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Make your own banner at MyBannerMaker.com!" alt="sunset" title="Sunset" width="66" height="30">it was fate that united EJ Black and Blaire Young. However destiny threw obstacles in their way and it would be difficult for them to overcome everything! set 25 years after Breaking Dawn join our favorite caracters as they overcome yet other difficulties.They are all there..so read and find out! Dedicated to Karen..love you!

one of my best friends(karen who is just as crazy about Twilight as i) once said she read mostly ''wha ifs'' so i was wondering what she meant by that! what if what? so i was thinking crazy stuff:what if a) Bella had died before being transformed,b)Jasper was gay!,c)Alice lost all her credit cards on a shopping spree,d) there were other mythical creatures. a)=too depressing.b)too funny,c)=too awful,d)=i was laughing as i thought about throwing trolls,unicorns and Harry Potter along the cullens path..but...omg.. this might work..so read and find out! also i know the fiest chap seems too far fetched and crazy...but i know you'll like the rest!

6. The Cullens

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Chapter 6: The Cullens

“It’s strange you know…”

I glanced up again. “What is strange?” I asked puzzled.

E.J laughed softly, “ I was thinking about my grand parents’ love story.” he smiled and shook his head. “It’s strange because they too met in high school and had biology together after lunch…”

I laughed along with him, the coincidence was really weird.

“Really? That’s kind of romantic. I wonder how they deal with all that…” I was sincerely curious.

“Well you can ask them.” he said as he took my hand to stand.

“ Oh no! I don’t want to disturb them… Seriously don’t do that.” I protested while he gently pulled me along a corridor.

“Why? Are you scared about the vampires?” he said with a chuckle.

“Very funny! No I’m not scared, I don’t want to impose my presence.” I said squirming.

He laughed softly and dragged me upstairs. The house was as spectacular inside with antique furniture and what seemed to be priceless paintings. I couldn’t stop myself from gawking. He led me along another corridor and stopped in front of a closed door. He knocked softly.

“Yes, come in E.J, Blaire.” I heard Edward murmur.

“ I thought it would be nice for Blaire to get to know my grand parents.” E.J said on a laugh as he peeked the door open before stepping in. I followed in timidly.

Bella and Edward were sitting on a king size white bed, smiling welcomingly. Edward was resting his back against the headboard with Bella pressed against his chest. I looked away not wanting to intrude.

Their room was huge, three times my own room. One wall was filled with shelves holding CDs while the opposite wall was panelled with glass which offered a superb view of the surrounding woods and beyond, the sea. There was a grand piano at one side and I was wondering how they had been able to bring in such a thing. My eyes rested on the a dresser with two huge beautifully engraved boxes on each side. On each were their names.

My eyes drifted back to their bed. On the wall was photos. Bella and Edward on what seemed to be their wedding day, smiling at each other. Bella and a little girl of about two with long copper curls, probably Nessie, lying in the grass laughing. And all the Cullens together at what looked like a party. There were also certificates from various universities, Dartmouth, Yale, Harvard. I gapped, it was still surprising to know they had lived so many lives. One of the certificates was a medical doctor degree under the name of Isabella Marie Cullen.

“ You’re a doctor?” I exclaimed. I did not realise I had walked until I felt the edge of the bed bump with my knee. E.J was leaning against the wall observing us.

“Please sit,” Bella said with a smile. I sat on the edge of the bed. She smiled warmly again. “ Yes sometimes I play the part of resident at hospitals where Carlisle works.”

“ Bella is more immune to blood than any of us.” Edward said while playing with a strand of Bella’s hair. “ She has a human touch that most of us lack too.” he continued tenderly.

It was hard to believe they knew each other more than twenty five years, their love seemed so fresh, new, I nearly felt jealous. My curiosity got to me.

“ You never get bored?!” I blurted. I grimaced apologetically I definitely acted out of character around them.

“Do you get bored Edward?” Bella asked with a faint reproachful smirk while turning around. Edward laughed and pushed her hair aside before pressing his lips against her nose.

“ Never, love.” he said with a tender laugh.

I could not stop the stupid grin from spreading across my face. I normally was not one for encouraging public displays of affection but watching these two and witnessing their obvious love made me feel good somehow.

I heard E.J groan behind me. I turned and was surprised to see the pained expression on his face. Edward chuckled and pulled back. Bella giggled and sent a sheepish glance towards E.J.

“What is it?” I asked out of curiosity. E.J strolled towards the bed and settled crossed legs opposite them.

“It’s just that it is hard for me…to associate sex with my grand parents.” he complained. I stared at his face, dumbfounded before bursting out laughing. I laughed hard as I realised how awkward the situation was for him. Through my tears I realised that Edward and Bella were fighting hard not to laugh too. E.J just stared ahead with an amused frown.

“You know we are sorry about that E.J,” Bella said once I composed myself. “I’m too young to be a grandma anyway.” she finished off frowning too.

“Don’t worry love, you’re a sexy grandma.” Edward murmured, still laughing. I looked away embarrassed and met E.J’s eyes. See what I have to live with… I could almost hear the words aloud.

“Okay guys we didn’t come here to watch a remake of The Notebook, if you are going to continue smooching around we’d better go.” E.J said broodingly.

