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Soldiers Without Guns: Bella's Side

Bella is a feminist and an activist against the Great War. She will do anything to make her voice heard. This boy, Edward Mason, has fallen for her, but she will resist! Until he leaves for war and she can do nothing but put on a uniform and follow him

Here is Part Two to my new story. No, it is not a sequel. If you have not read chapter one from Edward’s perspective go and read it now, it is called ‘Kissing the War Goodbye: Edward’s Part’ It will be updated every second day, so that means tomorrow. This part of the story will be updated every other day between. Does that make any sense? I spoke more about this in the other story.Read this one first or second, it doesn’t really matter. Enjoy.

2. Chapter 2

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The Day is June 28th and nothing of considerable importance happened on this day.

But, I will tell you everything that happened last night when Peter arrived.

Firstly, when I opened the window he didn’t hesitate to try and climb in! I was appalled at the abruptness of his actions as if any day boys climbed through my windows. I pushed on his shoulder, keeping him outside. Luckily the ground wasn’t far down so he didn’t get hurt when his feet hit the ground. I looked down at him, shaking my head.

“You can’t come in here.” I whispered.

“No one has to know.” He tapped his fist against the wall.

“Don’t do that… come back tomorrow and we can go for a walk.” I started to turn away.

“I don’t want to go for a walk with you. Not after last night.”

I blushed. “Well that was only a kiss, it’s not like I’m going to marry you or anything.”

“No, you said you don’t plan on getting married.”


“You will be with me, Bella.”

“We’ll see.” I led him on, smiling. Then I closed the window and the curtain, ignoring his light knocking again. Eventually he stopped. I peeked out the window and he was gone. I took a moment to calm my breathing, not that he had any effect over my heart rate. I was just afraid of my parents seeing him at my window. They were still awake downstairs.

Diary, I do not see myself with Peter. And I know I go around saying I will never marry, but what will happen when I meet the love of my life? What then? Will I be able to deny him? I’m scared.

The Day is June 29th and what an evening I had!

I do not know where I should begin. I just feel like vomiting!

The green eyed boy from the mill that had watched me so closely was in my living room not even fifteen minutes ago. In my living room! It’s unbelievable. Was it a game for him to find me and tell my parents my secret hobbies? I just can’t believe he found me! And through my brother for goodness sake.

Peter had shown up at my window while I was at my desk writing yet another letter to the government. My mother had found one ‘accidentally’ this morning in my desk drawer and oddly enough, she was proud of me. She said she was pleased I was taking initiative to have my voice heard. I was so surprised that my mouth must have been hanging open like a dog while she spoke to me.

Of course Mother wasn’t in the room when Peter arrived. Gosh that would have been dreadful.

Peter told me to go for that walk with him.

“I meant during the day. I can’t go out after dark while my parents are still awake. Come back tomorrow.”

“You can’t keep telling me to come back tomorrow. Come out now, they won’t notice a thing.” He took his hand from behind his back, holding a bouquet of flowers. I smiled, warming to him.

“Come back in at midnight.” I whispered, taking the flowers from his hands. He nodded and turned away. I closed the window and brought the flowers to my nose as I watched his figure retreating.

I heard the front door downstairs open and close, and then a few excited voices. Apparently my brother had brought someone home. Of course at that point I had no idea who it was.

Placing the flowers on my beside table, I walked to the door heading to the stairs in order to fetch a vase from the hallway downstairs. On the way my mother called me from her room as I passed the doorway. I rolled my eyes and stepped into my parents room. She was going through her wardrobe. I passed the bed and stood behind her. Standing up straight, she piled a couple of bed linens into my arms.

“Hold these.” She murmured.

“Is that what you needed me for?” I asked.

“Yes and no.” She turned again and took them from me, placing them on top of one of her open drawers, she shut it afterwards and then looked me in the eye. “I’ve found you a job.”

I sighed. “Mother, I already told you that I don’t want one.”

“Yes, but I didn’t listen. Anyway, its downtown at the department store I take you to sometimes.” She wiped her fingers on her skirts and went to her bedside table and began going through her papers. I knew I wasn’t going to get out of this.

“What kind of job is it.” “It’s an ice cream parlour! Isn’t that cute? I think you’ll have so much fun.”


“You go on and on, Isabella, about how you believe ladies should have equal rights as men, and yet you will not take a job that puts you right up there. That’s a bit hypocritical, don’t you think?”

She had me. I could do nothing but frown, “Go get your father.” She finished, sending me from the room.

On the way down the stairs I caught a vase from on the banister. I heard my brother and father and the new friend in the living room, but I thought nothing of it. I walked into the room and told my father he was needed upstairs.

“I’ll be up in a moment.” I walked farther into the room and looked at Emmett, waiting for him to introduce me. He coughed in embarrassment and stood up. He introduced me to this Edward, and then Edward stood and looked at me.

The vase fell from my fingers. Anger rose in me! I had found me out as a game! He knew of what I had been doing the night before and decided it would be fun to put me to shame in front of my family. Bile rose up my throat and I wanted to spit it in his face. And then he grinned at me as if he could read my mind!

“Aren’t you going to give him your hand?” Emmett asked pleasantly. I barely heard him. I did the stupidest thing and asked him how he got here, already putting a tie to him in front of my father.

“I walked of course.” He said smartly, and I wanted to roll my eyes. He took my hand and brought it to his lips, I stopped breathing. And then my father asked if I knew him.

“No!” I spat too quickly, pulling my hand away. Everyone laughed as if it was something they saw every day. Never before have I had such a mockery made out of me.

After he left I came up to my room and had to tell you all this, Diary. I do not know who else to speak to.

Peter is going to be knocking on my window in a few hours, but I don’t think I have the containment to go out with him. Maybe if I do not answer he will get the hint and go away.

Until tomorrow,Bella