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Make your own banner at MyBannerMaker.com!" alt="sunset" title="Sunset" width="66" height="30">it was fate that united EJ Black and Blaire Young. However destiny threw obstacles in their way and it would be difficult for them to overcome everything! set 25 years after Breaking Dawn join our favorite caracters as they overcome yet other difficulties.They are all there..so read and find out! Dedicated to Karen..love you!

one of my best friends(karen who is just as crazy about Twilight as i) once said she read mostly ''wha ifs'' so i was wondering what she meant by that! what if what? so i was thinking crazy stuff:what if a) Bella had died before being transformed,b)Jasper was gay!,c)Alice lost all her credit cards on a shopping spree,d) there were other mythical creatures. a)=too depressing.b)too funny,c)=too awful,d)=i was laughing as i thought about throwing trolls,unicorns and Harry Potter along the cullens path..but...omg.. this might work..so read and find out! also i know the fiest chap seems too far fetched and crazy...but i know you'll like the rest!

3. family ties

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Chapter 3: Family ties.

I was waiting impatiently for Blake in the school parking lot, standing in front of our car. It had been our sixteenth birthday gift, a few months ago and was more an handicap since I always had to wait for Blake even when I was the one driving!

“Blaire.” I heard a now familiar voice whisper. I smiled as E.J came towards me. It was finally a good thing that Blake was late…

I had had a great week. E.J was finally a nice enough guy…Who was I kidding? He was the most wonderful guy I had ever met! I felt always good around him and my favourite moments of the day would be lunch, and chemistry, and moments between classes where he would come and walk with me. I had realised he was funny, charming, attentive and always polite. I had soon regretted my first impression as I had discovered his fascinating personality.

However we had not moved from our initial friendship stage. Sometimes I would catch him watching me intensely and I could feel the regret emanating from him. I was still unsure if I could handle a relationship with anyone and feared that I would deceive him. I felt such strong feelings from him and knew that any romance would be very intense emotionally. But I could not tell him my secret and that was what held me back. I knew that no matter what he said he was always honest with me and I felt bad about not being able to do the same.

I glanced up at him as he approached. I had to throw back my head to see his face whenever we were closer.

“So, what are your plans for this week end?” he asked nonchalantly. I smiled. Since the first day he had been trying to act less emotional but he did not fool me.

I felt a slight shiver as the wind picked up. He reached out and took my cold fingers in his very warm hands. That was just another thing I liked about him: whenever we were out in the cold he would warm my hands. I thought that was so sweet!

“Nothing planned.” I replied. I was secretly hoping he would ask me out.

“Really? Then do you want to go somewhere with me tomorrow?” he asked with a convincing smile.

“Yes…that would be nice.” I said happily.

He waved as his family approached. Their black Mercedes was next to my red Berline Cruiser.

The beautiful Renesmee came forward. She looked at me and I felt affection from her. How odd, I thought.

“Hi, I am Nessie, I am so happy to meet you officially.” she said enthusiastically.

She did not give me time to reply before wrapping me in a big hug. Definitely weird.

“Nessie.” I heard Edward warn with a chuckle.

She released me immediately and smiled her apology.

“I’m sorry.” she added.

I nodded and turned towards the rest of the Cullens. Up close they were even more beautiful. I tried a tentative smile towards each member while analysing their feelings. Renesmee being the closest I felt her happiness first. Little Alice was frustrated. Rosalie was hostile, but that was not new. Emmett was good humoured somehow bored with slight anticipation. Jasper was happy, bored, hostile, frustrated and unsure… I felt my head ready to explode. How could he juggle so many feelings at the same time? I concentrated on Isabella but did not perceive anything from her…either she was completely indifferent or she had easy control on her feelings! Jacob was unsure and that was the most rational feeling I had felt till now. I finally took in Edwards feelings… Something about me puzzled him. I wondered what.

I wondered at E.J’s family members’ sanity. They were all extreme in their feelings and that shocked me. Also, my ‘charm’ seemed to have no effect on them which was a first since I did not know them long enough for them to get used to it.

Alice detached herself from Jasper and came forward too.

“So what are you guys up to?” she asked. She had such a beautiful voice…I again wondered if she could be-.

“I was about to ask Blaire if she wanted to go to the beach with me.” I heard E.J reply.

