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Edward never returned in New Moon. Bella is celebrating her 21st brithday & is finally ready to get on with her life. But then strange occurunces throught out the day, make her doubt her own sanity. Could Edward really be back?

Ok so this story came to me over a period of Insomnia one night (hence the title). It started off as a oneshot, but then developed into so much more. I became so obsessed with the fic, in the next following weeks, that I even started to dream about it & infact chapter 10, is actually loosely based on a dream of mine. My first ever twilight fanfiction that I ever wrote, hope you like. =D

12. Chapter 12 Renees Revelation

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Edward sat with me a little while. We talked about all sorts of things & places. We did after all have a lot of making up to do. Edwards story, I must admit was much more interesting than mine. Although he seemed generally fascinated when I told him all about college, Charlie, Renee & even Jacob. What he’d been up to, was the sort of stuff I had only dreamed about, experiencing the midnight sun & the northern lights in Norway, swimming in the great barrier reef, walking the great wall of China, climbing mount Everest, diving off Victoria falls. The very substance of fantasies. And yet Edward spoke of it, as if it was merely everyday activities to pass the time. In fact he sounded almost ashamed.

Every now & then he kept asking me the same question - “Are you sure this, is what you want?” It didn’t matter what he was talking about, he somehow always got it into context. He was still feeling guilty & I didn’t know how to make him see. I had forgiven him. In fact I don’t even believe, I was ever mad at him. He had left for a reason, but he had returned, that’s all that matters now. And my answered wouldn’t change, it couldn’t change, I needed him too much. This was exactly what I wanted - end of story.

After what I reckoned could only have been an hour or so, Brooke, my enthusiastic Texan nurse entered the room, practically skipping, holding yet another bouquet of flowers.

“Hello there, ya’ll two love birds.” she cooed. I blushed, but couldn’t help but feel happy. “I’ve got some more flowers for ya Bella. I believe they’re from a Miss Angela Weber & a Mister Ben Cheney.”

Wow, Angela & Ben, the past was slowly creeping up on me. Brooke gave us another sincere smile & starting singing ‘Love Is The Air’ whilst arranging the flowers on the cram-packed table. I was really starting to like this nurse.

Edward squeezed my hand only gently & we both shared a warm smile. Part of me wanted to stay, in this hospital bed with Edward by my side, forever, no distractions or worries from the real world.

“Now,” she said after she had finished. “I can’t keep that Daddy & Mama of yours, at bay much longer. Plus there’s all those friends of yours, that just can’t wait to see ya. And for safety reasons honey, we’re gonna need to shift somma them outa the waiting room. Just say the word & I’ll get whoever you want.”

To be frankly honest, I had the person, I most wanted, right beside me. I didn’t feel the need to have anyone else. But I know that was just being incredibly selfish of me. All these people had come here to see me, me. Plus I had a lot of explaining to do. Rayen, I definitely needed to apologise to her. Charlie, if anything, I definitely owed him an explanation. And then there was Jake. What the hell was I gonna do about Jake?

“Yeah…um…sure. I think I should see my Mom & Dad.”

She gave a bit of an over exaggerated nod, wiggled her fingers & bounced out the room.

Edward tenderly let go of my hand & stood up leaving me on the bed. I jumped up, pulling on the cords in my arms. I didn’t want him to leave.

“I’ll just be gone a while love.” He whispered in his mesmerising voice. “Charlie’s not exactly my biggest fan at the moment & besides you need to talk to your parents.”

He bent over & gave me a quick peck on the lips before walking swiftly to the door, then turned to face me again.

“I’ll be just down the corridor. I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”

He smiled that favourite crooked smile of mine. I returned my less beautiful grin back. And he was gone.

I was on my own for barely half a minute, when Brooke returned, Charlie, Mom & Phil following her.

“Bella. Oh Bella. Look at you.” My Mom was practically in tears, she rushed over to my bed, grabbing me & holding me tightly against her chest.

