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Full Moon

Nessie leaves to go to a boarding school in England and leaves Jacob behind so she can have some space. But what happens when she realizes that she loves him? *Rated teen just in case!* **Thank you MRSBellaCullenBlack for this beautiful banner! You totally rock!** Jacob and Renesmee


19. Tiffini Kate and Damen Alexander

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"Aw,shoot!" I whispered to myself. Of course I go into labor while I'm angry at everyone because of my dang hormones. I swear, I have the same luck my mother had while she was human. I'm hoping Jake and Grandpa are still downstairs.

I tried to get up a few times, finally able to on my third try. I slowly made my way over to the door, and eventually I was able to walk out of the room. I peered down the stairs, hoping I could see anyone on the couches. The angle I was at prevented me from seeing anything. I walked down a couple of stairs before I was able to see the other half of the living room.

"Thank God," I thought. Jake was sitting on the sofa, looking miserable. All because I didn't like the way he made my sundae.

"Jake," I whispered from the stairs. He looked up at the moment a contraction started. I bit my lip in hopes I wouldn't scream.

"Nessie, what's wrong?" I could tell Jake was starting to get scared.

"Babies....Coming," I hoped he was able to pay attention to what I just said. By the look on his face, he understood perfectly.

"Crap, Carlisle just left. He and everyone else just left to go hunting. But don't worry, I'll go get him," With that, he opened the back door and starting running towards the woods. I could hear him yelling Grandpa's name, and I hoped Grandpa was close enough that he could hear Jake. While I was looking for any signs of either of them, another contraction came. I fell to my knees on the floor. I had read plenty of books on knowing which positions help bring comfort, but it's so different when you're actually going through labor. I managed to get on my hands and knees and started breathing. After a few minutes of that, I heard footsteps out on the porch.

"Ness, you ok?" Let's think about this. I'm giving birth to twins. I'm six years old, and my husband is a werewolf, which might mean the babies are a third dog. So I'm guessing I'm not ok.

"I'm...fine. Just get me upstairs," Luckily, he picked me upstairs and carried me to the bedroom.

The next few hours were pure torture. I kept telling myself the reward at the end was going to be worth it. Half the time, I believed it. The other half, I was telling Jake that if I got pregnant again, I will kill him. Hopefully he knew it was just the way my mind was functioning at the moment.

After about five hours(which felt like five days,) Grandpa told me that it was time to start bringing the babies into my arms. After a few pushes and one of Jake's hands breaking, the babies were finally out. Grandpa gave me Tiffini, and gave Jake Damen(I told Jake that it would be a boy and girl. I'm always right.)

Damen was an exact mixture of Jake and I. He had Jake's hair and I could tell he would have the exact smile. He also had my nose and, when he opened his eyes, my eyes.

Tiffini, on the other hand, looked exactly like me(Jake's idea, not mine. I had to agree though.)

After Grandpa got myself and Jake's permission, he let my mom, dad, grandma, aunts, and uncles visit.

Everyone got to hold the babies. When it came to Aunt Alice's turn, she immediately started planning the party. She told all of us it would be tonight. She didn't listen when I told her I had just given birth. She told me I would be fine when the party started. Oh, Aunt Alice.


Luckily, my dear Aunt was correct. I felt like I had just slept on my muscles wrong. The only reminder that I had given birth today was my stomach. It was still like it had been when I woke up this morning.

Everyone was there. Billy, Seth, Leah, Emily, Sam, Claire, Quil, Jared, and Embry, just to name a few. I saw Billy have tears in his eyes when he got to hold his grandchildren. Heck, I had tears in my eyes when I saw he was so joyful to hold hid grandchildren.

At about eleven, people started to leave. As much as I love everyone, I really wanted to go home and sleep. My family all understood, and they all gave us long hugs. I was finally able to get Tiffini and Damen out of my family's arms.

After we put the babies in their room, Jake and I walked downstairs to the living room. I noticed that Jake hadn't said much since we got home. Usually, he would be talking my ear off. The only times he doesn't speak much is when he is upset or thinking about something deeply.

"Jake, what's wrong? Are you upset or something?" I hated when he wouldn't talk. It felt like he was mad at me or something.

"I'm just mad at myself," Now why in the world would he be mad at himself? I asked him that exact question.

"Our children might be puppies because of me! How are you fine with this?!" Okay, now he's just irritating me.

"And I our children might be vampires because of me! But they are still our flesh and blood! We will love them no matter what, understand?" He simply nodded his head.

"We will get through this, Jake. There will be troubles and hardships along the way, but the love we share with our families and children will keep us strong," Guess my hormones hadn't returned to normal because I started crying. Jake kissed me, and picked me up and cradled me against his chest. I fell asleep, knowing our lives will never be normal, but if we love each other, we can do anything.

We'll take everything slowly but surely. We'll take small steps towards our destination, and we'll see the sunrise. Everything will turn out for the better. And that's all I'm asking for.

Life's a climb...but the view's great- The Hannah Montana Movie

I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all- Need You Now- Lady Antebellum