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Make your own banner at MyBannerMaker.com!" alt="sunset" title="Sunset" width="66" height="30">it was fate that united EJ Black and Blaire Young. However destiny threw obstacles in their way and it would be difficult for them to overcome everything! set 25 years after Breaking Dawn join our favorite caracters as they overcome yet other difficulties.They are all there..so read and find out! Dedicated to Karen..love you!

one of my best friends(karen who is just as crazy about Twilight as i) once said she read mostly ''wha ifs'' so i was wondering what she meant by that! what if what? so i was thinking crazy stuff:what if a) Bella had died before being transformed,b)Jasper was gay!,c)Alice lost all her credit cards on a shopping spree,d) there were other mythical creatures. a)=too depressing.b)too funny,c)=too awful,d)=i was laughing as i thought about throwing trolls,unicorns and Harry Potter along the cullens path..but...omg.. this might work..so read and find out! also i know the fiest chap seems too far fetched and crazy...but i know you'll like the rest!

4. unexpected

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 1622   Review this Chapter

Chapter 4: Unexpected.

I glanced at my watch for the umpteenth time. Ten minutes to eleven. I checked my appearance once again.

I had settled for a dark purple sundress and my feet were enclosed in matching sandals. Nothing like doing the unexpected! I looked at the purple and black strips striking my usually platinum blonde hair. I liked little eccentricities but I was wondering if E.J would like that. The Cullens-I had noted- wore designer clothes and with class. Next to them I probably looked like punk attitude gone bad!

I shrugged. If E.J liked me as much as he seemed to, he would like all my crazy moments.

I heard the doorbell ring. I was the only one at home. My father was in his work lab, my mother was out sketching and Blake was hanging out with Justin.

I opened the door with a welcoming smile. I froze when I saw how handsome he was. His hair was moving in the wintry wind and I felt the urge to run my fingers through them.

He smiled back and I could see his cute dimples. He leaned towards me…oh my! Was he going to kiss me? I had never been kissed so I did not know what to do. His lips landed on my right cheek. As nice as the sensation was, I was frustrated. He straightened up.

“Hello, how are you today?” he asked.

“I’m okay, what about you?”

“I am fine.”

I had come to realise that he spoke differently from most adolescents our age. He spoke as if he was older or had been to private schools.

“Shall we?” I heard him say. I stared, puzzled. “Are you ready to go?” he rephrased.

I grinned and nodded. He must think I’m dumb.

He lead me to a forest green Porsche. Wow!

“That’s your car?” I asked. Like the dumb blonde I was.

“Yes” he replied without commenting.

“It’s pretty impressive.” I said in awe.

He smiled proudly, “It was a gift from Edward for my birthday.” he replied.

Well seemed that not only were they rich…they were generous amongst themselves too!

He opened the door to the passenger seat and closed it behind me. I was now used to his gentleman ways. At school he always opened doors for me. Strange that we had only known each other for only five days. It seemed much longer.

He drove at a faster speed than authorised and it was exhilarating.

“ I would like to apologise for our behaviour yesterday Blaire. You must know that we do not normally react like that.” he said.

“That’s okay. We all have our crazy moments.” I replied. Speaking of which, he had still not said anything about my weird hairstyle.

“Are my clothes okay?” Hint. Hint.

He looked away from the road barely a fraction of a second.

“You are beautiful no matter what.” he replied.

I huffed a sigh of regret. If he had paid attention, he would have said something!

A smile tugged at his lips.

“I really like the purple hair…it’s the same colour as my Ducati.” he said with a laugh.

Oh my! I was melting. This guy was definitely THE PERFECT GUY! He was cute, he smelled like heaven, he had good manners and he owned a bike!

Twenty minutes later he parked in front of a very impressive mansion. There was no other world to describe the structure in front of my eyes. Before I could reach to open the door, E.J had already reached my side. He glanced up at the cloudy sky as I climbed out.

“I’ll park my car in the garage. Just give me two seconds.”

“okay” I replied.

He climbed in again and grabbed a remote. Behind me I heard a discreet metallic sound. As I turned around I gapped at the number of cars parked. All shiny and obviously late models. His Porsche nearly paled compared to some other cars in there. He came back and I did my best to hide my awe.

He took my hand and we climbed the three porch steps together. He reached for the doorknob but before he could turn it, the door opened in front of us.

“Ah! There you are!” Renesmee exclaimed in delight.

“Good morning Renesmee.” I said with a shy smile.

My hands held E.J’s a little tighter. Renesmee seemed to be a nice person but her over enthusiasm scarred me nearly as much as Rosalie’s hostility.

