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Soldiers Without Guns: Bella's Side

Bella is a feminist and an activist against the Great War. She will do anything to make her voice heard. This boy, Edward Mason, has fallen for her, but she will resist! Until he leaves for war and she can do nothing but put on a uniform and follow him

Here is Part Two to my new story. No, it is not a sequel. If you have not read chapter one from Edward’s perspective go and read it now, it is called ‘Kissing the War Goodbye: Edward’s Part’ It will be updated every second day, so that means tomorrow. This part of the story will be updated every other day between. Does that make any sense? I spoke more about this in the other story.Read this one first or second, it doesn’t really matter. Enjoy.

1. Chapter 1

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Chicago, Illinois

The Day is June 27th 1918 and I am rather pleased with myself. I woke this morning in a daze, because I was up all night writing up the final draft of my letter in which I will be sending to Mr. Woodrow Wilson on the morrow. I am excited to hear of what he has to say, but I have the feeling that he will not answer. He is much to busy caring about the soldiers to care about the civilians.

The group and I are planning tonight to surprise one of the old mills downtown with a visit. The boys want to throw flames in the windows and I agreed pleasantly. I only made sure that they must be certain there are no people within the walls beforehand. I am the only girl of this group, but no one knows it except the members. To everyone else, I am another boy. What is the need to wear petticoats and skirts? Why must there be such a significant difference displayed between males and females. Men can wear what they please, and it is my hope that soon the same would be said about the ladies. Equality is our goal!

The girls and I, especially Rosalie, see it most important that the country and soon the world realize our importance to it. If it were not for us, not a one of these filthy men and soldiers would even be alive!

All day today was busy for my mother and I. She led me through the streets going to the largest boutiques to find me that perfect dress. The one that would make my future husband, who had to be extremely wealthy of course, swoon over his own feet.

“Eighteen is the perfect age for matrimony.” She has told me so many times.

I disagree, and when my mother turns to my father for support, he just shrugs his shoulders and says “Our Bella will marry when she sees fit, and to the man SHE believes is the fittest, now leave her alone and go.”

Turning to me again, Mother says: “The only way for you to get your dowry is to marry, you know.”

“Yes I know, but you can keep it. Give it to the poor for all I care. I will never marry.” Her ears turn red, she huffs, and then opens her mouth to speak again, but my father interjects.

“Go now, let her alone for now.” Mother leaves, her dress swishing behind her without touching the floor. “You not need to make her so tempered when you speak, Isabella.”

“Yes I know, but it is so much fun.”

“At first, but you are not the one that must share a bed with her.” He smiles and I know I love my father dearly.

My mother did not let it go, though, instead surprising me with a shopping trip! Oh how glorious to shop with your mother! I don’t think anytime in the future will this be seen as a happy act, and not an act of embarrassment.

When I arrived home it was just time for supper, so I ate quickly and made my way upstairs to my bedroom to dress. Not in woman’s dress, but instead I pull on a pair of boy’s breeches and a button up shirt, making sure I wraps my breasts to keep them flat. To top it off, I now wear my hair up in barrettes and a nice miners hat to cover it all. No one will be the wiser as to tell my true sex. Ah, there’s my tap at the window. The boys are here. This is going to be great fun. I will tell more of my adventure in the morning.

The Day is June 28th 1918 and I cannot wait to tell you about my night.

“This mill is not used to make care packages as most of you obedient civilians believe!” I screamed. Now, people were starting to make their way across the street from the hotel. “No this is a factory for making weapons of destruction! These weapons will destroy the world!” Now they began to whisper. I made sure to pull my hat down to cover my face in shadow.

“Your president wants you to be subordinate! He wants to make up all the rules. He says there is no war on our soil, that we must be in war in order to create a democracy. What is a democracy? To Mr. Wilson it is anarchy! It is capitalism, communism, and fascism piled into something he calls a government. There is war in our country!” Peter, our leader, yelled at the growing crowd. Georgie screamed in agreement. I couldn’t help but smile. Peter continued “Mothers, sisters, and grandmothers: do you want the children of this country to grow up wanting to use guns and tanks! Because in the system our leaders call education, it will be one of the first things they learn for the next thousand years! Think of the generations to come!” A woman cheered.

“This will not be the war to end all wars! This is the beginning of the destruction of civilization. This will lead to the destruction of the world! Let he who throws the first stone enter the world of righteousness.” I bellowed, leaning down to pick up a stone. Turning, I threw the rock into the highest window. It shattered, and was followed by cheers. My act was followed by a shower of stones and bottles.

Soon, the building was up in flames. The entire crowd was cheering it on. A few men ran from the building. One, a taller manager, looked me in the face and said

“The police have been notified of your sins!” He started to run off but I knew he heard what I said next.

“And God has known about yours! He will be waiting for you in the kingdom of heaven, He will not forget!” I turned, “let the police come.” I murmured to myself, smiling. I looked into the faces of the men and women in the crowd, but they didn’t see me. They were too far ahead of themselves as they watched the fire.

A boy my age was staring at me. He looked over my body once, meeting my eyes with a sly grin. I turned away, my cheeks red. I hope he wasn’t the only one who noticed that I was unlike the others. People began screaming that the policemen were arriving, and soon the crowd began to disperse. After that..

Oh, someone is at my window.

It’s Peter! I wonder why he has come in the middle of the day to call on me.

…He has asked for me to come with him! He has something important to tell me. Maybe it is about the kiss we shared last night. I will tell you everything soon. I must hurry.