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Sometimes Goodbye Is A Second Chance

After 5 years of rebuilding his life and putting the pieces back together, everything falls apart once again when she comes storming back into his life. Alice/Jasper - AU and AH

Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me. I am not, will never be and never was Stephenie Meyer. This is an Alice Jasper AU and AH story. And also my first Twilight story.

20. Chapter 20

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CHAPTER 20: Home is Where You Belong

you know …

That I love you - I have loved you all along
And I miss you - Been far away for far too long
I keep dreaming you'll be with me and you'll never go
Stop breathing if I don't see you anymore

On my knees, I'll ask - Last chance for one last dance
'Cause with you, I'd withstand - All of hell to hold your hand

Far Away by Nickelback

Jasper's POV

After Alice gained the attention of Ella, the little pumpkin was always at her side. A while later, Jack got jealous and wanted Alice’s attention as well. At first she looked confused, but didn’t mind and handled the situation well, playing with and entertaining both of them. Rose and Em had a small swing-set set up in the backyard, which kept them busy most of the time.

It was so good to hear the twins laugh again, I’d missed it. I remember how good it had always been, when I watched them. They always made me smile and feel at peace, and that was a hard thing to accomplish … then. They had grown since I’d seen them the last time. But luckily they both still recognized me.

Both were also curious about Amber, and wanted to play with her; so I put her in a stroller and helped them push her around slowly. Rose grabbed the camera, laughing, and took a few shots. I knew the camera would be clicking the whole weekend long.

We also gave them the gifts we bought for them, a car for Jack and a baby doll for Ella. They both seemed taken with the gifts and played with them for a short while and later took them everywhere with them.

The rest of the afternoon passed quickly. While Alice and Rose looked after and played with the kids, Emmett and I grilled some steaks. Rose already prepared the salad beforehand, so the only thing left to do was the grilling.

Alice and Rose left with the kids to give them a bath and feed them before they were off to bed, and in the meanwhile Emmett and I passed the time grilling steaks, having a light conversation.

“Hey man, pass me that beer, will you?” Emmett said to me and I got him a fresh beer. We heard Amber squeal happily from the house and chuckled.

“The little munchkin is really cute,” Emmett said and asked smiling, “How are you handling the whole situation?”

“I was concerned before she was born, afraid I won’t be able to look at her, but then, I don’t know, something happened and I fell in love with her.” I admitted.

“Hard not to,” Em said and patted me on the back. “I’m just worried,” Em began.

And I looked at him with a question in my eyes, wondering what he was worrying about.

“About how she gets any sleep at night with you two going at each other,” he started laughing.

I rolled my eyes and punched him in the arm, causing him to almost drop his beer.

“One just has to look at you and see the attraction, boy, I can almost feel it.” And then just because he was Emmett, he had to add, “I know how it was with Rose and I.”

“I don’t want to hear,” I protested. “She’s my sister.”

“What’s going on there?” Rose asked suspiciously, bringing the salad from the kitchen.

“Nothing, babe, just telling Jasper here how we used to wake the babies up at night,” he laughed proudly.

“Ugh, Emmett,” she yelled at him, and just returned inside.

It was my time to laugh at him now. He joined me. I liked having him as a brother-in-law; he was so easy going, always cheering you up or making fun of you. He was also fiercely protective of his family and friends, and that agreed with me. I respected him, plus he has always had my back.

Rose brought Ella and Jack for us to kiss them goodnight.

“Where’s Alice?” I asked Rose.

“She’s still bathing Amber,” Rose answered about to take the kids back inside and to bed.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” I said to Em, who smiled cheekily.

“Be careful, everything’s wet,” Rose warned me. “We made a terrible mess.”

I nodded and entered the house. I could hear Alice’s laughter from upstairs.

“Amber, stop kicking, you’re making mommy all wet,” Alice giggled.

I took the stairs two at the time and stopped at the bathroom door. Alice just took Amber out of the little bathtub and put her on the baby dresser. Amber kept gooing and kicking and Alice kept laughing. It was quite a sight to behold.

“You got mommy all wet and now I’ll have to change,” she said and kissed baby girl on the nose.

