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Missing Dawn

WARNING!! CONTAINS A LOT OF SMUT, DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE YOUNGER THAN 18!!!! Edward & Bella's story of love making, the stuff you didn't get to read in the original. Enjoy! ( BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE 18 OR OLDER)

DIRTY,SMUTTY,SEXY! Sorry this chapters sooo short, it will be way longer tomorrow, PROMISE!

1. sweet night

Rating 1.5/5   Word Count 512   Review this Chapter

I was leaving Bella alone to prepare herself for the unruly event taking place tonight.

As I was exiting the house I heard Bella’s breath catch in her throat, I was just about to turn around to explain to her that we didn’t need to do this tonight, but she was back to normal in mere seconds.

I decided to go skinny dipping first, you know, to slowly ease into this situation.

Bella was more than happy to go skinny dipping with me; I on the other hand was not.

But if this is what Bella wants, I shall give it to her.

As I tore off my clothes and entered the very warm sea, I began to think about the night Bella had asked me for this. How sad she seemed to be when I had said no, it pained me so much to see her upset to the point of crying. I gave in. Bella had no clue how close she was to getting her way that very night.

I then heard the sound of water, clearly coming from the shower.

I listened harder; it seemed Bella was trying to calm herself down with the hot water.

Hmm, maybe she’s not ready; we could do this another time. No you will give her what she wants, I kept repeating to myself.

Soon so soon the water shut off and Bella was standing next to me, naked.

My heart if it were still beating surely would have stopped at the sight of Bella’s soft pink nipples as they brushed off the side of my body and on to my stomach.

She smelled so good, but that was the least of my worries. My only worries were, Bella getting hurt by my drive to pleasure her and myself, or if she didn’t want to do this anymore. That last thought surprised me; I guess I was as eager for this as Bella was all along.

I bent down to pick her up, she wrapped her legs around my waist, I could feel the soft little hairs on her vagina, it felt good against my stone hard skin.

Bella was flushing a little; I guess she liked the feel of my penis just against her belly button.

I was starting to feel Bella’s arousal in the air, much the same as she could feel mine, because the next thing I knew she was kissing me hungrily along my jaw line.

I kissed her back, my penis started to rise, Bella felt it and gave me a look s to say “Go on, it’s okay.”

I smiled gently and said “Shall we take this inside Mrs.Cullen?”

She flushed the deepest color scarlet I have ever seen.

“Y-Yes please?” The way she answered made it sound like a question.

“Don’t worry love, it will be okay. But Bella, if I hurt you at all, tell me right away.”

“Okay, But a little pain is to be expected the first time. I promise I will tell you if it becomes too much.” She replied.

I smiled tenderly and whisked her out of the sea and into the house.