Phil stood awkwardly by the door, observing the room around him. Charlie, a little bit further into the room, reading the cards on my table. My Mom, still kept tight hold of me. Nobody spoke a word. And this silence was awkward, mightily awkward, not like the sort of silence me & Edward had shared.

Several seconds passed. Still no one spoke. It looked like it would have to be me, to break this awkward silence. Great. So I just on the first thing, that came to mind.

“Mom, you’ve had your haircut?”

She laughed, at my random comment & Charlie & Phil joined in with her. She jumped into this big discussion on how there was this new hairdressing salon, down the road to her. I was only slightly interested but at least the silence was broken.


Luckily Mom did most of the talking. She went on, about Jacksonville, Phil’s job, her new obsession -of all things - Fencing, the norm really. She asked me questions on school, friends, my birthday etc etc. Charlie every now & then interrupted, with a comment or so. I was glad, no one had even mentioned the accident, but also quite strangely nobody had even mentioned Edward. Of course that didn’t last for much longer.

Just as Mom had finally finished giving me a rendition of some kind of weird tai-chi position, the conversation started, much to my dismay.

“Bella,” She began. “We’ve all been so worried about you. First the accident & then I hear you & Jake had a fight & now I’m being told they didn’t see you for hours. What were you doing Bella? Where had you been?”

See the look of fear in my Mothers eyes, it would be hard to lie to her. I looked over at Phil & Charlie who had during this moment inched themselves that bit closer to my bedside. Their faces, just as sullen & curious. I gulped. This was going to be harder than I thought.

“Well, um you know me Mom.” I paused everyone was looking intently at me, scrutinizing my every word. “Me & Jake, you know what we get like sometimes. We just had a bit of a row. So I just…err… um…went for a walk. You know, clear my head a bit. And well…I guess I just lost track of time. And…I suppose I just got a little tired after a while & I didn’t see the car coming.”

It was obvious that I was lying through my teeth. Although then again, maybe it wasn’t, after all I wasn’t exactly lying, just editing a little. Surprisingly enough, their faces showed that they believed every ounce of it. I must have been getting better at this lying situation.

“Oh what are you like.” she said gripping me tight.

I actually thought I’d got lucky & that was the end of our little tête-à-tête. But no as it turned out I usually came very low on the luck spectrum. Mom after a little while, seemed to remember something, unfortunately.

“And Bella, you’ll never guess what.” Her face was as bright as a beam. Charlie’s on the other hand, Charlie’s was a different picture altogether. “Edward & Alice Cullen, were in town & heard about your accident. They haven’t left this hospital once & they send new flowers every 3 hours. Must have cost a fortune. Poor Edward’s been distraught. Considering he hasn’t seen you in so long, he does seem to care an awful lot about…”

Charlie grunted in the background. Mom’s face changed suddenly & she appeared much more solemn. It didn’t suit her.

“Of course I understand honey, if you don’t want to see hi…them. That was a very hard time for you.”

“Huh.” Charlie muttered to himself. “You got that right.”

It was apparent, that my parents & probably no one else in the hospital, knew about mine & Edward’s earlier rendezvous. Brooke was officially the best nurse, I’d ever had. Nevertheless I decided, that I’d lied enough to them.

“Actually Mom.” I began. “I’ve actually already seen Edward.” I looked to check everyone’s face. Mom looked almost overjoyed. Phil still looked uncomfortable, for just being there. And well Charlie, he could barely look at me with anger. “We had a talk. We’ve decided to um…maybe…give things another go.”

I heard a bang on the floor. I’m not sure, but I think it was Charlie’s foot. He had turned a rather unhealthy beetroot colour. Clearly he was going to take more to convince than my Mom.

“Oh that’s great babe’s.” You couldn’t deny the happiness in her face. She was wearing a grin, that looked like a child with their favourite toy. “As long as your happy, I’m happy.”