“I could help you with that,” I suggested.

She turned around quickly, only now realizing I’ve been standing there.

“You would like that, now, wouldn’t you,” she asked teasingly, while at the same time drying Amber.

I moved closer and nodded, “Very much.”

Alice giggled and put a fresh diaper on Amber. “As much as I’d like that, I was thinking more in terms that you could dress Amber and let me change, so we can get her to bed and go down to dinner. I’m starving.”

I sighed dramatically, “I guess I could do that, too.”

I gave her a quick but intimate kiss and smacked her on the ass when she was leaving the bathroom, then turned my attention to Amber, lying there smiling.

“What are you smiling about, baby girl?” I asked, chuckling. “Come here, let’s get you dressed.”

After I dressed Amber, Alice fed her and then we put her to bed. We headed downstairs, when Rose met us in the kitchen and we went outside together to have dinner. The evening was very warm, but the nice breeze did wonders. The meal was delicious and the conversation was relaxed and at ease. Emmett kept making jokes and Alice almost spilled her drink a couple of times. Rose and Alice alternately checked on the little ones every now and then, to see if they were sleeping and everything was fine. Me and Emmett, on the other hand, were pretty much useless and were just sitting there, having our beers.

“Don’t you think you two have had enough?” Rose asked Em.

“Nah,” Em answered her, kissing her cheek, “we’re having a party here and since neither of us have to drive tonight, keep them coming.”

I chuckled, while Rose rolled her eyes at her husband, but handed him a fresh beer anyway.

“Suit yourself,” she said to both of us, “but we’re going to the beach tomorrow.”

“Great,” Em exclaimed, “that’s going to be so much fun.”

Rose handed me another beer, too and turned to Alice, “Like little kids.”

Alice giggled, sat back down next to me and snuggled closer.

“Remember the reunion party we once had at Jessica’s? You know that time after you moved into your apartment?” Alice asked Rose.

“I’ll never forget that one,” Rose said and chuckled. “She had nothing but fruit punch and crackers. I remember how disappointed Bella was and how annoyed the guys were.”

“And then Edward and Jazz here decided to go get some real drinks, and Bella stormed off home angry to get some real party food,” Emmett chipped in.

“And we had our own party at her gazebo in her backyard, basically ignoring everyone else.” I added.

“Well, Angela and Ben joined us for a little while, but had to leave early,” Alice said.

“But we had a great time,” Rose said, one of the best parties, “although everyone was pissed at us later, giving us shifty looks.”

“Nothing new there,” I laughed.

“Who cares,” Em said a little tipsy. “Screw them.”

“Right on,” I joined him, clashing my beer bottle to his.


“Wake up, sleepyhead,” someone tried to wake me. But I couldn’t. I heard the voice but couldn’t open my eyes; I just wanted to fall back into oblivion.

“Come on, Jazz,” the voice persisted and I sighed. But when the smell of a freshly made coffee reached my nostrils, I gave in and opened my eyes. My head felt so heavy, although not painful, but my stomach was all queasy.

“Finally,” Alice said and kissed me on the nose. “Good morning,” she chirped, while I still struggled with keeping my eyes open.

“What time is it?” I asked.

“10,” Alice answered. “And you need to get up and get dressed, so we can go to the beach,” she jumped happily.

“Oh,” I yawned and closed my eyes again. “Five more minutes.”

“Nah, nah,” Alice persisted. “Up, now.”

I sat up, grinned and pulled her on the bed, under me. “Five more minutes,” I chuckled and laid my head into the crock of her neck. She giggled, but didn’t move.

“Three minutes,” she ordered.


I got up eight minutes later and went to the bathroom to freshen up. I slowly got my ass down to the kitchen, where eggs and bacon awaited readily. Emmett was already sitting at the table, although not completely dressed yet, with a grim look on his face.

I nodded and started eating. I had no idea when we went to bed, I only knew the girls went ahead. It must have been almost morning already.

“My head’s going to explode,” Emmett complained. “And now they want to drag us into the sun, ugh.”

