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Edward never returned in New Moon. Bella is celebrating her 21st brithday & is finally ready to get on with her life. But then strange occurunces throught out the day, make her doubt her own sanity. Could Edward really be back?

Ok so this story came to me over a period of Insomnia one night (hence the title). It started off as a oneshot, but then developed into so much more. I became so obsessed with the fic, in the next following weeks, that I even started to dream about it & infact chapter 10, is actually loosely based on a dream of mine. My first ever twilight fanfiction that I ever wrote, hope you like. =D

8. Chapter 8 The Stranger

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The rain was pouring fast & it was irritating as it fell on my head, too late to wish that I had brought my coat. There were no taxis to be seen either, not even many cars. I considered going back into Sam’s bar, but I decided I had bothered him enough for one evening. So, I decided to walk, at least until saw a taxi or maybe even a late bus.

To pass by the time & to distract me from the torrential downpour, I turn my phone back on Again I had more missed calls from Rayen, but I decided to ignore them, the only real way I could apologise was in the flesh, face to face. I did after all have a lot to explain for.

The thought, struck me then. I could quite easily ring for a taxi, it would save me from getting positively drenched in this storm. I looked closely at the screen of the tiny cellular phone. No bars…typical. I’d have to keep on walking.

Walking I decided could actually be quite useful, I needed time to clear my head, to think of what I was going to say, what I was going to do. My decision would no doubt, not only change my own life, but several others too. Whether it was to be for the better that was the question.

As I walked along, I found my self almost making a to do list. A to do list, of the beginning of the rest of my life. I would go see Renee & Phil more. These past few years I had much neglected their company & found at best I saw them maybe once or twice a year, if that. And it was all because part of me, just couldn’t let go of Forks. That was about to change. I would actually try to socialise with my fellow college students. I would become a proper best friend for Rayen. She had after all, since the very first day I had started Peninsula, been there for me. We would do normal girly things, go shopping, have girls nights in, do each others hair or whatever it is that college girls to these days. I may even let her, take me clubbing. Charlie, Charlie I’d appreciate his company more. I’d actually try & be the daughter he should’ve had. And then there was Jacob. I would give Jacob a chance. I wouldn’t marry him, at least not yet. But I would consider him, more than just a friend. No, in fact, I would even give it a try at being his girlfriend.

Girlfriend, no there was a word, that hadn’t been used indicated at me at such a long time. The very thought of it, made me dizzy.

I remembered again the last person I had been considered a girlfriend too, but in truth I had considered myself so much more. Sam said, that I would still love him, that the feeling could possibly never go away. But I had to give living a real life another try. I couldn’t go hanging on a fantasy. Yet there was still part of me that didn’t want to let go. And that part was confusing me.

Jacob could never fill Edwards shoes, that was inevitable, but he loved me & I wanted him to be happy & I wanted myself to be happy, so I had to give it a try. In the bar it had seemed so simple, now that I thought about it now, it was anything but. Could I really be happy with Jacob? I mean really happy? The only real happiness I had ever had, that I ever would have, that I ever could have, was with Edward, that was so clear. Could Jacob ever give me such happiness? Or was this just all a waste of time?

I shook the thought, out of my head. I had to give this try. I had to. If not for myself but for those I loved. I couldn’t carry living on life living like a hermit, like some sort of zombie. Yes, I had to give this try. Even if things didn’t go to plan, I still had to try, otherwise I would never know.

I then heard a noise behind me, a slight grunt. For one brief second, I thought it could have been him. But it was too dull, gritty & jarring to me his musical voice. I turned my head swiftly but kept on walking. It was a very tall man, probably only an inch or so smaller than Jacob, he was wearing one of the hooded jackets that the men in Sam’s had been wearing. I couldn’t see his face though, it was hidden in the dark by his hood.

I kept on walking. It was just a man, just a man, just a human man. No body to worry or even think about.

As I kept walking up the road, I noticed that this man hadn’t turn at all in any other particular direction, he kept on the same path as me. Strange I though Why would he be walking towards town at this time of night?

As the yards passed I noticed this man, was still following me & his steps were becoming more quick paced, so he was barely a few feet away from me. It was all rather strange not to mention creepy.

I remembered I had kept my pepper spray, provided by Charlie, put away safely in my wardrobe for safe keeping, until emergencies.

