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What Not to Watch with Your Boyfriend

Renee finally sends the rest of Bella's things to her.


1. Chapter 1

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Wow, I’d never realized how much stuff I’d left behind in Phoenix before I moved to Forks. I never thought I was such a packrat! So far I’d found two library books I’d forgotten to return (oops), and three CD’s of Renee’s so it wasn’t technically all mine. I’d been asking Renee to send this stuff to me for ages, but she had always made her excuses, she couldn’t find boxes, she didn’t have the time to go through everything, I might need some when I came to visits, things like that. I guess my accident in Phoenix and my refusal to move to Florida had finally gotten the message through to her; I wasn’t moving back anytime soon.

I got to one box labeled MOVIES. It was surprisingly heavy considering I hadn’t owned too many. Maybe Renee had decided to split the DVD collection. I opened to box inside was my DVDs, a few Phil had recommended that he must have picked up, and three unlabeled cases. Strange, I put those aside.

I continued to open up boxes letting out a sigh of relief when I found the rest of my books. I had thought that there would be something missing, but it was all there, even the stuffed animal I had slept with as a child. Ironically enough it was a lamb. I started to break down the boxes and tidy the room up. I was contemplating calling Alice and seeing if she wanted to come over when there was a knock on my window. I looked up to see my Greek god sitting on the tree branch just outside. I quickly went and unlatched the window.

“Back early? What, no irritable grizzly?” I asked.

He laughed, “No, but Alice called and told me that I need to come over right away.”

That made me nervous. Usually when Alice had a vision regarding me it wasn’t a good sign, but Edward didn’t look worried which confused me. “Is something wrong?”

He answered with that voice like honey, “No, she just said there was something I need to see over here. Maybe she just meant you, because I was missing you.”

“I missed you too.” I said leaning into his embrace, “Are you sure that this whole eating thing is absolutely necessary?”

He laughed again, “Unfortunately yes. What’s this?” He was sitting on my bed in a flash holding up my stuffed lamb.

“That is Inky, he was my stuffed animal when I was little.”

“Bella, I don’t know if you noticed, but this lamb is not dark, it’s almost pink,” He started to laugh again.

I blushed, “I know, but when I was two I couldn’t say pinky, so he became inky.” His laughter just got louder.

After he was done laughing at my expense he went over to the box of DVDs. “Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, Phantom of the opera, Terminator?”

I sighed, “Phil seemed to think it was his personal duty to cure me of my aversion to bloody movies, he thought that would be a good way to start.”

He smiled, “What are on these?” He pointed to the blank DVD cases.

“I don’t know, but it’s probably just some stuff mom taped of the TV one day.”

He was lost in thought for a moment, “Can we watch them?”

I shrugged, “Sure, why not?”