I chuckled silently, thankful that I wasn’t feeling that bad. “Sucks, doesn’t it.” As his answer, I received some bread thrown at my head.

“Morning,” Rose said, Ella in her arms. “We have already packed everything; you only have to put it in the car.”

After I finished breakfast and my second cup of coffee, Rose handed me Ella, who giggled happily.

“Tatta,” Ella squealed.

“And good morning to you too,” I said, kissing her on the forehead.

“Here, drink this, idiots,” Rose said and handed us both a glass of water with something in it. I eyed her quizzically, but she waved me off. “Don’t ask, just drink, you’ll feel better.”

I did. It tasted horrible. Emmett made a grimace and Ella laughed.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you, little monster,” Emmett said to her.

Alice came in with Amber in her arms and Jack on her heels. “We are so ready to go.”

I got up, feeling better after breakfast, and Emmett followed suit. He went to get dressed and I took the bags to the car. 15 minutes later we were all ready and on the way to the beach. The day was beautiful, sunny without a cloud in the sky.

We went to the far end of the beach, where some rocks provided a nice shadow, and the water was shallower. Ella and Jack were excited and kept walking toward the water and back. Rose watched them like a hawk, while Alice set up all out stuff. I helped her with the beach chairs, while she handled the towels and toys. We also had plenty of food and drink, I put deep into the rocks, so it would all stay cold, together with other stuff. Emmett sat down in a chair, and played with Amber in his lap.

“Dude,” Emmett said, “can you give me some water. I feel like I hadn’t had anything to drink since forever.”

I handed him some water, “Here you go, man.”

Rose applied sun cream on both Ella and Jack and then on Amber, too. She handed it over to Alice, and said, “Let’s go into the water.” Alice agreed readily. She seemed really happy and content, and I was glad we made the trip.

Alice’s POV

When Jasper took of his shirt, and was standing there in the sun only in his green and black bathing shorts, I needed to gasp for air. I’ve seen him shirtless many times now, but the effect was even better in the sun. And when he and Emmett ran into the water to clear their heads and cool off, only to return a few minutes later to join us, the water glittered on his beautiful chest, dripping down from his hair, I couldn’t help myself, but ogle him.

“Stop starring,” Rose chuckled.

“Oh, you’re one to talk,” I reminded her.

“Whatever, let’s join them.” And we took the kids; Ella and Jack were excited to finally get wet, while Amber was eyeing the water suspiciously, albeit curiously. She had never seen the sea before.

I walked towards Jasper and he held his arms out, “Come here, baby girl.”

She squealed in delight, when I handed her over, and Jasper held her close, all wet. He walked back in the water, Amber in his arms. He then swayed her, so her feet touched the water. She let out a cry, but when he did it again, she started kicking happily.

“I knew you’d like this,” Jasper said to her and crouched down, so they were both fully in the water.

I laughed and slowly joined them. The water was not that cold, rather refreshing, but I still had to get in slowly. I reached them a few moments later and kneeled down on the soft sand.

“Hey peanut,” I greeted Amber, “what’cha doing?”

“She’s a natural,” Jasper said, while spinning Amber around in the water. She giggled happily; kicking with her legs and arms.

“And how’re you this morning?” I asked Jasper. He and Emmett were pretty busy last night, staying up later than Rose and I. I wasn’t even sure when he’d come to bed, I knew I was already fast asleep.

“I’m fine, I was a little drowsy in the morning, but after breakfast and some fresh air I’m as good as new,” Jasper smiled. “And although I hate to admit it, the brew Rose gave me probably helped.”

“I think Emmett is way worse off,” Jasper chuckled, and I turned to take a look. Emmett was already out of the water, fast asleep on his towel.

I chuckled and we moved closer to Rose and the twins. We stayed in the water for a little bit longer, but then decided the kids had enough. I had to feed Amber and Ella and Jack wanted a snack as well. Emmett was still out and Jasper positioned the sun umbrella so that he wouldn’t get sunburnt.

We were playing with the kids in the sand for a while, but when they got tired, we laid them down on the towel, so they could take a nap, too. Rose decided she needed some rest, laid down and took a book out of her bag. Jazz and I went into the water again, alone this time.

