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Full Moon

Nessie leaves to go to a boarding school in England and leaves Jacob behind so she can have some space. But what happens when she realizes that she loves him? *Rated teen just in case!* **Thank you MRSBellaCullenBlack for this beautiful banner! You totally rock!** Jacob and Renesmee


6. Surprise

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Full Moon-Nessie-Part 6

It was hard to concentrate on my Mythology homework. I figured out to late that it was over werewolves. It was really late, so I decided to go to bed and skip the homework since today was Thursday and it wasn‘t due till Monday. I swear I saw Jacob watching me now and then, but then I thought, “I’m so tired I’m seeing the person I love!” I quickly fell asleep. And I dreamt, like usual, of me and Jacob together forever.

I looked at the bedside clock and saw that it was time for me to get up. I got ready for school, but then remembered they were letting us have the day off because of the dance being today. I still had to get ready. I’m on the decorating committee, but we don’t have to be there for another several hours. I decided I should do my homework since I had nothing else to do. I decided to do it out at the benches so I could get some fresh air. While I was walking, I saw many couples. I closed my eyes and tried to walk with my eyes closed until somebody tapped me on the shoulder. It was this boy in my French class named Trevor. He held roses in his hand and looked nervous.

“Hi, Nessie! “

“Hi! Can I help you with something?”

“I know it’s a little to late, but do you want to go to the dance with me?”

“I’m not going.” In truth I wasn’t. I had many boys ask me, but I wanted Jacob to be the one to ask me.

“OH! Well, okay. Take the roses anyway.” Trevor was sweet, but he was the complete opposite from Jacob. He walked away, and I headed to the benches. I smelled the flowers and pretended they were from Jacob, whom I kept seeing watching me from behind the trees. I plopped down on one of the benches and got my homework. The homework took me a while, because I felt like I was being watched and it reminded me of Jacob. I checked my watch and saw that it was time to go start decorating for the dance. I had worn my red blouse and black skirt because it was the closest thing I could find to my comfort zone of working in.

I got to decorating signs and hanging them up. I had to talk to my art teacher, Mrs. Smith, about how “Valentine’s day is my favoritest holiday,” and “I wish it was Valentine’s day everyday!” Blech! I had just finished hanging up the posters when couples arrived. I got up and pushed past everyone. There was a really, really, tall person, but I didn’t think much of it.

But then they grabbed my hand. It was a warm and soft and familiar hand. I didn’t turn because I was scared that if I did, he would disappear. But he pulled me closer, and I knew it wasn’t my imagination. We talked without words. We talked with our eyes, and then he kissed me. He pulled me onto the dance floor. I was glad that I wore a skirt at least for Alice when I told her.


“Jake! I love you!”

“As I love you.”

We left the dance floor when Mrs. Smith gave him an approval look. Ew! He took me outside under a Spruce tree. He pulled me onto his lap and started to kiss me. But I didn’t pull away, like usual. I reacted with intensity. We pulled away to breath. We tried to catch our breath, but it was hard. He still had me on his lap, and we watched the stars. And we were together. This night couldn’t get any better. Because my dreams came true. I was and will be with Jacob forever!