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Edward never returned in New Moon. Bella is celebrating her 21st brithday & is finally ready to get on with her life. But then strange occurunces throught out the day, make her doubt her own sanity. Could Edward really be back?

Ok so this story came to me over a period of Insomnia one night (hence the title). It started off as a oneshot, but then developed into so much more. I became so obsessed with the fic, in the next following weeks, that I even started to dream about it & infact chapter 10, is actually loosely based on a dream of mine. My first ever twilight fanfiction that I ever wrote, hope you like. =D

6. Chapter 6 Part Of The Family

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The night slowly dragged on. The waiter continued to bring me my alcoholic remedy, the taste becoming more & more addictive as I drank, I wondered if I would be ever able to stop, but I tried not to think about that, as I was well aware that part of me didn’t want to stop, part of me that could just sit here forever. Somehow in grotty place, with its peeling walls & its strange inhabitants, a place where the majority of society had shunned, a place where nobody knew my story, nobody even knew my name, I was just a newbie to the joint, another lost soul, In a way I had not felt in such a long time at home. The thought sickened me, these were the sort of people I had once upon a time crossed the street to avoid , now I was becoming of one of them, part of team, part of this vulgar little family they had created amongst themselves.

At one point, the time I was uncertain on, I became aware of a buzzing at the very place of my left jean pocket. I at first contemplated that it was merely a side effect of the unknown alcohol, but as the buzzing grew on, I found myself getting annoyed, the feeling of it was irritating against my thigh. I brushed with my hand over the pocket, as to somehow stop it, I felt a hard rectangular block sticking out. My cell phone. I silently laughed at my idiocy, I had became too intoxicated to even notice the ring of my very own cell phone. I pulled it out of my pocket, knowing full well who exactly would be calling me.

And I was precisely right, the screen before me read the name, of my once closest girlfriend: Rayen Redford. I waited until the ringing had stopped, then viewed the long list that had now appeared on my tiny screen. 22 missed calls, 13 from Rayen, 7 from Cat my other housemate, 1 from Charlie (I wordlessly begged that they hadn’t told him) & one to my great surprise from Jacob. I stopped at that 1 name & considered even calling it. Jacob deserved an apology, I knew that was for sure but I didn’t think one made my a drunken mess, in a loud bar was really, was exactly appropriate. I came out of the missed calls screen & switched to my text messages. I had 10 new messages. Ironic, I though I don’t ever think I’ve been so popular. The last sent was from Rayen:

Bella why aren’t you answering my calls. We’re all really worried, Jacob especially.. Please ring back Bella. We Love You Bells. Please come back. We’ll talk. Love Rayen X

The text made me feel even guiltier than before, I had worried them, I had worried them all. She had said ‘Jacob especially’ which meant that after all I had done, he had forgiven me. She had said ‘We’ not ‘I’ but ‘We Love You’ which meant after all I had done, he still loved me. I didn’t deserve him, I didn’t deserve such a kind & forgiving friend. He deserved a girl, who loved him equally as he did her, a girl with out complications, a girl without a past, a girl who would live happily with him for the rest of their lives, a girl that I could never be.

I skipped the rest of the messages, all of which were from Rayen until I found one that was instead actually from Charlie.

Hey Bells, Just wondering if you were coming down tonight or tomorrow. Tried to ring but no answer. I suppose you’ve gone out, enjoyed the big day. Jacob said he was thinking of coming down. Have a good time. Ring me when you can. Love Dad.

At least I thought to myself Charlie isn’t none the wiser. This made me feel the miniscule bit better, with Charlie less was always more. He would have more than likely, become extremely worried. It didn’t help that his was a chief of police & so he would probably think the worst, in this sort of situation. Yes it’s much better Charlie’s not in the know. The last thing I needed was to panic my already overprotective father.

I continued scrolling down the list, part of me hoping that Jacob had sent me a message. A message that would change my mind completely & I would find myself fit to marry him. But there was no message. And even if there was, would it make much of a difference, it was clear that I couldn’t marry him, my mind was too stubborn, I couldn’t marry him because I wanted more than anything to marry someone else.

I turned the cell phone off. The calls & texts were unquestionably going to keep on coming, a hassle I felt I needed without.

The barman brought over my specialist beverage again, although this time he carried a pot of mixed nuts with him.

“I thought you’d want summit to eat.” he said laying the drink & nuts before me.

“Thank You.” I managed to mumble. I picked up a peanut from the bowl, the texture was too salty & the nut itself was too soft, but I to my surprise I was immensely hungry & I found myself munching on more of the nuts, almost finishing the bowl within seconds.

The barman chuckled at my rapid eating style.

“Hungry are ya. There’s more where that came from.” he said pointing with his finger to more untouched food bowls that lay across the top of the bar. “Whats ya name anyway?”

“Be….”I paused I couldn’t tell him my real name, I didn’t know this man, he could be a mass murderer for all I knew. I said of the first name that I could think of. “Angela.”

I felt a twang of guilt, for using Angela’s name. Although I hadn’t seen her since graduation, she had been a good friend to me back in Fork High School. She was a good, kind, decent person…unlike myself.

The barman raised his eyebrows, he obviously didn’t believe me, I never had been a good liar, but he didn’t question it all the same.

“Well, then Angela.” He said her, well my name slowly & exaggerated to show his disbelief. He sat down in the same chair that the drug dealer had sat only hours previous. “What’s your story?”

I reached back in my chair, my hands now clammy with sweat, created by the tension that was now present between me & this stranger.

“Uuummm, well nothing. Uuuuum….” I couldn’t gather together my words, it didn’t matter though he still didn’t believe me.

“Its just that I don’t really think a girl like you,” He lifted his hands waving them up & down indicating to me, emphasising his last word. “would hang around in a bar, like this for nothing.”

I didn’t say anything, just ducked my head in shame, of my shear obviousness.

“Am I right?”

I sighed, this was a man I barely knew & already like everyone else he could read me like a book. I nodded my head ever so slightly, the tears beginning once again to soak my cheek bones.

He smiled sympathetically at me, it almost gave a feeling of warmth & put his muscular arm around my shoulder.

“Now then, lovey why don’t you tell old Sam what’s wrong.”

I looked up to meet his gave.

“It’s a long story.”

I squeezed me tight with his arm. Despite this mans rugged appearance I actually felt as if I could trust him.

“I think we have time.”

And without thinking, not even considering the consequences I delved into my long story.