“Come on, lets go for a swim,” Jasper said and took my hand. We sunk into the blue water and let it do its magic.

“This is wonderful,” I said, “we definitely should do this more often.”

“It does feel great; we should go up to the lake soon, especially since Amber enjoys the water, too.”

I nodded. “I’m really happy we came here.”

“Not nervous anymore?” he asked me, smiling.

“Nope, the nervousness went out the window the minute we got into the car.” I lay onto my back, started floating on the water. “It’s just so nice to be here, to see them again, and to spend some time with them. If someone told me six months ago I’d be here today, I’d think they were crazy.”

Jasper pulled me to him, and I sat in his lap. “Don’t think about that time anymore, Alice. You’re here, I’m here, we’re here. And that’s all that matters.”

He kissed me then and I could taste the salt in his kiss. I sighed contently and opened my mouth wider, giving him a better access. He groaned and fastened the pace, while I played with his hair. I was so lost in the kiss, the wave that hit us caught me off guard and I squealed.

“Come on, let’s go out, before I forget myself and take you right here, in front of everyone,” Jasper threatened. I wasn’t sure if I’d mind, but I went with him anyway.

Emmett woke up when we came out and was the old Emmett again, hangover completely forgotten. While we dried off, Em went to the water to freshen up. And he brought some back with him and sprinkled it on Rose, who had fallen asleep, reading her book. She woke up angrily and chased after him. I chuckled, watching them, Jasper’s arms securely around me.

Emmett then wanted to play some beach volley and after checking on the kids, who were all still fast asleep, we formed teams, Rose and Emmett against Jasper and I. I hadn’t played volleyball in a while, but it seemed like neither had the others. At first the ball was flying everywhere, but then we got a hang of it and started a healthy competition. Or, not so healthy.

“Come on, babe, you can do it,” Emmett cheered, when Rose served.

They were good, but we weren’t bad either.

“Way to go, Jazz,” I screamed, when we scored a point. “We’ll beat their asses.”

I laughed so hard when Emmett dived in the sand for the ball. He managed to save it, but looked like a hurricane just passed him by, covered in sand from head to toe. I couldn’t stop laughing and missed the ball completely.

Another time, Jazz and I went for the ball at the same time, and crashed into each other, falling into the sand, losing another point.

We got mixed reactions from the passer-bys. An elderly couple smiled fondly at us, we probably looked like little children, screaming and cheering, sand all over us. A few girls stopped to watch for a little while and admired Jazz and Emmett so obviously, they both looked uncomfortable. We also earned ourselves some evil stares, but every time that happen, Rose glared back at them, asking, “What?” No one ever answered her.

We lost the first game, although not by much, but when we were in the middle of the second game, Jack woke up - and started crying. Which caused Ella and Amber to wake up as well.

Emmett went to Jack, “Hey buddy, don’t cry, we’re all here.” Ella already scooted closer and sat in her father’s lap. Jasper went to get Amber, “Hey baby girl, it’s ok.”

Rose and I just stood there, looking at them, smiling.

“He’s very good with Amber, isn’t he,” she asked.

I nodded and she continued. “I’ve watched him with her and saw how protective he was. When Ella and Jack wanted to play with her, he always stayed there, helping them and took care neither one was too rough.”

“We’ve talked about it,” I said, “and he has no problem with her, quite the opposite, she has him wrapped around her little finger. She’s his little princess.”

“He’ll be a good dad to her,” Rose said.

“I know, I just can’t believe he actually took me back and accepted my daughter as well,” I confessed.

“He takes after his sister,” Rose winked, keeping the conversation light. “Come on, let’s eat, I’m starving.”

When the boys were still asleep in the morning, Rose and I prepared a lot of food for the day. We made sandwiches, packed cold chicken, tomatoes and cheese, bread, some homemade muffins and fruit.

We stayed till late in the afternoon, playing with the kids, swimming, and just enjoying the wonderful day. This was what family was all about. I remembered how it was with my family. We never did much together, and even if we did, I always felt left out. Nobody really cared. And therefore this felt that much better. I wasn’t the fifth wheel, I was just as much part of it as everyone else and that made me smile.

