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This is the story of Bella and Edward. What would happen if Bella told Edward that he didnt have to change her? Would Edward regret it after a series of events lead Bella to her death bed? How would all of this affect her dear friend Jacob Black?

This is my first fanfiction, sorry if its totally lame.

1. A Change of Heart

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“Promise me, Edward,” my weak voice came out as a whisper.
“I can’t,” he whispered. If he wasn’t a vampire, he would have been crying.
“Please Edward, promise me you’ll continue living. Keep me in your heart, but move on,” tears were streaming down my cheeks.
“Bella, no, you can get through this just try. Please try! I cant live without you,”
“Yes you can Edward. I love you,” my eyelids were starting to get heavy.
“I’m so sorry Bella, I should have changed you.” He leaned in to kiss my forehead.
“No,” I shook my head, “I wanted this. I asked you not to change me.”
“I shouldn’t have listened to you.”
“You made the right choice, never regret it.”
I cut him off, “No. You have given me a dream. Thank you,”
A single tear trickled from his eye down his cheek, startling us both.
I half smiled. He leaned in to kiss me, and everything went black.

We were sitting in the meadow. Edward had finally agreed to change me. I was terrified, worried and excited. The mix of emotions confused me.
“Are you sure this is what you want?” he asked me one last time.
I looked straight into his eyes, “of course.”
Slowly, slower than normal, slower than the slowest of humans, he leaned toward me. I opened my eyes, and saw that his eyes were pained. He didn’t want to do this, and I wasn’t going to make him. Before he could lean in any further I put my hands on his chest, motioning for him to stop. He looked up, confused.
“You don’t have to do this,” as I said the words I knew they were true. I knew that he loved me, and that the only reason he didn’t want to change me was because he didn’t want me to have his life. He didn’t want to turn me into a monster.
Suddenly, in one of his lightning fast movements, he grabbed me and started spinning me in the air.
“Thank you,” he breathed.
I giggled, I loved to see him happy.
We sat in the meadow for the rest of the day, talking. We talked about traveling the world together. He knew that I had never been anywhere exciting (with the exception of Volterra) and he wanted to show me some of his favorite places around the world.
I was happy.

When we finally got back to my house, I thought about Jacob.
I thought about us being friends, now that I wasn’t going to be turned into a vampire.
I hoped that he would be as excited as I was, and welcome our friendship with open arms.
A smile crept up my face as I thought about this.
I hadn’t realized Edward staring at me.
“Tell me what your thinking.” His eyes burned with intensity.
Whoops. I made a mental note to be more careful with my thoughts around him.
“Um, stuff.” He laughed at my half-hearted attempt.
“What kind of stuff?” as he said this he leaned in closer. I could smell his sweet breath, it made me lose my focus.
“Jacob,” I whispered. I looked away from him, hoping he wasn’t angry with me.
“I see.” There was no emotion in his voice.
When I finally looked up at him, he didn’t look angry, he looked upset.
“Bella, if you want to be with him, its alright I wont stand in your way.” He looked down, obviously the thought of this pained him.
Shock ran through my body. I leaned forward and kissed him.
Before I could explain, he leaned forward and kissed me again. A wonderful and lasting kiss full of passion. Apparently I was forgiven.
“I love you,” he said to me.
“I love you too,” I said.
I wanted to kiss him more but I heard a car in my driveway. I didn’t have to look outside to know who it was because Edward suddenly froze and then vanished.
“I’ll be in your room.”
The doorbell rang, and I went to answer it.
“Hi Bella.”
It was Jacob Black.