“Please call me Nessie.” she said before grabbing me for a hug. Maybe she was emotionally deprived. I felt guilty as I realised that Nessie was an orphan as all the rest of E.J’s sisters and brothers. I hugged Nessie back tentatively.

I heard Edward’s soft chuckle behind her back.

“Please come in.” she said as she pulled back. She practically dragged me in.

They were all there sitting and standing in various places. They all came to greet me…well except Rosalie who was even more hostile than ever.

“You must meet Carlisle and Esme…but you already know them though.” Nessie kept rattling on. I was wondering how she knew that I had seen Carlisle and Esme.

“Welcome Blaire, we are all pleased to meet you.” the blond man said with a paternal smile. He was older than I had assumed.

“Please feel at home,” Esme added. I felt affection in waves from her too. “It’s nearly noon, you must be hungry-” she stopped, ill at ease.

What was going on here?

“We should just get over with it! This is dragging on endlessly and I hate wasting time.” Rosalie spoke for the first time. I was still feeling hostility from her. Even worst, I was feeling anticipation from them all.

..if we had killed Bella…” Those words replayed in my head. Were they all crazy? Were they going to kill me in Bella’s place?

I heard Edwards clear laugh. At this point my brain was working in overdrive. I was wondering if his laugh was a new version of maniacal laughter!

“Edward.” I heard Jasper warn. Maybe they were trying to hide their intentions.

I regretted not having chosen to go to the beach. In my natural element I would have been able to fight them off but here I was powerless.

Suddenly I calmed down. Was I being drugged? No I had not drank anything or sniffed at anything weird…

“Mummy! Mummy! Is E.J’s girlfriend here yet? I fell asleep” a little voice exclaimed. I heard Nessie laugh before picking up a smaller version of her as the little girl ran into the room.

“Yes baby, she’s here.” Nessie crooned.

I was wondering why the little girl would call her sister ‘mummy’. Maybe it was a nickname…

“Let me present you the last member of the family,” Nessie said. “Blaire meet Sarah Alice Rose.” she finished with a large smile.

“Nicknamed Princess Sarah!” E.J said behind me.

As if on cue. Sarah squirmed out of Nessie’s arm and went to E.J who picked her up.

“Hey sleepyhead.”

I watched as she kissed him soundly on one cheek. He laughed and kissed her back. I could not prevent myself from melting at such an endearing scene.

What did you expect? Of course the perfect guy would like small kids…

Sarah reached out and touched a strand of my purple hair.

“How pretty.” she squeaked in delight. “Mummy I want purple hair too!” she said with the most perfect puppy eyes ever.

Jacob reached for her and E.J placed her carefully in his arms.

“No Sarah you are too young for purple hair.” he grounded softly.

“No she’s not.” I had not even realised I had spoken out loud.

They were all watching me. I unclipped one of the purple strands discreetly attached to my own hair. I turned towards Nessie and she nodded her approval before clipping it into Sarah’s hair. She smiled with glee and reached for my face. As I bent down, she kissed me on the cheek.

Everyone laughed.

“I’m sorry if you are uncomfortable. Sarah is used to being cuddled and mostly gives thanks with kisses.” E.J explained.

I nodded and smiled. Sarah must have lost her parents at a young age. It was a good thing she had found such a loving family. Even though they are a bit wacko!

“E.J I think it’s time.” I heard Edward say. Time for what?

“Blaire would you care to join us outside?” E.J asked

What did you reply to that? I nodded.

We all stepped out. It had began to rain.

“Wait here.” E.J instructed before walking to the middle of the clearing in front of the house.

I placed my hands on the railing and wondered what he was doing out in the rain. I saw him take off his vest. Then he reached for his shirt. Oh my! Was he doing a strip tease? If he had wanted to seduce me he could have tried more privately and if possible out of the rain.

My mouth flew open as I saw him undo button after button. Wow he was hot! Really hot. Sexy. He was muscular and lean. I felt the need to run my hands over his chest. I barely registered someone clearing his throat behind me. Oh yes…I was not alone! But he was now shirtless and my imagination was running wild. Rain was pouring over his chest, caressing him like I wanted to caress him. I saw him bend over and take off his shoes. Would his jeans come off next?

He looked at me then jogged into the woods nearby. Where had he gone? I looked at where he had left his things. Then I heard footsteps. Huge footsteps. Then the biggest wolf I had ever seen emerged.

It looked at me and stopped at the exact spot E.J had just vacated. Then I heard Rosalie say:

“ Oh no E.J not the wet dog taunt. You smell awful!”

I was shocked as my eyes connected with the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen. Then I felt my body swoon and the ground coming closer to my face.