After we got back home, the kids were exhausted from the long busy day, and while I fed and changed Amber, Jasper put Ella and Jack to bed. He came down an hour later, explaining he read them a long fairy tale for goodnight. But his hair was ruffled and his eyes unfocused and we all knew he fell asleep with them.

We listened to some music and played poker, Jasper winning almost every single time. A while later, Emmett could hardly keep his eyes open and therefore he and Rose decided to just call it a day. I put our glasses away and cleaned the table, while Jazz counted his pile of chips he won.

“You do know you have two thirds of all the chips there anyway, why do you have to count them,” I teased.

“To know how much I won,” he rolled his eyes.

I went to the radio and played with the CD player until I found a song I liked; We Are The Lucky Ones by Bif Naked. I suddenly felt Jasper’s arms around me; I didn’t even realize he’d stood up from the table

“Come and dance with me,” he whispered in my ear.

I turned around and slipped my hand in his. “We haven’t danced in so long,” I said. We used to dance a lot, although usually only when we were alone. I felt at home in his arms and there was nowhere I’d rather be.

I know we are... we are the lucky ones
I know we are... we are the lucky ones
I know we are... we are the lucky ones, dear

“Sometimes I’m scared this is only a dream,” I whispered to Jasper.

He leaned back and looked me in the eyes, still dancing. “Don’t be.”

“I’m just so happy and I haven’t been happy in such a long time. I want this to work, but at the same time I’m scared that everything is going to fall apart and go away,” I explained.

Jasper sighed, gripping my hand stronger. “I know how you feel. It’s normal, cause I feel the same. We’ve been through hell and hell’s had consequences. But we can do this, you know that, right?”

Remember the time we made love in the roses
(And you took my picture in all sorts of poses!)
How could I ever get over you, when I’d give my life for yours

“I just don’t think it’s right for me to have you.” He looked at me cautiously, and I had to elaborate.

“It’s just that I don’t deserve you. After all I’ve put you through; you shouldn’t be so willing to take me back.”

“Hey, hey,” Jasper grabbed my chin, “what brought this on now?”

“I don’t know, I’ve just realized how lucky I am and thought I should be fair and give you a way out.” I admitted in a shaky voice.

“Do you want me to take the way out?” Jasper asked slowly, still swaying.

“God no,” I exclaimed. Without giving me a chance to say something else, he brought his lips down to mine and kissed me. There was no room left for doubts in the kiss, it was his way to shut me up and stop thinking about it.

My dear, It's time to say I thank god for you
I thank god for you in each and every single way
And, I know... I know... I know... I know...

“Let’s clear something up,” Jasper started after pulling back, “you’re mine.”

I smiled, a tear sliding down my cheek.

“You’re mine and nothing will ever change that. Even all those years you were away, you were mine.” He kissed me again, harder this time.

“And when you were gone, I had no reason to live. I was like a ghost. But then you came back and gave me my heart back, and I started living again. And I’m sure that were you to leave again, I’d fall apart. But I’m not sure I’d make it this time.”

His fervor made me shiver and he pulled me close. “You’re my everything, Alice.”

It's time to let you know, time to let you know
Time to let you know, time to sit here and say...
I know we are... we are the lucky ones

“I never want to lose you again,” he said. “I love you, Alice.”

I stopped breathing for a few seconds. “I love you, too” I answered with all my heart. And kissed him. He pulled me closer, and his hands started roaming down my back, while our tongues danced their own dance.

He then turned the radio off, picked me up and carried me upstairs. The soft bed slowly came into contact with my back. He started kissing my slowly, but intimately, there was no rush, just ongoing pleasure. He took his time in removing my clothes, slowly and tenderly. I gasped when his hand touched my exposed skin, leaving me wanting more.

His mouth left mine and I already wanted to complain, when I suddenly felt it again, leaving a wet trace down my throat. He stopped and returned upwards to my earlobe, nibbling on it a bit, before continuing down to my breasts. I arched my back upwards, craving his touch and his mouth. He didn’t disappoint. His tongue gently and slowly teased my breasts, avoiding the nipples. I left out a groan and he chuckled, “Patience, darlin’.”

