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Make your own banner at MyBannerMaker.com!" alt="sunset" title="Sunset" width="66" height="30">it was fate that united EJ Black and Blaire Young. However destiny threw obstacles in their way and it would be difficult for them to overcome everything! set 25 years after Breaking Dawn join our favorite caracters as they overcome yet other difficulties.They are all there..so read and find out! Dedicated to Karen..love you!

one of my best friends(karen who is just as crazy about Twilight as i) once said she read mostly ''wha ifs'' so i was wondering what she meant by that! what if what? so i was thinking crazy stuff:what if a) Bella had died before being transformed,b)Jasper was gay!,c)Alice lost all her credit cards on a shopping spree,d) there were other mythical creatures. a)=too depressing.b)too funny,c)=too awful,d)=i was laughing as i thought about throwing trolls,unicorns and Harry Potter along the cullens path..but...omg.. this might work..so read and find out! also i know the fiest chap seems too far fetched and crazy...but i know you'll like the rest!

2. Weirder and weirder

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Chapter 2: Another weird encounter

I walked around the corner of Marshfield High office desk. First day and I was already late. I was already regretting the two months of holidays. Thanks Blake, I thought as I hurried on. My twin brother had spent hours on end dressing up and grooming himself. As if he needed it!. Being a ‘merman’ meant that people would be drawn to him no matter what and so there was no need to try to look better.

As I went in line with the others to collect my time table, I noticed that Blake and Justin, his best friend, were further behind me. Justin caught my eye and sent me a knowing glance. Ugh… I shuddered. I fought the wave of nausea threatening me. Since the beginning of holidays Justin had been hitting on me.

“Please…could you move on?”

I smiled apologetically at the girl behind me and moved on quickly. The line was moving at a fairly fast pace. I observed the faces of those who would be my fellow class mates for another year. I knew most of them from the previous year. Freshmen year had been boring with the usual school drama of who went out with whom. In fact I was quite happy about that. I had my own load of unusual events and high school routine was fine by me.

“Hey Blaire!”

I cringed on hearing my name coming from the lips of Jenifer Stamps. Why she kept bragging on our supposed friendship was beyond logic. I perceived only animosity and envy emanating from her. Also, she seemed to not realise I was perfectly happy on my own and had no want to join her ‘club of beautiful girls’. I snickered on remembering the club’s stupid name and wondered if their conversations were as shallow. She took my laugh for a smile and waved. I slightly lifted my hand and duck my head.

I laughed again as I saw her leave her place in line and weave her way towards Blake. If there was one thing my brother and I had in common, it was our dislike of Jennifer. Blake preferred dazzling young does and Jenifer’s overbearing attitude got to him in a bad way.

Suddenly I heard a small commotion behind them. The first thing I noticed was Merton Spluneski, the class klutz, lying on the floor. Then I heard a familiar laugh. Finally I noticed a group of people walking to the end of the line.

They were the same persons I had seen at the beach one week ago.

Lunch time. I walked across the school cafeteria towards a quiet spot. I juggled one handed with an apple as I took a sip from my water bottle. In public we only consumed vegetal products and water. Most people thought we were vegetarians. If only they knew!

The morning had gone smoothly. I had had a few classes with the newcomers. With gossip working faster than humans were able to swim, I had even learned who they were: foster kids. Dr Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme adopted children. Two of the persons from last week were not there and I was still wondering if they could possibly be Carlisle and Esme even though they looked too young to be parents!

I had been in the same maths class as the petite brunette, Alice. I had shared English with the red haired guy Edward and his girlfriend Isabella. They seemed to be the perfect couple, totally in love with each other. However my sensible ears had caught him laughing for no apparent reason a few times and I was wondering at his sanity. I had also had Spanish with the breathtaking Renesmee (what kind of name was that?). One thing was sure: they were all very smart. As if they had prior notice of this year’s program.

The others were; Jacob and Seth Black, Rosalie and Jasper Hale, and Emmett. Even though I had been aware that most of them were in couples, corridor whispers had made me realise whose name was linked with whom. Rosalie and Emmett, Jasper and Alice, Jacob and Renesmee, Edward and Isabella. So that meant that Seth had been the one who had seen me at the beach. Strange that the Cullen’s adopted children ended up together.

I heard stage whispers and looked up. Alice and Jasper were entering while holding hands. They made a cute couple I thought. Jasper seemed twice the size of Alice and she kept looking up at him with adoring eyes. I went back to my book the host. I loved reading supernatural stuff and liked the futuristic ideas of the plot. However I could not concentrate with so many whispers about the Cullens around me.

I heard someone clear his throat and looked up…into the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen.

“Hmm…hi! Would you mind if I sat with you?”

I felt myself blush as Seth Black glanced down at me. He had a beautiful voice too, pure and sincere. He continued starring and I realised that he was waiting for my answer. I nodded stupidly still blushing. Since when did I blush? And why would he want to sit with me? Oh yes…the ‘charm’. He was most likely under the influence of my unasked for charm. I was debating using it to seduce him, for once then mentally slapped myself. I had promised myself to never use that gift of nature on innocent humans to my advantage.