“Show some respect young man!” Bella exclaimed before leaning forward to punch him.

“Ouch… grandma!” E.J said on a chuckle. “If you are going to bodily attack us too…Blaire come I’ll show you the rest of the house.” he moved to stand.

“No wait….” I began hesitantly, “ I have to apologise.” From the moment I had heard that Edward could read minds something had been bugging me.

“For what?” E.J asked frowning.

“For my thoughts… I haven’t been very nice…” I felt bad and guilty. I had downright had some very insulting thoughts.

“Don’t worry Blaire,” Edward said. I looked up. He sincerely held no grudge against me. I opened my mouth to protest but he cut me off.

“ I know…really there’s no problem, I’ve heard worst things in my life. In fact I should be the one apologising. One’s thoughts should be private.” he said sincerely. I nodded and smiled. E.J was already at the door waiting for me. I smiled once more before stepping out with him.

“You’d better close it behind you.” he advised while motioning for the door. I looked behind me quizzically and reached to close it.

“So grandma…want to play along with grandpa…?” kissing and tearing sounds…

“Edward no! It’s the middle of the day!” giggles…kissing…panting…

“Never stopped you before love…” moans…panting…kissing…

I sent a shocked look at the closed door. Well…hmm…that was interesting…

“See what I mean.” E.J said laughing.

“Yeah! That must be hard for you.” I said empathising.

“It’s even harder since the whole house seems to have a high sex drive. Its torture knowing across what you might interrupt behind a closed door.”

I laughed as we began walking back across the corridor. Suddenly a door burst open. Behind it was Alice.

“Hey Blaire, want to come visit my room?” she said enthusiastically.

I heard E.J groan. Before I could reply, Alice reached for my hand and pulled me inside. Wow! Her room was even bigger than Edward and Bella’s. Rosalie was in there too, sitting at a golden yellow desk. She did not even glance up. Her eyes were riveted to a laptop’s screen.

I glanced around. Alice’s room was like some kind of princess quarters. There was colour everywhere. Soft cushions were thrown casually around in varying rainbow shades. The bed sheets were a deep red. The walls were pinned with designer clothes sketches. There were glass sculptures as main décor and in one corner were mannequins covered in the most beautiful clothes I had ever seen. A walk in closet was partially open and I was astonished to see even more clothes in there.

One corner clashed with the rest of the obvious art deco. There was a mahogany bureau and what looked liked psychology books piled on it. It was very neat compared to the disarray of the rest of the room. I then noticed a board hanging on the wall, Jasper’s Corner. I felt a laugh bubble up.

“So what are you up to?” I asked while turning towards Alice.

“Clothes, always clothes.” I heard E.J mutter under his breath. Alice hissed and turned smiling to me.

“We are looking out for the latest trends. Rosalie and I are choosing next months clothes.” she chirped with enthusiasm

“What’s happening next month?”

“Well lace will be out of fashion!” she said as if the world was going to end.

E.J laughed softly and shook his head. Then he walked towards Rosalie. I watched warily as he sat down crossed leg and laid his head across her lap. She sighed and looked down to his face and stroked a few strands away from his face. I was shocked to see such fierce affection cross her features.

“What is it E.J?” she asked, as a mother would ask her child.

“You know it Rose…I don’t like being crossed with you…”

I saw a smile blossom on her face. “ I’m not angry with you, I just don’t like your decisions…” she said sadly.

“ I cannot control it Rose, don’t make me choose.” he said pleadingly.

“I would never ask you that! Even if I cannot understand what’s happening I have no choice but to accept it” she said softly.

“Thank you.”

“Now you can stop the puppy face! You know it doesn’t work on me!” she growled.

E.J laughed and stood up.

“You might as well do it in front of me you know, Rose.” I heard Alice say.

I did not have time to elaborate on her words before finding my eyes unable to break contact with Rosalie’s. Then they softened and she smiled timidly.

“I’m sorry Blaire, I know this is not your fault and I shouldn’t have been rude with you.” she squeaked (if vampires could squeak!).

“No, it’s okay…I mean I understand. You were trying to protect your secret.” I said with a tentative smile.

She nodded and focused back at the screen.

“Oh yes! Perfect!” Alice exclaimed behind me.

Both E.J and Rosalie laughed softly as I turned around. Alice was looking at me expectantly with what looked like a silk aquamarine dress in her hands, the shade was nearly the same colour as my eyes.

“What’s that for?” I asked suspiciously.

“For the festivities! Of course we will have to go looking for more clothes but that is a good beginning.” she enthused.

“What is she talking about?” I muttered for E.J’s benefit. He chuckled before answering.

“In two weeks we will be celebrating Edward and Bella’s wedding anniversary, Nessie’s and Bella’s Birthday. Alice says that since its twenty five years we should commemorate the event.”

“What? All those things happened on the same date?” I asked shocked.

“No silly,” Alice chirped. “Edward and Bella were married on the tenth of August. I was planning on something for that date too but they wouldn’t hear about it. Nessie was born on the tenth of September and Bella was also turned on that date. So we are making it a triple event which is even better since all will be triple size grandiose.”

I felt my head ready to explode at so much information.

“We’d better leave before Alice tries to measure you.” I heard E.J say and turned gratefully towards him.