I panicked at that thought. Suddenly visions of E.J being horrified by my sight in my mermaid form assaulted me.

I heard someone’s sharp intake of breath and looked up. Everyone was watching Edward who was staring at the ground.

“ Excuse me. I forgot to tell Mrs Robinson something. Bella could you accompany me?” he said.

Isabella stared at him for half a second before nodding. They both walked away in silence.

The others watched them go before looking at each other intently as if to send mental messages. What was it with those people?

E.J was the only one not paying attention. He was still focused on me…waiting. The beach…how to say no? Oh yes! Allergies.

That was our old excuse about why we never went to the beach with other humans. I cleared my throat.

“Umm… I’m really sorry…but I’m allergic to sea water.” Even that small lie was difficult for me to say.

“Oh…” he said, obviously disappointed. “ but we can go somewhere else. You can come over to our house.” he said hopefully.

Before I could reply, Rosalie interrupted.

“No she can’t! you can’t bring in total strangers in our house!” she protested hotly. However even when she scowled she was beautiful…

“Babe stop overreacting,” Emmett said. “ she’s not some weird clumsy girl prone to unlikely reactions…aww it sucks when Bella isn’t around to hear my taunts…” he finished frustrated. They all laughed at the private joke.

“Well she is not a stranger anyway Rose.” E.J said.

“Look I do not want to pose a problem. Anyway-”

“No! you must come!” this time it was Renesmee who interrupted me. “You must absolutely meet Carlisle and Esme. Esme has been dying to meet you.”

Suddenly they all burst out laughing. Renesmee turned around puzzled. Alice leaned towards her.

Dying” I heard her whisper. Renesmee joined in the laughter.

I watched mystified. Their reactions were beginning to scare me.

Rosalie took a step towards us and grabbed Renesmee’s arm. She dragged her backwards. She lowered her voice but I knew I would hear her anyway. I composed my face into an indifferent mask and listened in with curiosity.

“Are you crazy!” I heard Rosalie say speedily. How could she talk so fast? “Do you want to expose us all. Do you want us all to get killed?” she said with a steely voice. Why would they all get killed?

“Rose stop being so dramatic,” Renesmee replied. “last time you were like that you could have all nearly killed Bella.”

“Yes and if they had listened to me and killed her our lives would have been so much easier.”

I tried my best not to show my shock at hearing those words. I saw Alice give me a smile before stepping back.

“Rose will you stop talking nonsense. E.J loves her and even though I can’t see where this is all taking us, his happiness is what counts. As for killing Bella you know full well that was never an option!” Alice muttered under her breath.

Where the hell had I landed myself? A wannabe Romeo and psycho Barbie! As nice as E.J seemed I was seriously considering ‘to hell’ with Blake and drive out of this place before psycho Barbie suggested killing me!

Then my eyes met E.J’s …the sweetest eyes ever…and as always I melted.

Edward and Isabella made their way back to us. Both their faces were blank. I saw Edward stop barely two seconds near Rosalie but enough time to say:

“ I would be most grateful Rosalie if you never again uttered the words ‘kill’ and ‘Bella’ in the same sentence.” his voice was low but the warning behind them was obvious.

Now I was curious about how he had heard that. My first impression that those creatures were not totally human came to me.

Isabella stepped towards me and smiled. I was momentarily dazzled.

“Blaire please excuse our behaviour,” she began in a soft voice. “we are very emotional people and tend to forget our manners in public.”

I wondered at her choice of words. That was an understatement!

“We would really like to invite you at our house tomorrow. Our parents would be really pleased to meet you.” Edward said behind her.

“Yeah! E.J’s been speaking non-stop about you. Blaire’s hair, Blaire’s voice, Blaire’s skin.” I felt my face heat at Emmett’s words then saw E.J throw himself at him. They both landed a few feet away. “hey she even blushes…you got yourself a prize.” Emmett continued unrepentant.

I heard E.J growl and saw him shake strangely. Oh my! Was he epileptic or something?

Then suddenly he calmed down. They both laughed as they straightened up. He walked back to where I was standing still shocked. I heard him murmur something like: “thanks Jazz.”. He cupped my face and looked at me intently. Was he going to kiss me? I wished yes!

“I’m really sorry Blaire, Emmett has no sensible fibre in him.” He released my face. I felt disappointment.

“So do you want to come tomorrow?”

