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my unexpected enemy, wait or is he my lover?

Edward and Bella's parents leave for a two weeks vacation, when they came back Bella and Edward's lives changed. Edward's family is going to live with Bella's family in one house, Bella's house. Is Edward going to be Bella's enemy or a lover.

this is my first Edward and Bella fic so go easy on me...


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“Bye, mom,” I yelled before they started the car, mom waved goodbye. “bye, dad.”

“Take care of your self, hon.” Dad also waved goodbye.

“Enjoy your vacation.” They start moving and disappear from my sight.

Wow, Charlie and Renee were out for two weeks. I decided not to go with hem so they can have a private bonding time.

I run to my bed room and settled on my bed.

I don’t know how to start my day without my parents.


Mom and dad leave to day for a two weeks vacation, I planned not to go with them so they can have a private vacation.

Since I don’t have something to do while they’re gone, I called Emmett and Jasper.

“Emmett do you have something to do today?”

“None, why?”

“Can you drop by here?” I asked excitedly.


“X-box.” He already knew what I mean.

“Sure, wait for me.” Then he hung up.

Next I called Jasper.

“Jasper, have something to do today?”

“None, I’m planning to go there.”

“Okay drop by here. For another x-box game.”


I’ve spent two weeks In the house. Watching TV., surfing the internet, sleeping. That’s the routine for the last two weeks.

I heard the car pulled into the parking lot, but there is another car parked next to our car. A black Mercedes.

“Bella!” mom hugged me, while dad unloaded their bags.

I turned to the black Mercedes, the driver came out the car and started unloading their ‘bags?’ then a woman came out from the passengers door and a bronze haired boy came out from the backseat.

“Oh, Bella. We have a surprise for you.” Mom turned to the family next to the Mercedes. “This is Carlisle Cullen, Esme and Edward.” They all held out their hands except for Edward.

“They going to live with us, starting today. We have two extra rooms for guest.”


“they’ll going to live with us.”

What it did mean. I’m going to live with this ‘mean’ bronze-haired boy. He looks adorable but I don’t like him. My first impression for him is not good.


Today is the day…. They are going home today.

I ran outside the house when I hears a car pulled into our drive way.

Instead of just one car I saw two, our Mercedes and another car beside it.

“Edward,” mom run to me and hug me. “Honey, I missed you, we have a surprise for you.” I turned to the car. “They are Charlie and Renee. We’re going to live with them, at their house so pack your things.” She patted me back and let go.

“No buts, Edward.” Carlisle scowled so I obeyed. I packed my clothes, my magazines, my psp, my laptop, my x-box, my shoe collection, my precious iPod, my electric guitar, and if I can carry my piano and bed, I will.

I end up with three bags in my hand. I don’t know where are we going and I didn’t bother to ask because they will never tell me. After five streets we finally stopped in front of a white house, in my calculations this is as big as ours and same color.

Dad came out first and starts unloading our bags.

“Edward,” mom looked at me. I just nodded.

We climbed our of the car.

“Oh, Bella. We have a surprise for you. Renee turned to us. “this is Carlisle Cullen, Esme and Edward.” Mom and dad held out their hand.

WHAT? I’m going to live with this girl? I don’t want to, what if she don’t like me to live with them?