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Lacrymosa: The Waterlogged Heart

It was heavy, waterlogged from the near constant tears shed from his departure. The accrused thing needed to come out and back into the hands of the one it longed for. Edward. ExB. Vamp. Angst. A little OOC. Cannon pairings. First fanfic please be nice.


4. Chapter Three | The Butcher

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I’m back at school now so updates may come a little slower than previous ones. Still not that many views on this story…hmm…maybe people just don’t like dark themes..I promise it will get better though. This chapter is quite short.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not Bellz, Edward, or any of the others. I’m merely just a person with ideas. SM is the creator. No lawsuits plz.

Chapter 3| The Butcher

Dinner with Charlie went like all others have these past few days. We made light conversation and tried not to make too much eye contact. Charlie seemed to really enjoy the spaghetti and he made me take my pain medication in front of him. He was right to be concerned that I wouldn’t take it because the truth is I wasn’t going to. I enjoyed the pain. I deserved it. He went into his office and I did some laundry and thought about my next move, too fearful to return to my bedroom after the attack earlier.

How was I going to do this? While we we’re at the hospital I had overheard the doctor talking to Charlie. He had said that what I had attempted was entirely impossible to do without the right tools. In order to get to my heart I would have to open my chest cavity which meant breaking some ribs. Alone the act would go horribly wrong and I would end up bleeding to death. I winced. That wasn’t the way I wanted to go out, but could I really break my ribs open to get to my heart? What tools would I need? How much time would it take to bleed to death? I shook the idea out of my head and decided to think about it later when I heard a noise of disgust from Charlie’s office.

“Dad?” I tottered over to the room, tripping on the edge of the carpet on the way. When I saw him he had a look of sheer horror on his face. His eyes wide, fearful, his hand tightly clasped over his mouth, his face pallid. I had seen that look once, the first time he had found me in the bathroom bleeding everywhere. That was the first attempt. He was staring at his computer, his head blocking the screen, and he was gagging. “What’s wrong?” I asked walking over to him. He quickly hit the minimize button and whirled his chair around to face me.

“N-nothing Bellz,” he stuttered, “just some p-pictures from a case. You don’t need to worry about it.” His color was returning but his eyes were still wide with trepidation. My heart started to hammer in my chest. What had he seen that would make him like this?

“You sure Dad because your face lo-“

“I’m sure Bella just…g-go back to doing whatever it was that you were doing.” He cut me off and shooed me out of the room, locking the glass doors behind me. I turned back around and stared through the glass more. That was weird. I thought. What would make Charlie do that? I shrugged it off and headed for the living room deciding to watch TV since going to my room still wasn’t an option.

Nothing but mindless sitcoms, music videos, and ridiculously movies with unfeasible plots were on so I opted for watching the news. I stared at the screen not really paying much attention when a story about a dismembered body came on. It was in Port Angeles and seemed interesting so I turned up the volume.

“The dismembered body parts of a college study, Tracey Birch, were found behind Gateway Tavern bar in Port Angeles earlier today,” the TV blasted. “This has been the fifth body of what seems like a slew serial murders in the local area in the last month. “ My eyes grew large as a scooted up to the edge of the couch cushion. “Found near the body was a note stating that the killings were just the beginning in what the notorious murder known as The Butcher has in mind. Authorities have been pursuing the crazed serial-murder for three years now without success.”

I turned off the TV and stared blankly at the dark screen. The Butcher…I thought as a grim smile spread across my features. Now there is my ticket to success.