I decided maybe this was just a coincidence, yes just a coincidence. This was just a man, just a man, walking back home. He’s probably a little drunk doesn’t know where he is. But I couldn’t quite convince myself.

I kept walking anyways. Getting faster & faster with each step, to the point where I was practically running. I made sure my phone stayed safely by my side, in case I would ever need to use it.

He still followed. I didn’t know what to do, I was alone, no one else was here, my pepper spray was at home, my phone had no signal, so I couldn’t contact anyone,. My mind wondered to another occasion, oh too similar to this one. Only that night, my saviour, my Edward, had been there, tonight I was alone.

I made the decision to at least try to avoid this terrifying stalking man. I would have to someway confuse him, to make him think that I had gone a different way. It was hard, but I was going to try & lose him. I noticed a tall terrace building, a apartment block or something of the sort, the door was ever so slightly open. Next to that was a small alley that lead to the very front of Port Angeles boulevard, where all the restaurants, hotels & bars were, where it would be busy.

The plan seemed so simple. I would stay in the porch of the building, wait until it was safe, then take the alley to the boulevard.

I gave one swift look at the man, who had followed me, then stepped right into the building. It was old & derelict & probably hadn’t been lived in, in several years, but it was perfect it kept me safe.

I looked careful through the small window of the door to the building. The man, had kept on walking, he had left. I briefed a sigh of relief.

I waited in the hallway anyways, just to be on the safe side. I must have stayed in there about half an hour, maybe more, until I finally deemed that it would be safe.

I opened the door of the building a jar, looked from left to right several times, just to check. There was no one there. I stepped out cautiously. Still no one there. I was safe.

I turned down into the little alley. Still no one to be seen.

I kept walking ever so vigilantly, my hand tightly wrapped around my phone, in case of emergency.

I had already walked half way down the alley, by the time I noticed.

Waiting, quietly & still, behind the dustbin, was the man, who had followed me previously. I gulped. I knew I was heading for danger & there was no running from it, he was already too close. It seemed ironic that just as I was ready to begin a fresh start of life, I was going to die.

“Think you could run away from me did you darling.” he snarled. His voice even more petrifying than I feared.

I started to run, it was the only thing I could do. But he was faster, much faster. In seconds he knocked me to the ground.

I hit my head hard, against the concrete, a gush of blood came running out. The sudden feeling of nausea came.

He threw me up holding, me tight against his chest. In his hand was a small yet deadly sharp knife, he held it tightly against my throat.

“Don’t even think about screaming.” he barked. He crushed his body closer to mine. “Otherwise, I’ll slit your throat without another thought.”

He licked the side of my face. His tongue, cold dark, hideous, like a poison. All I could do was to beg for my death to come quickly. I was a coward, I had no choice to give in. I was to die the coward I had always bee.

“And, we don’t want that do we now.” He turned me still with a fierce grip to face him. “No, we don’t such a pretty face.”

He stroked my cheek with his thumb on the hand that held the knife. I watched in disgust, the tears now pour more than ever before.

I didn’t want to die like this. This wasn’t the way I wanted to go. I wanted to live. I wanted to try for Jacob. I wanted to see if a normal life was possible for me. And now it was clear that life would never come, because in a few hours, maybe if I’m lucky a few minutes I would be dead.

I continued to watch his thumb as it caressed my face. His hand was cold ice cold, but not the cold, I had wished to feel for so long. No this cold was a painful cold, like someone was ripping my skin.

I thought of my Edward. This was probably the most dangerous situation I could ever have landed in & yet his voice stayed silent. And that was all I needed, all I begged for, just to have his voice, to comfort me & take me easily to my death.

I tried to imagine, what he would say but I couldn’t, my mind was too jumbled to think of anything else but wanting him here.

As this stranger was ready to kill me, the memories all came flooding back, that first day in biology how he had wanted to kill me so badly, he stare, his eyes, the day he had returned, our small conversation, the day he had saved me from Tylers van, the times he had ignored me, the day we finally spoke again, the day he had saved me from those men, when I found out the truth of what he really was, the days that followed, his puzzling questions, the day in the meadow, his confession, our first kiss, the night he had first stayed, the day he introduced me to his family, baseball, James - how he had almost killed me, the day Edward had saved me in the ballet studio, the day I had first awoke in the hospital, the weeks that followed, the prom, the summer of a lifetime, the worst weather conditions forks had seen in a long time, my birthday, the paper cut, Jasper & finally the day he had left, left for good.

