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My New Moon poems

A poem of how everyone feels when the Cullens leave.There is a Rosalie poem, requested by lunamoon. Go check out her stuff if you haven't already.

guys, I can't believe that i have only 10 reviews. i am really upset because my parents are divorcing. i would like to be cheered up. i appreciate any reviews or ratings. thanx.

2. Edward

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I am in the deepest of depressions

My emotions are on a broken rollercoaster

I went down, but never back up

When I see the night, I think of you

Bright as a moon,

As beautiful as a star

I can't stand being away from you

Brown hair oh so soft

Brown eyes oh so deep

The way you blush

Made me crazy

Do you remember me?

Or have you moved on?

I wish I knew

Could I ever be forgiven?

If I shall return

I am so sorry

I miss you, my true love

I miss you, my Bella