! Too much stress can make the babies come earlier than expected," Grandpa Carlisle cautioned me.
"Well you better expect them popping out early, because Jake is making me really stressed out a lot right now!"
"Nessie, listen-"
"Jake! I told you I didn’t want to listen to you right now!" I cut of Jacob off for the second time in one conversation. "I decided that I don’t want to hear from any of you!" I yelled. I ran as fast as a girl pregnant with twins could up the stairs. When I reached the top of the stairs, Uncle Emmett was standing there.
"What’s wrong? You... look kinda pissed off," Emmett said to me.
"Just shut up!" I yelled at him.
"Jeez! Your pregnant-person hormones are out of whack right now!" Emmett said with a light expression, as if he was trying to joke around with me.
"Ugh! Get out of my way!" I yelled at him once again. I pushed him out of my way. I went to my room, but before I could slam the door, I heard Emmett mumble to himself, "Drama Queen!"
I screamed and slammed my door and locked it. I walked over to the window in the corner of my room, trying to calm myself down. I sat down on the ground,still in the corner,and thought of happy thoughts. It soothed me until I heard Emmett say downstairs to my family, "Yeah, she’s acting totally hormonal right now, so watch out!"
I screamed again, except this time it wasn’t because of what Emmett had said. It was for a whole new reason. I was alone, in a locked room, in the corner, on the ground, and my water had just broke.