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Full Moon

Nessie leaves to go to a boarding school in England and leaves Jacob behind so she can have some space. But what happens when she realizes that she loves him? *Rated teen just in case!* **Thank you MRSBellaCullenBlack for this beautiful banner! You totally rock!** Jacob and Renesmee


20. Full Moon

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The next day was on that I will never forget. It was early in the morning when they came to visit. We were all at Grandpa Carlisle's house, except for Jacob who was off doing who knows what. I didn't know who they were when they came, but I will never forget what happened. It was only a small clan of vampires. Their names were Mira, Peter, and Traherne. Mira and Peter were mates, but when we asked Traherne if he had a mate, he just looked sorrowful and walked over to the window. Carlisle had first met them while hunting that morning. They were kind and calm compared to most vampires, and in fact one of them, Peter, was a doctor, like Carlisle. Peter and Carlisle couldn't stop talking. They talked for hours and hours. As soon as Alice saw how Mira dressed, she knew she had found her "long lost sister". I had say, Mira almost dressed better than Alice, but no one could ever defeat the fashion queen. Traherne stood in the corner quietly watching his surroundings. I sat on the couch holding Damen and Tiffini.

It was sometime in the afternoon that Peter said they needed to leave. That's when Jacob walked in. Mira, Peter, and Traherne all turned to look where the terrible smell was coming from at once. Mira and Peter looked confused as to why a werewolf was in a house full of vampires, but other than that they didn't seem too concerned. It was Traherne that shocked us all. He ran full force at Jacob. Before Jacob had anytime to react, Traherne sunk his poisonous fangs into Jacob's neck. He ripped and tore at Jacob's flesh obviously furious at Jacob for something. Peter and Mira were the first to react, jumping up and restraining Traherne.

I quickly ran to Jacob's side wondering what was going to happen to my beloved husband. He couldn't die! He was a father of two kids for goodness sake! I looked over his injuries. His right shoulder was badly torn and was bleeding severely.

Jake had been trying to fight Traherne of course, which only made things worse. There was blood everywhere, and it was being permanently etched into mind. Carlisle was assessing Jake's injuries, and I could tell from the look on his face it wasn't good. Jake being bit with vampire venom also wasn't helping anything either.

"Grandpa Carlisle, you know vampire venom is poisonous! What in the world can we do now for Jake?" I was panicking. I couldn't raise Jake's kids by myself! Heck, we have only been married for a little over a year.

"Really, nothing can be done. The injuries are too intense. I think we should try to wait it out and see how his body reacts to the venom. We have nothing to lose really," he looked sad saying this.

"So basically we are watching to see if he dies, right?" I was mad at Traherne for doing this to my family. Why the heck did he attack him anyway? I was about to get the answers...and maybe commit a murder.


"So what in tarnations compelled you to attack my husband? I'm just sort of curious why you attacked my husband enough that I don't know if he'll make it through the night?!" Traherne was lucky that my father, Peter, and Mira were there, or I would resort to manslaughter.

"You remember when you asked me if I had a mate? Well, I did, a while ago. Her name was Elise, and she was so beautiful. We had gone hunting one night because there was an overpopulation of grizzly bears, and she ran ahead of me; she was very fast. By the time I finally caught her scent, it was too late. She had apparently smelled human blood, and the wolves caught her before she could kill and drink. They didn't see her golden eyes, or else the outcome might have been different. I just found out the reason they killed her. Today actually. Your father told me after I bit your husband. I thought they just attacked her for no reason, and your husband looks like the guy who killed Elise right in front of me that I thought I should get revenge," he looked regretful for biting Jake that I knew I had to forgive him.

"I forgive you," Traherne looked surprised at this,"You didn't know that he was related to the man who killed Elise. It must have been his great-grandfather, and the resemblance is definitely there. But you better pray that he lives, or I might have to kill you as well."

He nodded his head in agreement, and I left to go check on Jake. Grandpa Carlisle had transferred Jake to a guest room upstairs and I could still faintly hear his heartbeat. I ran as fast as I could up to Jake, hoping to see if anything had changed. Grandpa Carlisle had left to give us some privacy, and I was shocked to see it had been a few hours since the incident had happened. I looked out the window, and I saw out of my peripheral vision that Jake's shoulder was healing. I quickly yelled for Grandpa, even though I knew he would've been able to hear me even if I had whispered. The anxiety had caused me to overreact. Maybe the venom wasn't killing him, maybe it was even transforming him into a vampire.

Grandpa quickly came into the room, saw Jake's shoulder healing, and started smiling. The look on my face must've showed my confusion, because he explained.

"Seth tells me that this is usually the critical time period. If they can get through it, they usually have at least a sixty percent chance of surviving the transformation, as well as being able to be a vampire that can transform into a werewolf."

"So this has happened before?" How could he know all of this if it hasn't ever happened?

"Only once before. I met him a while back; he lives in Germany. He got turned one night, and he lived through the transformation. His life is going well right now. He even met a vampire that came across him that loves him. Their names are Freddy and Marybeth, and they are both vegetarian vampires/werewolf."

"Will Jake be able to be around Tiffini and Damen or will him and I have to go to Denali?"

"Freddy was able to be around humans immediately without feeling blood-lust, and I believe that's how Jake will be as well."

"How long did it take Freddy to completely transform?"

"Freddy told me twenty-five hours. So Jake has about eighteen hours left."


Those eighteen hours took forever. Tiffini and Damen kept me from going insane from waiting for a while. I was able to get them bathed and dressed, played with them, and put them down for their nap before officially going crazy.

I was pacing outside the bedroom door when I heard Jake's heart stop. This can't be happening! He can't be dead! I ran into the room and saw Jake sitting up looking at me. I was curious why he was awake when I saw it had been eighteen hours. That meant I had been pacing outside of the door for about fifteen hours(minus bathroom and food breaks.)

The only difference about Jake now was the eyes. They weren't crimson red, more like brown with red specks. I would have to talk to Carlisle about that....

I was brought out of my heavy thinking when I felt Jake's lips crash to my own. We continued for kissing for about three minutes until Uncle Emmett decided to interrupt. After about a minute of Uncle Emmett's talking, Jake and I returned to what we had been doing before being rudely interrupted.


Jake was still able to transform into a wolf, like Freddy. Jake and Freddy actually met, and they are now friends. I also met Marybeth, and we soon became friends.

I still keep in touch with Sam and Emma, and I was actually Sam's maid of honor several months ago. She married this really sweet guy named Paul, and she is about four months pregnant. Emma is dating this guy from her childhood named Cody. He actually is planning on proposing to her in a few weeks!

I recently discovered that Jake and I can't have anymore kids. Grandpa explained that since I am now seven, my body was frozen like a vampire, so my body can't accommodate a baby. Not like Jake and I need anymore kids, we are already going crazy raising Tiffini and Damen. But we love every minute of raising them

We still see Traherne, Mira, and Peter about once a month. They live in Seattle, and they feel like family. Traherne met Tanya last time the Denalis and Peter and Mira came. I think I hear wedding bells!

Uncle Emmett and Rose just got married...again. They are on their honeymoon in the Czech Republic. Mom and Dad are always there for me and Jake, and are also emergency babysitters whenever Jake and I need some alone time. Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme are in Germany, restoring some houses. They see Freddy and Marybeth daily, and we often Skype them since they are staying with Freddy and Marybeth. Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper are in Paris, since Aunt Alice is starting a fashion line called "The Full Moon Series," since our lives are full like the moon.

And it will remain that way, no matter what trials we go through.