He continued down my stomach and then up again, this time focusing on my nipples. I gasped when he licked them and then blew at them with his breath, so they became even harder. At that time, I was already completely wet between my thighs, especially since I could feel the pressure of his hard cock.

The wet path then continued to me bellybutton and finally ended where I wanted it most. I shivered, when he tasted me and gently probed me with his tongue. I never wanted it to end. First he entered me with one finger, and I almost screamed out, then he did it with two and I almost came right then and there. I needed him to fill me, to feel him inside of me and I pulled him up. But he resisted, “Not yet.”

He continued his loving torture with his fingers and tongue and I couldn’t hold back much longer. I surrendered and came right into his mouth. I tried to catch my breath, when he moved up and kissed me hungrily. I could taste myself on his tongue.

He entered me swiftly and started rocking us slowly, but firmly. I could feel the heat building up again inside me; his silent moans driving me crazy. He silenced my pants with his mouth, causing me to shiver all over. The pace quickened, his thrusts became faster. His hands were all over me, one second on my hips, and the other second on my ass and then back up again. His tongue baited me, teased me and made me crazy. And just when I thought he was going to come, he slowed down completely again and the dance began anew.

“I can’t take it anymore. Please,” I gasped, when the pace was fast again and he traced his tongue down my throat.

“Then come for me, darlin’,” he said, his voice filled with southern drawl.

And I did. I came hard around him and knew that would push him over the edge. This time I silenced his moan with my mouth.

Afterwards, we laid in each other arms spend, but sated and slowly drifted off to sleep.


We pretty much spent the next day doing nothing but chatting, playing with the kids and having fun. Emmett and Jasper played some more video games, while I helped Rose make lunch. Although she gave up on me soon, saying, “I forgot how useless you are in the kitchen.”

“Fine,” I answered her, “suit yourself. I’ll go where I’m wanted,” sticking my tongue out at her and went to entertain the kids.

It was a relaxed Sunday, and in the afternoon we were ready to go back home. Home, how good that sounded.

Jasper and Emmett took our bags to the car, while Rose cuddled Amber. We had already kissed the kids goodbye before they went to take their afternoon nap.

“Don’t get too big until we see you again,” she said and kissed her forehead. We made plans to have the picnic in two weeks, so it won’t be that far till we see the whole family again.

“I had such a great time,” I said to Rose and hugged her. “You should totally come and stay sometimes, too.”

“We will,” she promised. “We have much to catch on and I have to take care of my niece, too.”

Emmett and Jasper returned, and Em gave me another bear hug. “Come here, pixie,” he said, “Have a safe trip. And take good care of the little munchkin.”

Jasper kisses Rose goodbye. “Don’t be a stranger,” Rose said to him.

“We’ll see you in two weeks,” we waved them goodbye.

The drive home passed quickly, I fell asleep soon after we set off, tired from the weekend and ready to fall into the already familiar bed at home. Amber was sleeping soundly, too, and Jasper was driving, listening to some music.

He stopped in the town, needing to buy gas for the car. I woke up and went to the store to pay for it and get us some coffee. Amber was still sleeping peacefully.

“Here you go,” I gave Jasper his coffee, when I got back into the car.

“You’re a Godsend,” he smiled.

The coffee did wonders and I was fully awake again.

“I’m so looking forward to seeing everyone for the picnic in two weeks,” I said to Jasper. “And we have to send Carlisle and Esme the pics we took, they’ll love them.”

“I’m sure Rose’ll shower them with the ones she took,” Jasper chuckled.

“But still …,” I insisted and he nodded.

“Whatever you want, darlin’,” he said and kissed my hand. I loved the nickname he always used for me. He had many different nicknames for many people, but he only used darlin’ for me.

We were already almost in front of the house, when I heard Jasper say, “What the hell?”

“What?” I asked and looked through the windshield.

I saw a person leaning on the wall, but didn’t recognize who it was. A few seconds later, I immediately tensed and my heart started banging loudly, when I whispered, “Lauren.”