His platter was laden with food but he was not eating. He was looking at me as if he was waiting something from me. I was also perceiving such intense feelings from him that I was uncomfortable.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” I asked.

He blinked and sat frozen for a while. Yep…definitely the charm. That was why I rarely spoke. Humans were immediately under the spell of my voice whenever I opened my mouth. It took time for them to get used to it and so be less attracted. He glanced down at his tray puzzled then looked up.

“ Have I seen you before?” he asked abruptly with an intense expression. A cliché phrase, but I knew he had really seen me. Oh man…if he remembered my face from last week I was in trouble.

“No I don’t think so.” I replied.

“Oh…are you sure?”. He felt doubtful but likely to swallow any lie.

“Yep!” I replied as convincingly as I could.

“Alright then maybe I should introduce myself, I am E.J Black.” ha said with a breathtaking smile.

Oh my! I was going to faint… Wait had he said E.J?I thought his name was Seth.

“…and you are?” he continued realising I was making no move to return the favour.

“I am Blaire Young.” I replied in a squeaky voice.

I heard him whisper my name with some kind of fascination. This was getting creepier by the second. My supposed charm had never affected a human in this way!

“ I am really happy to know you Blaire” he said fervently. Well good for you!

I was wondering if I should laugh or feel scarred. But strangely I felt attracted to him. Must be hormones. On the other hand he was very good looking so I could understand that any girl would feel great with such an handsome guy at her table. I looked at him more closely. He was very cute with dimples when he smiled. He was not as dark coloured as his brother Jacob but his obvious Native American origin gave him a wild look that was deeply appealing to me. His black hair was cut short but long enough that I wanted to reach out and push my fingers through them. He was muscular, not as muscular as that Emmett guy but he seemed very strong. His clothes were nice too. Designer origin and exuded wealth. I heard a buzzing sound which distracted my perusal.

“Your phone is ringing” I said on seeing his jacket pocket vibrate. He glanced down and pulled the small black device from his pocket.

“It’s Rose.” he mumbled and turned around in his seat.

I then noticed that his family was seated a little further from us. The blonde girl, Rosalie, kept sending me hostile vibes and was throwing angry glances at us both. Emmett was laughing while holding her waist as if to stop her from getting up. They were the only ones watching us, the others were all looking in different directions. Strange.

“Why aren’t you sitting with your family?” I asked out of curiosity.

“ I wanted to meet you.” he replied passionately.

I was taken aback. why did ha have to say everything with so much emotion…I laughed nervously.

“Really? Why?”

“Because I lo-” he stopped. “ I like you…you are very beautiful.” he finished with regret.

Regret? Maybe I was wrong…

But like every mermaids I perceived feelings easily even though I did not have the answer to what provoked them.

I analysed those I perceived from him. They were very strong. Stronger than anything I had ever felt…love? Could you fall in love in such a short period? And even that word was not enough to describe his feelings…

Just then the bell rang and I felt grateful and frustrated at the sound. I was grateful because all those feelings were frightening me and frustrated because I wanted to understand them but could not. I stood up and picked up my bag. I saw him stand up too and walk to get rid of his tray. I fished for my timetable and hurriedly made my way towards my chemistry class.

“Can I carry your bag?”

I looked up. Sure enough E.J was beside me and reaching for my right shoulder. How had he reached me so fast? I glanced down at my bag and up at him. I smiled as I thought about the humiliation if he carried my hot pink bag with glittery dead skull stickers all over it. Poor guy had a crush on a girl with a warped sense of humour.

“No it’s okay, I can manage”

He continued to walk beside me. If not for the charm I would have thought the guy to be a stalker! I let out a sigh of frustration.

“Is my presence disturbing you” he asked, hurt.

I felt bad about hurting his feelings.

“No…it’s just that…don’t you have class somewhere else?”.

The hurt did not leave his eyes.

“No… I have Chemistry with…” he picked out a paper from his trouser pocket, “Mrs Esposito.”

I blushed with shame. That guy was wreaking havoc with my emotions.

We walked in silence and entered class. We were among the first ones and so had plenty of seats to choose from. I sat in the middle as usual to not draw attention. Not to close…not too far. E.J was looking longingly at the seat next to mine, left unoccupied. I did not mind him sitting next to me but I did not want to encourage his feelings.

I felt dread as I saw Jenifer coming through the door. I had endured her incessant blabbering as she had forced her way to sit besides me in English. I had felt the urge to run away screaming. Her face lit when she saw me.

Out of instinct for survival I grabbed E.J’s hand as he was about to walk past me. Wow…he was hot! Literally his skin was burning. Was he sick?

I did not finish that thought as his eyes sought mine and his hot chocolate gaze transformed me into a puddle.

“Bee!” I heard Jenifer screech.

Focus…oh yes…survival. I opened my mouth.

“Mmm E.J …do you want to sit with me?”

I felt my heart spread as wide as his grin when I said those words.