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Make your own banner at MyBannerMaker.com!" alt="sunset" title="Sunset" width="66" height="30">it was fate that united EJ Black and Blaire Young. However destiny threw obstacles in their way and it would be difficult for them to overcome everything! set 25 years after Breaking Dawn join our favorite caracters as they overcome yet other difficulties.They are all there..so read and find out! Dedicated to Karen..love you!

one of my best friends(karen who is just as crazy about Twilight as i) once said she read mostly ''wha ifs'' so i was wondering what she meant by that! what if what? so i was thinking crazy stuff:what if a) Bella had died before being transformed,b)Jasper was gay!,c)Alice lost all her credit cards on a shopping spree,d) there were other mythical creatures. a)=too depressing.b)too funny,c)=too awful,d)=i was laughing as i thought about throwing trolls,unicorns and Harry Potter along the cullens path..but...omg.. this might work..so read and find out! also i know the fiest chap seems too far fetched and crazy...but i know you'll like the rest!

5. mythical creatures

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Chapter 5: Mythical creatures.

There were familiar voices talking around me, but I could not see the faces linked to the voices. I felt a cold wet thing on my forehead.

“You see Bella, that is how normal people react when they see unnatural things.” I heard someone say with a laugh.

“Shut up Emmett, don’t you see the poor girl is in shock.” a crystal voice replied.

“Maybe she is hungry…Edward what do you think mermaids eat?” a caring voice whispered.

“Are you even sure she is a mermaid?! That would be so great if we have exposed ourselves for nothing!” someone muttered angrily.

“ I don’t know Rose. Her reaction was strange for someone used to mythical creatures…but anyway E.J imprinted on her so he would have told her anyway…”

“Carlisle are you sure there is nothing you can do?” I heard a warm voice ask urgently.

“I’m sorry son, if she really is a mermaid my lack of experience could do her more harm than good.” a gentle voice replied.

“Blaire can you hear me?” I felt heat spread over as someone cupped my face. “I am so sorry, please open your eyes…”

I finally felt the weight forcing my eyelids down lift. I tentatively opened one eye then the other.

I was lying on a couch and E.J was leaning over me. His face was worried but lighted up instantly as he saw my open eyes. I looked around and realised that all the Cullens were surrounding the couch. What had happened?

“Are you okay?” E.J asked.

I nodded then I remembered what I had just heard…they knew about me. I scrambled into a sitting position but was overwhelmed by dizziness. I then noticed that E.J was only wearing his jeans.

“You should take it slow.” Carlisle suggested.

I ignored his words and took all their faces in. They were all expectant.

“How do you know I am a mermaid?” I whispered. They all looked away.

“Edward told us.” E.J replied. I frowned. “He heard you think about it.” he continued.

Edward had heard what? This was strange…was I dreaming…

“Blaire…we need to tell you something.” he paused, uncomfortable. “You remember what you saw before you fainted?”

I concentrated but all I could remember was dreaming that E.J was a wolf. I could not remember exactly at what point I had fainted. I shook my head.

“Blaire, we know you are a mermaid because we are not very human ourselves…” I looked up shocked. What did that mean? I had contemplated the fact that they were different but had assumed it to be part of my overactive imagination.

E.J paused before continuing, “ I am a sort of hybrid werewolf, vampire human.” he continued seriously. “Sarah is my little sister and Jacob and Renesmee are our parents.” he paused again gauging my reaction. I nodded numbly still in shock. He took a deep breath, “Bella and Edward are my vampire grand parents, but they feed on animal blood.”

Two hours later I sat on the same couch staring at E.J, at least he had put a shirt back on. I was still a little confused by the story I had heard leading to his family and him settling in the area. However I now understood them a little more. It still seemed surreal to me even though I was a mermaid. I had not been aware of the existence of other strange creatures.

In fact, their story was quite fascinating. I now knew the whole story, how each one of them had joined the Cullen coven since Carlisle had been bitten unexpectedly. I had even laughed and sighed as each one had put in their own story. They had been leading a peaceful life since the Volturi had left nearly twenty five years ago. Nessie had married Jake eight years later and given birth to Seth Edward Jacob a short while later and Sarah Alice Rose ten years after E.J.

“Are you alright?” E.J asked in a worried voice.

We were alone in the sitting room. All the others had gone different ways.

“Yes I am, but there is something I don’t understand.” I replied hesitantly.

“What is it?”

“Why did you tell me this? I mean why do you trust me not to spread your story?” I asked urgently.

“I could not prevent myself from saying it…” he replied in an unsure voice. “I imprinted on you.”

I frowned. It was the second time I was hearing that word imprinted.

“What’s imprinted?”

“It’s kind of when you fall in love with someone…” he said nervously.

I let out a dry laugh. He looked at me, hurt.

“ I don’t think you imprinted on me,” I began softly. “it’s part of my mermaid charm that guys think they love me.” I finished, disappointed. I would have liked to believe he really loved me for who I was really but that would be an illusion.

“No! you don’t understand.” he replied with force.

“Of course she won’t understand if you look so confused yourself!”

I was Nessie as she entered the room. Jacob and her were each holding Sarah’s hands.

“Mom…please don’t interfere.” E.J moaned next to me. He was clearly uncomfortable.

Nessie left Jacob and came to sit crossed legged in front of me.

“You are doing this all wrong E.J .” she said firmly and grabbed my hand. “ You will learn from first hand experience.” she said to me.

“You see Blaire, when a werewolf imprints on you, it’s like you were destined to love each other. Jake had imprinted on me on sight while I was still in my baby form. Since then he has showered me with every possible kind and forms of love imaginable.” she turned and shared a tender smile with Jacob. “It also means that when a werewolf imprints on you, his all life revolves around you. He will give his life up for your safety. That’s why I hope you won’t go putting yourself into danger.” she finished with a laugh.

She stood up and walked out with Jacob and Sarah.

I rethought about Nessie’s words. Could it be true? I had known from the start that my feelings for E.J were different than what I felt for other guys but it was difficult for me to believe that the attraction he felt had nothing to do with my charm.

“Is it true? Do you feel those things for me?” I asked half hoping.

He looked me straight in the eye and as always I knew he would be honest. I also felt the amount of love emanating from him.

“Yes since the moment I saw you at the beach, I knew I had fallen in love Blaire.”