Was he kidding? After the weird reactions of his family… I thought about a polite way to say no…

“Yes, I’d really like that.” What the heck? Did I have no control over my own mouth?

“Great! I’ll pick you up at eleven, is that time convenient?”

I nodded stupidly.

He was about to say something when Blake emerged from behind the school building with Barbara Stamps. Poor girl did not know she would be dumped in less than a week.

“ Hey Bee, mind if we drop Barb at her house? She missed the school bus. By the way sorry we are late, we were-” .

“No problem.” I cut him off. I did not want to know what they were doing behind the school.

“Okay then. You drive.” and he tossed me the car keys. I grabbed them in mid air and let out an angry sigh.

The Cullens were watching our exchange. It would be rude not to introduce Blake.

“Hmm, this is my twin brother Blake.”

I turned towards Blake to return the favour but he was busy suckling at Barbara’s neck noisily. I huffed, disgusted. I knew why Blake would want me to drive while he made out with ‘Barb’ in the backseat. He dragged her to the car and they both climbed in.

“Coming Bee?!”

I resisted the urge to tell him to stop calling me that. I turned and smiled apologetically at the Cullens and waved before stepping into the car. I rolled my eyes on seeing that Blake was already fondling Barbara. I threw one lance glance towards E.J and felt as much regret as him.

That night I could not help myself from smiling as I applied a coat of nail polish on my toenails. When I went to swim it would wash out as I changed appearance but tomorrow E.J would be able to see my blood red toenails in my favourite pair of pink sandals. I picked my bottle of varnish-.

Wait a second! He would not see my toes if he would not see me. And he would not see me if he did not know where to pick me up! I had forgotten to give him my address. I was tempted to feel relief at not having to face his family-mostly Rosalie- but I felt the urge to see him.

I pulled out my fuchsia and black(author moment: I know what you think ’pink urgh’) cell phone from my school bag and flipped it open. I scrolled till I found his number. I had never used it before . I was debating calling him. I wanted to hear his voice but at this hour he might be having dinner so I decided to send him a text message.

hi sorry 2 disturb U…I did not give u my add…

I pressed the send button. what if I had wrongly entered his number?

Two seconds later he replied:

It’s all right, I checked in the directory. How are you?

I smiled, even in sms he used formal language. I began to reply when I felt my phone vibrate. Oh my! He was calling me. What should I do?

I fumbled as I hit the send button.

“ Urgh… hi!” I said breathlessly.

“Hello…am I disturbing you?”

“No!…in fact I was going to call you but thought you were probably eating or something…”

I heard him laugh on the other end.

“No, I’m not doing anything actually”

“Oh okay” I settled myself more comfortably against my pillows.

“And what about you? What have you been doing?” he asked with a playful tone.

It was my turn to laugh.

“Stupid stuff…I was putting nail polish on my toes.” I should have lied and said something more interesting than that!

“What colour?”

Well seemed like the subject interested him…

“Red.” I replied shyly. As to why I felt shy…I did not know.

“Sexier than pink and skulls” he commented laughing . I laughed along.

“So you noticed…?”

“Hard to miss with so much pink and skeletons decorating your school things.”

I burst out laughing.

Blake barged into my room unannounced . I knew he would not leave me to finish my conversation in private.

“Hmm…I’m sorry, I’ve got to go okay?” I said with regret.

“No problem Blaire, I’ll pick you up tomorrow. Good night…”

“Yes, see you tomorrow. G’night.”

I closed my phone and looked up. Blake was watching me. Hostility flowed in waves.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Who was it?” he demanded.

“A friend.” I replied. He had no business trying to bully me!

“That guy back at school? I noticed you were hanging out with him a lot!” he reproached.

I was stunned that he had even noticed.

“And why would that be your problem? You screw every girl around and get mad because I hang out with one guy!”

“You two! Stop fighting!” I heard my mother say from my parents’ bedroom.

I tried to calm down.

“Why don’t you just go out with Justin? At least he is like one of us.”

I ignored him.

“What do you want Blake?” I asked with a strained voice. He was hitting on a bad nerve.

“I wanted to ask you if you could suggest to Barb over buying more exciting underwear. She wears those ugly white cotton bras-”

“Get out before I hit you!” I said on a very low tone. I could not believe I had thought E.J’s family to be weird. But most of all I could not believe this jerk shared my DNA.