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Sometimes Goodbye Is A Second Chance

After 5 years of rebuilding his life and putting the pieces back together, everything falls apart once again when she comes storming back into his life. Alice/Jasper - AU and AH

Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me. I am not, will never be and never was Stephenie Meyer. This is an Alice Jasper AU and AH story. And also my first Twilight story.

14. Chapter 14

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Jasper’s POV

I tried not to shut the door too loudly as I exited the bedroom, unfortunately I was unsuccessful. My emotions were a mess and I didn’t know what to think. I went downstairs, grabbed a shirt from the couch and proceeded straight out the door. I walked into the woods and hit the first tree I could find. I needed to get some of this anger out of me. All this time I had thought she had had enough of me and that I wasn’t good enough for her. Leaving in that way because she couldn’t admit it in my face; only to find out it wasn’t like that at all.

“You did what you thought best, even if it was wrong. You should have known better, but you didn’t.” I tried to calm her down, but my words weren’t exactly chosen well. Even if I understood what she did and why she did it now; I still couldn’t get over the fact that she didn’t trust me. I was disappointed.