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What Not to Watch with Your Boyfriend

Renee finally sends the rest of Bella's things to her.


2. Why did I agree to this?

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We settled downstairs on the couch, and Edward went to put in a DVD. He sat down next to me, pulling me against him. It was very convenient to have a boyfriend who was ice cold on hot summer nights. He pushed play.

The movie started and there was something about the background music that was undeniably familiar. Maybe Edward had played it in the car or something. Flashing across the screen were adorable little girls in frilly tutus, which was weird, Renee had never really been into dance. The only time I ever remember her taking and interest was back when…


The only time Renee ever took an interest in dance was back when I took lessons. That’s why the music sounded so familiar; it was from my first (and last) recital. I had about twenty seconds before my classes dance came on and I had to decide whether I wanted to fake being tired and go to bed so Edward wouldn’t see me, or if I wanted to pretend like nothing was wrong and hope he didn’t notice. Ten seconds left…. I’ll just hope he doesn’t notice.

The music for my class’s dance was playing now, and I almost ran away. No, maybe he won’t notice, maybe he’ll think it’s a freak look alike, maybe-

“Bella, is that you?” Who was I kidding, he always notices.

“Umm, no! Why would you think something like that?” Yeah, that’s it, cover it up, maybe he’ll drop it!

“Bella, I know that is you! I would recognize those brown eyes anywhere! Why didn’t you mention you used to take dance lessons?”

“Just keep watching, you’ll understand in a second.” At that moment the girl who had the misfortune to be positioned next to me was hit in the head with my arm, “That’s why.”

He smiled, “So what Bella you hit one girl. That’s nothing to be ashamed of!” The girl on my other side got kicked in the stomach, “Okay, so you hit two girls, people have done worse.” My hair came undone and whipped another girl in the eye. “Look, three people isn’t so bad! It’s not like anyone broke anything!” The last injury of the dance came up, one of the little girls slipped on the hairpin that had come out of my hair. The crack could be heard over the DVD. “Okay, but you didn’t break anything! That’s what’s really important.”

I stood up and fast-forwarded to the end of the DVD. A row of little girls stood on stage waiting to take their bows. I was on the end next to the teacher. I went into a deep curtsy and kicked the teacher’s legs out from under her. She landed on my arm, which snapped. I stopped the movie and silently turned to look at Edward.

He was barely containing his laughter, “Well, I’m sure they all had it coming!”

“The girl who got kicked in the stomach volunteered at the senior center, the girl who got hit in the eye and the girl who I hit in the head were both getting girl scout awards the next day for exceptional services, and the girl who broke her leg trained dogs for the blind.”

He could no longer contain his laughter, “Well you got hurt too, what did you do?”

I grimaced, “I decided to save countless lives and limbs by giving up ballet.”

“I can’t wait to see what’s on the other DVDs. I might have to call Emmett over.”

Kill me now.