All this time I secretly wished that If I was to die, I would be with him.

I love you Edward” I silently thought in my head. It would probably be my last thought.

And then I heard his voice again, only softly & gently in my head, but I still heard it.

Fight back Bella”

The murderer was still stroking my face with his thumb, up & down my cheek, just inches away from my mouth. And with out even hardly thinking, I bit it, with all might & strength I bit down hard on to his thumb.

He gave a loud yelp & dropped the knife of which he was holding. Blood poured from his womb, the blood was slightly visible, a small chunk of his thumb now missing.

I began to sprint, as fast as I could down the alley. But he had already noticed & was sprinting after me.

With the same bloody hand he pulled me back, by my face, covering my mouth.

He pushed me against a wall. Another crack. I felt the blood now oozing rapidly down the back of my head.

“My, my aren’t we the feisty one.”

He started ripping at my shirt, popping off the first couple of buttons that held it up. He briefly then stopped after a minute or so. He then started to roughly kissed, though it felt more like tiny bites, to my neck. He started with his free hand that didn’t hold me to the wall, to undo his trousers.

This is it I thought I’m now truly going to die.

I didn’t even try to fight back at him, I had said my goodbyes to Edward & that was all that really mattered. I would die now & for some reason it no longer scared me. Life had not been worth living with out Edward, death would ultimately be the better option.

Then suddenly, so quick that my eyes could barely adjust he was ripped from me & was now pinned to the ground, yards from where we had been standing.

I looked up to see exactly what had happened.

And there he stood. Still exactly how I had last saw him. His unusual bronze hair, his perfect angular features, his luminous pale skin & his exotic topaz eyes still exactly as they were three years ago. He looked so young, forever seventeen.

My eyes darted for the moment to man now lying on the ground. Not quite unconscious, but he had blood now oozing from his face & head like a river onto the hard paving.

Edward turned to face me.

“Bella.” he said. His eyes were almost smouldering. It had been so long. It had been too long.

And that was all he said. He smiled ever so gently at me, we just stood there staring at each other just staring for several moments. A moment that I would forever treasure.

I didn’t even think of the consequences, I ran to him, my saviour, my hero, my Edward and with all my might I jumped into his arms & I kissed him.

And he kissed me back. It was like no other kissed we had ever shared, he had always been so careful, so gentle, worried of what he could do to me, but now he was exactly the opposite.

After what could have been hours for all I cared, he suddenly stopped.

“You have to get out of here.”

He walked me over to the boulevard, walked across the busy road and sat me on one of the benches.

There was so many things I had to tell him, ask him, but they could all wait because for now I was treasuring the moment - Edward was back.

“I’ll be back.” he assured me., then turned to the dark alley where the murderer still lay.

I sat there & thought of nothing else but my saviour. He was back I was sure of that but then the question bubbled in my mind ‘Was he back for good?’. That was what I couldn’t be sure of.

But my question would have to wait, as standing across the road was Edward & I became all to intoxicated by his presense.

Again without thinking, I ran back over to him, over the road of the boulevard.

I didn’t see the car coming straight, at me until the very last second. It was all so quick, not even Edward could be fast enough to save me.

The force was rigid & painful, I let out a scream in agony. I toppled within seconds to the floor.

I felt myself suddenly faint, as if I was about to drift away into another sleep. The pain was excruciating against my ribs & hips, I felt that death was so surely to come.

Edward was at my side almost immediately. I could tell by his face that he was worried, he knew it as surely as I, that I was going to die.

I felt myself drifting away into my sleep.

“Bella.” he said. “Bella, please, no, don’t do this stay with me Bella, stay with me. Stay alive.”

He gripped me tight against him, cradling me.

“Come one, Bella please, stay with me. Don’t do this to me Bella god damn it Bella. Stay alive, please Bella, please.”

He began to kiss my wrists & cheeks & forehead, still muttering my name.

I could feel death certainly coming, there was just one thing I wanted to say, before I left him forever.

“I will always love you Edward.”

He kissed my slightly on the lips. Then looked deep fully into my eyes.

“I will always love you Bella.”

And with that I fell suddenly into my deep & eternal slumber.