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My New Moon poems

A poem of how everyone feels when the Cullens leave.There is a Rosalie poem, requested by lunamoon. Go check out her stuff if you haven't already.

guys, I can't believe that i have only 10 reviews. i am really upset because my parents are divorcing. i would like to be cheered up. i appreciate any reviews or ratings. thanx.

1. Bella

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I am Bella Swan

Never again I will fall in love

Nor will I ever see the light

I can't pull above the darkness

You don't know what I feel inside

How much more pain can I stand

Till I collapse under its power?

He was the one; I knew that from the start

The emptiness will eventually devour me

Till I am no more

How long until I finally pull myself through?

I do not know

But what I do know is that day is

Far, far away

I can't stand you being gone

I miss you Edward Cullen