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Never Again Obey

This is my submission for the Novel Novice Challenge. Set during the interim weeks between New Moon and Eclipse. Edward is still feeling guilty about his unwise decision, when suddenly he receives a reminder of why he left.


1. Chapter 1

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Quickly sprinting back to Bella’s abode, I sat in my favorite chair, and waited for my one and only love to cease showering. Being unaccompanied with my thoughts did not prove a wise idea. The sting of leaving washed over me anew. It burned in my veins more than the deadly venom of so many years ago had. I once read that guilt was meant to be sucked up as if it were ambrosia. By now, I had become an expert at this dismal art.

In the background of my surroundings, I took notice of the sound of steamy cascading water. I focused on that petulant sound, relaxing my muscles individually. I cannot discern how long I stayed in that meditative state; soon I heard the distinctive sounds of bottles opening. A strawberry aroma drifted through the thin walls, into my nostrils, reminding me of my charming, soon-to-be fiancée.

Still feeling immensely guilty, and questioning my motives for parting with the perfect female last September, I heard the clip come off of Bella’s razor, and its distinctive sound, sliding up and down her skin; mixing the water and French vanilla shaving gel. It was intoxicating. Suddenly, I heard a low groan, and as a strong wave of freesia and lavender hit me, my reasons for leaving did as well.

Bella had accidentally cut herself, again. I could picture the copious crimson juice scurrying down her leg, and swirling into the drain, through the unknowingly fortunate pipe. Venom coursed through my mouth as images of her dreadful birthday party rose like unwanted phantoms from a black pit. My family’s looks; my own bloodlust; my fear; Alice’s vision; Esme’s worry; Rosalie’s indifference; and finally Jasper’s instinctive, overwhelming desire to attack, to annihilate. That had been the most fear-provoking day of my entire existence. What should have been an exuberant occasion had turned into a scene from the freakishly disturbing mind of Alfred Hitchcock.

The scent of blood still perfumed the air with its rapturous scent. I sucked in a breath of this divine aroma, feeling my throat set afire in doing so. It was an acute reminder of my true nature. I gloried in the throbbing; I was such a masochist! My thoughts followed this vein, until the reassuring sound of running water suddenly came to a standstill.

Minutes later, my darling Bella bounded into her room, searching for me with glowing eyes, and outstretched arms. I pulled her into an embrace and carried her bridal style to the small bed, wrapping her in Grandma Swan’s patchwork coverlet.

“Miss me much?” My love inquired worriedly. Did she still doubt my attachment to her?

Does a starving man miss food? Yes, very much, my beloved.” I replied.

“Excellent.” Bella yawned, kissed me, and lay down. I commenced the humming of her lullaby, and she drifted out of consciousness, leaving me to my self-deprecating musings. She could never discover the thoughts that possessed me during her sleeping hours. She was so lovingly selfless that she would insist on going without sleep.

During the night I unconsciously tightened my arms around Bella’s fragile torso. Then and there, I promised myself that no matter how many of my thoughts drug me away from her brilliant personality, I would never again obey their call.