She then turned to Phil & nodded at him. He came further into the room & put his arm round my Mom’s shoulder. They both stood there grinning, looking like a couple of naughty teenagers.

“Actually Bells. We have a little news of our own…”She started.

“Little, being the prime word.” Phil finished.

His arm, move from her shoulder to her waist & put his hand round on her stomach.

I hadn’t seen this one coming.

“Your…Your…Your” I could barely splutter the words out.

They both nodded. I looked over at Charlie. He was fiddling with the zip on his Jacket, avoiding anyone’s eye contact. I suddenly thought, what this must be doing to him. He had never got over my Mom, I knew that. I wished then, that he had found someone like my Mom, had found Phil.

“We just found out last week. Had a scan on Thursday. A healthy baby girl of 4 & a half months give or take.”

I felt pleased for my Mom & Phil, I really did, but I just couldn’t ignore Charlie’s face. Suddenly I thought that maybe Edward was the least of his worries at the moment.

“Wow, holy crow.” I said, smiling intently back at Mom & Phil, though Charlie’s worry filled eyes, I couldn’t escape from. “That was kind of unexpected. I’m so happy for you.”

“We’re so sorry, we didn’t tell you sooner Bella. We wanted to tell you in person & what with, all this & all. You can come visit as much, as you want. Maybe you can help us pick out some baby names. Phil over here wants her middle name to be Philippa, but I put my foot down firmly there.”

She & Phil, both laughed. I suppressed a mere chuckle. Charlie let out a sort of cough. I still couldn’t forget his face, when Mom & Phil had told me the news. I had never seen him in so much emotional pain & depression.

“Anyway Bells.” Mom said. “We’re gonna let you get some rest now. Last thing you need is us going on about baby plans. We’ll come see you later. We all love you so much.”

And her & Phil both, left the room, hand in hand. Charlie still stood by the window.

“So you’ve decided to get back together?” He muttered, still looking out the small window.

“Well, you know it’s early days & all. But yeah, it looks like it yeah.”

“And what about Jake?”

A twang of guilt, came over me. I still had to talk to Jacob.

“Well, me & Jake aren’t exactly together Dad. He’s just a friend. I love him, you know I do, but it just isn’t the same way as Edward.”

“That’s not what I mean.” He sighed. “How do you think he’ll take it?”

“I don’t know. I’ll talk to him. But he’ll just have to except it. It’s what I want.”

Charlie walked away from the window & sat himself on the very end of my bed. He put his hand where my leg was.

“I suppose nothings going to change your mind.”

“I’m sorry Dad. But no I’ve made my decision. And you know how stubborn I can be.”

He laughed, he seemed to be remembering something, by the look in his eyes.

“Yeah, you’ve been that way since you were a baby.”

I took in his every emotion. The hatred in his voice, on the topic of Edward, had completely changed & now he a returned to the depressed Charlie, I had seen when Mom & Phil had been in the room.

I lean as far as I could, up in my bed & placed my hand on top of Charlie’s. This would probably have been the most emotion-filled conversation we had ever had. Neither of us were usually very good at this sort of thing.

“How do you feel about the little news?” I asked, trying my best to keep his complete eye contact.

He turned his head away, so I couldn’t exactly see his expression properly.

“Fine, yeah Bells, I’m fine. Bit of a shock of course, but I’m fine. I’m good. I’m good.”

Charlie was probably one the few people who was a worse liar than me.

“Anyway.” he said getting up from off the bed. “I better be going. You look tired & no doubt your Mom & Phil will want a lift back to their hotel. I’ll speak to you tomorrow Bells.”

He walked to the door & then seemed to remember he’d forgotten to say something.

“I don’t trust him Bells.”

“I know. I love you Dad.” I replied.

He gave me an attempt of a smile & walked out the room, into the hallway.

It took me awhile to contemplate, everything that had just happened. It didn’t seem possible but somehow this day, had just got even weirder.